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Backpacker Magazine

Backpacking or hiking is a critical thing that has gained many travelers’ interests. Some people look for every opportunity to hike, track, and backpack. For adventure lovers, backpacking is pure bliss. Several sources give out more news about the subject. The Internet is the easiest of them all. Apart from the websites, particular magazines are dedicated to all these niche travel and tourism categories. The Backpacker Magazine is one such magazine that has a load of information about backpacking. 

What exactly is backpacking? 

It is hiking for more than one day with backpacking gear and enjoying the nature trails. One requires much physical fitness to engage in this activity. But many travelers love hiking and backpacking as it gives them more freedom to enjoy themselves. If you have more space for your carrier and life goals, backpacking is fine! 

Backpacking magazines

Backpacking magazines – Where to find more!

If you are looking for more realistic details on backpacking, do not worry. You have several excellent publications that share more than enough information about backpacking. You can follow the list below if you need help with where to start. These magazines give you an overview of the places, how you should prepare and what you should carry, and how to plan your trip step by step. 

Backpacker Magazine

This is one of the best magazines and the king that shares information on outdoor leisure activities and adventure. Let us talk more about it in detail later. 

Trail Magazine

This is the perfect magazine for information on trails and gear guides. It shares all the news on the best backpacking gear and destinations. This is a UK-based magazine that conveys information related to the UK as well as outside the country. 

Country Walking

Country Walking is another UK-based magazine that shares information about hiking and backpacking within Britain. It also shares information about the best destinations and equipment related to hiking and backpacking. This is an excellent source if you need to know about backpacking gear. 

The Great Outdoors (TGO)

The Great Outdoors magazine is one of the oldest magazines that share information about the best outdoor activities. It is a personal favorite magazine of many. Also, it shares tips and details about the skills you should have for an excellent outdoor experience. If you plan an outdoor activity trip, you can get plenty of insights through this magazine. 


If you need practical advice on fitness and outdoor activity-related issues, this is the best magazine you can refer to. It has all the information and guidelines for wellness and the stories and experiences of many travelers. 

Trek and Mountain

Many travelers like mountain climbing, and this is an ideal resource for that. Trek and Mountain have much information about mountain climbing and tracking. You can refer to this for more details on the subject if you are a mountain lover. 

Outdoor Photographer

Photography is one of the critical things that go well with an outing, whatever it may be. Outdoor photographers, too, have much to share about photography, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. 

Adventure Journal

If you are a lover of printed material and a person who collects them, note that the Adventure journal only comes in print form. It has so much to share. It is mainly for all those who love adventure and outdoor activities with a difference.

National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic Magazine is one of the best to learn about nature and history. If you plan a backpacking trip, you can get exciting information about the destinations and their historical backgrounds. 

Get Out There Magazine

This magazine is mainly for snow-related backpacking activities. It has all the information about the gear you need for snow backpacking and many tips about self-care and preparation for the trip. 

The above magazines are the best backpacker magazines in town to know more about backpacking and all the matters related to outdoor adventure. The backpacker magazine is prominent as it shares many updated and exciting news related to the subject. So, we discussed backpacker magazines more.

More about Backpackers Magazine…

The Backpacker magazine is one of the most loved magazines among travelers who love backpacking and hiking. It has lots to share with every new publication. 

The backpacker magazine gear guide is one of the most valuable segments of this magazine as it shares much information about the gear and equipment you need for a better experience in backpacking. The expert reviews do a great job of helping you to select the best gear. You can review the studies on sleeping bags, cookware, backpacks, and boots. It indeed provides a perfect setup for your tour. You can learn the best equipment, user experience, and reviews. That will guide you to get a good understanding of the product before you purchase. Sometimes you can get to know the best beads to buy these products. 

Backpacker Magazine (2)

The backpacker magazine customer service is one of the best services you will encounter. If you have any concerns or clarifications, you can quickly get through to them through the given contact details on the website of this backpacking magazine.

Backpacker Magazine subscription

How do you get the Backpacker Magazine subscription? It is very much like any other backpacking magazine subscription. You will get all the related details on the website, or you can write to them and clarify all your concerns. The advantage is that you will also get a Backpacker Magazine subscription discount. If you keep following up on the magazine’s updates, you will quickly get to know all the updated information.

Sometimes you can get a free Backpacker Magazine subscription. Also, some of the frequent followers of this magazine can get the Backpacker Magazine gift subscription as well. You can also get the Backpacker Magazine print subscription depending on your membershipUsually, a subscriber will get nine issues of this magazine annually. Also, you can get Backpacker Magazine discounts if you look closely at the updates about the magazine subscriptions. 

Backpacker magazine gear guide 2022

The backpacker magazine has a separate segment for hiking or backpacking gear. They have classified it according to the seasons so that you get specific information related to seasonal needs. In 2022, you can get the Summer and winter gear guides for specific gear and equipment relevant to the seasons.

Backpacker magazine’s current issue

The perfect way to check the magazine’s current issue is to check the section of the monthly issue on the Backpacker website. You can quickly get access to the latest issue through this section. Also, you can access all the earlier publications if you refer to the website. The positive thing is that you will get everything as the website updates all the needed information. On-time. 

Backpacker Magazine alternative

You have a lot of alternatives similar to the Backpacker magazine. We have already discussed some earlier in this article. You can keep your trust in a few more amazing publications if you need to look for the details on backpacking and hiking. 

  • Wired for AdventureSidetracked
  • Adventure Journal
  • Earnest Journal
  • Wilder
  • Bikepacking
  • Cyclist
  • Radavist
  • Adventure Uncovered
  • Outdoor journal

These beautiful alternatives share similar quality information as the backpacker magazine. You can refer to any of these for information about backpacking and hiking. 

Backpacker magazine jobs

Suppose you are a travel blogger or writer interested in entering the travel industry. In that case, the backpacker magazine has openings published in the magazine or the website for you. You can easily refer to these resources for more information. 

As you can see, the Backpacker magazine has a significant place among travel resources. Make sure to read the Backpacker magazine review for more knowledge and reliability about the magazine. If you wish to keep updated about what’s new on Backpacker, refer to Backpacker magazine’s Instagram account. 

The Outside magazine now publishes the Backpacker magazine. Comparing outside vs. backpacker magazines, both have similar content and cater to the travel industry’s outdoor activities and adventure-related experiences. So both publications have equal weight in the content they share. 

Backpacker magazine jobs

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

As many of the readers have concerns and questions about these publications about backpacking, we shared some frequently asked questions to help you clarify your concerns. 

Is backpacker magazine still published?

Yes, it is still published under the Outside magazine.

Is Backpacker magazine worth it?

Of cause! It is an excellent publication that shares more information than you need. It has all the required details about the destinations, backpacking gear and equipment, shoes and clothing, and all the adventurous activities you can try while planning your backpacking trip. 

How often is Backpacker magazine published?

This magazine usually has nine issues per year. The annual gear guide is published in April; some are combined publications. 

Is there a hiking magazine?

Many magazines cater to all hiking needs. Also, the backpacker magazine itself has enough information about hiking as well. 

Who is the editor of Backpacker magazine?

Adam Roy is the editor of this magazine. 

The Bottom Line

Dear travelers, we hope the information we shared about the backpacking magazine is helpful. We hope this will be the perfect guide for you to work on your next trip on backpacking. 


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