Is Angel Beach Unawatuna Worth Visiting? | Here Is Why!

Angel Beach Unawatuna

This is truly an island paradise with its sandy beaches around the island. Among those lovely beaches, the Southern beaches have the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy an ideal holiday. Among these beautiful spots, Angel Beach Unawatuna is very famous. 

What is so special about Unawatuna Angel Beach? The setting is the main point. The atmosphere is set for relaxing and chilling. It is purely comfortable for the guests to have a perfectly relaxed day. The beach is known to be clean most of the time. The rooms of this hotel are known to have breathtaking views of the beautiful sea. Also, you can witness the most beautiful sunsets, and the sun rises from these rooms. The sea breeze through the corridors makes it more appealing and comfortable. It makes every muscle of your body relaxed and free.

Angel Beach Unawatuna

In general, the comments about the Hotel Angel Beach are satisfying. The hotel staff’s service is often commended. They are famous for their accommodating and warm staff. It has made most of the guest experiences very pleasant and memorable. The hotel’s setup is always discussed for the picturesque beachfront. It is perfect for the photographs. The guests can enjoy all the amenities needed to have a wonderful holiday. 

Angel Beach Resort Unawatuna

Angle Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches, makes everyone remember the heavenly beauty of the Sri Lankan coastal line. The beach near the Angel Beach resort is one of the safest beaches for the swimmers. Also, the divers can see the beautiful corals around. 

Angel Beach Resort Unawatuna offers guests a very comfortable stay. The cold cock tails with the warm sunshine and breathtakingly beautiful sea. The atmosphere gives you enough and more reasons to stay here longer. It has become a standout spot for most tourists visiting the country. The historic city of Galle is close by. It is the ideal place to have a good stay, spending a few hours getting to know the colonial culture of the island. Also, the hip boutiques would make the visitors go crazy with the souvenirs they sell.

Angel Beach Unawatuna

The relaxed and comfortable bedrooms of the Angel Beach Hotel Unawatuna make your stay even better. The rooms are spacious and perfect to escape the Sri Lankan Heat. The bathrooms comprise rain showers, and the standard bedrooms and the courtyard rooms with private terraces and balconies invite visitors to stay longer. The Angel Suite is a room you should always take notice of. The free-standing tub with the unique sea view is exceptional. How do you feel to sip a cock tail on the most comfortable plush daybed by the side of a magnificent pool? Dipping your feet in the pool on a hot, sunny day would take you to heaven.  

The evenings are perfect for dipping your feet in the sand. The chilled beats of soft music and the brunches offered with wood-fired pizza are all you need to make your stay memorable. The setting sun and the chilling ambiance with fantastic food and drinks perfectly blend with the atmosphere. Angel Beach Unawatuna’s menu has a tremendous combination of dishes that would ideally satisfy your taste buds. And at the end of the day, the white cotton sheets of the comfortable bed carry you to the dream world. 

Things to do in Angel Beach Unawatuna

You have a list of exciting things you could do while staying at the Angel Beach Resort Unawatuna. Exploring the historic city of Galle is a must. It is a UNESCO world heritage site that you must take notice of. It is worth spending a day at this colonial-era site exploring the historic fort while chilling along the brick-paved streets.

Also, visiting the Japanese Peace Pagoda from the Angel Beach Hotel is straightforward. That, too, is an exciting place to stay. Besides these, you could try snorkeling, diving, and other water activities like surfing and whale watching. You can also see the turtle hatcheries. Or you could even lie on a day bed near the pool, read a book while sipping a cocktail, and make the most of your highly expected relaxed vacation. And make sure to take full advantage of the Angel Beach Club Unawatuna as well.

Angel Beach Unawatuna

If you plan to book this wonderful place, go through the website and check the details. Make sure to check the Angel Beach Unawatuna prices as well. Angel Beach Unawatuna is the best place to check for the latest rates. Angel Beach Unawatuna’s contact number is on the website for extra details. Check the Angel Beach Unawatuna reviews to understand the hotel, services, and food. 


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