A Backpack with lots of pockets will change your life!


A backpack is essential to keep our belongings safe and secure. Can you imagine a world without them? How are you going to carry your belongings? Sure, you can try to take them with your hands. For how long, though? You will get tired of it. Plus, can you imagine running around holding a bundle of books and laptops everywhere we go? You can give it a try, but you will get tired of it sooner than you think. You would end up clumsily dropping everything you were carrying. Yikes! That would be a nightmare. You may not realize it, but packs make your life more organized. Some people say they bring their whole house in their bag.


See how functional it is?

We carry a bag wherever we go, be it school, college, office, or anywhere else. In today’s world, you cannot function with a backpack. That is why you need to find the perfect bag that works for you.

Now, what is your ideal bag?

For us, backpacks with lots of pockets and compartments are the best choice. That way, we can store clothes, laptops, books, devices, and other regular stuff. A fantastic backpack can make your life easy. With a bag with lots of pockets, you may be able to carry your entire house wherever you go! Through this guide, you will learn a lot about backpacks, including What backpack has the most compartments?

Also, let us see why choose a backpack with lots of pockets and compartments? There are lots more information in stock for you. So keep scrolling to find out!

Backpacks with lots of pockets

A good pack will make your life easy. So what is a good bag again? Yes, one with lots of pockets. Usually, a backpack with lots of organization options comes in handy for everyone. Look for the number for compartments and rooms when you shop for bags.

Backpacks with lots of pockets

What are the bag backpacks called?

Let us quickly go back to basics here. For anyone who is not a backpack person, let us see if we can convince you to switch to them. A backpack is a fabric sack you carry on your back. This bag includes two straps that go over the shoulders. These are pretty different from handbags.

How so?

Well, with backpacks you can carry a lot more belongings than with other bags. That is because packs offer more capacity. Also, the shoulder straps help you hold heavyweights for a long time.

That is why photographers, hikers, and students prefer these packs. There are different sizes of bags available in the market. You can pick them according to your needs. If you are a cycler, you can use a small backpack. You can also choose ones with lots of pockets and compartments. That would be great to store your items safely and neatly.

backpack with lots of pockets

Why choose a backpack with lots of pockets?

A backpack with many pockets helps us store a lot of our belongings. That is why most people prefer lots of pockets to fewer pockets. The bag is more valuable that way. Most manufacturers understand this too. So they create bags with plenty of rooms. If you own a bag with fewer pockets, you are missing out. Check out how bags with lots of pockets and compartments can help you:

To organize your items:

The main reason to get a backpack with lots of pockets is an excellent organization. Many pockets and compartments help you keep your belongings organized and neat. How so? Well, let us compare it with a backpack with only one sack. Here, you will have to throw all your belongings in that one pocket.

However, you get to set your stuff in separate rooms with bags with many pockets. It leaves an endless way to arrange your pack just the way you want. You can store your files in one compartment, pens in another, and notebooks in a separate one. That way, nothing gets jumbled up. You will find all your things easily without any chaos. You do not have to dig your bag desperately in search of something. A bag with lots of pockets saves you time and makes your life easy. You will not have to dig around the bag to find that one item you need immediately.

backpack pockets

To keep your belongings separately:

A bag with many pockets helps you keep your belongings separate. When you do so, you can keep the items safe. How? Well, let us say you carry your laptops, keys, cash, books, pens, and a water bottle in a bag. Imagine what would happen if you put it all in one compartment. Keys can scratch your laptop.

Also, if the water bottle opens up by accident, it will end up damaging the computer, your books, and your cash. It would be a nightmare. You can avoid such a mess with a backpack with sections.

To keep your belongings secure:

Backpacks with lots of pockets and compartments usually include hidden pockets. Such invisible zippers are ideal for storing your phone, cash, passport, id card, and important documents. If someone steals your bag, the person will not see the covered pocket. These extra and hidden pockets will allow you the chance to keep your most essential items hidden.

If you are a traveler, you will find such a bag especially helpful. These backpacks with hidden pockets are fantastic to protect items like your passport or wallet.

Types of pockets

Perhaps you did not know that there are various types of pockets for backpacks. It is funny because a lot of think pockets are just pockets. We never try to figure out that there are different kinds. It is okay, though. We made a list of various pockets to give a better idea. So keep reading to find out.


First up, we have the rear/back panel hidden pocket. This one is usually a zipper pocket you can find in the lower part of the back panel. Or else it can be a vertical zipper that goes along the side of the rear panel. You will love this compartment if you are a student. 

That is because it comes in handy for storing documents that you may need easy access to whenever. Also, you do not need to stress about anyone getting into this pocket because it is a covered compartment.


Backpacks with hidden compartments are helpful when you are traveling too. Primarily if you use public transportation, you can use this pocket to store tickets. Other than that, you can keep a small amount of cash you do not want to put in your pants pockets. Plus, you can also stash your keys in there.


Next up, we have shoulder strap pockets. This hidden compartment is a tiny zipper pocket in the shoulder strap. Shoulder strap pockets are small and are usually at chest level. You can put a credit card in one of these pockets. You can easily access it while on the go.

Besides that, you can keep small items such as a car or house keys and coins in this kind of pocket. No one will notice these items because the shoulder strap fabric covers the zipper. 


Another type of pocket is side panel hidden pockets. These are pretty identical to the shoulder strap pockets. However, there is a slight difference. These pockets can be less hidden compared to shoulder strap-ons. How much it covers usually depends on the bag. They come in various sizes and shapes. The inner pockets work better to keep things hidden than the outer zip pockets.



You may find backpacks with rain cover compartments at the bottom of the pack. You cannot spot these pockets unless you know that they are there. Suppose you have a more oversized item that you want to keep hidden while traveling. In that case, this type of hidden compartment is an ideal choice for you.

backpacks with lots of pockets


There are anti-theft backpacks available. They have hidden zippers on the outer compartments. How do they work? Well, these types of bags appear seamless to outsiders. If they do not know what they are looking at, they will not know about the hidden main compartment zippers.

The best thing about such backpacks is that you do not have to stay alert while wearing them. You do not have to check while wearing it to see if someone is fiddling with your outer pockets. That is because there are none!

Hidden Zipper Pockets Backpack


Hidden laptop compartments are pretty similar to covered back panel pockets. The difference is that these are relatively larger. This type of compartment works by covering the zippers with extra material.

Without moving the fabric, a stranger will never see the laptop sleeve is present. Instead, they will guess that the main compartment is the only one.

Covered Laptop Compartments backpack

What else to consider when getting backpacks with pockets?

Before we discuss the best types of bags, we will inform you what to consider when choosing your backpack. Yes, we know- you want a pack with many pockets. However, pockets alone do not make a pack worthy of buying. You have to check the material, the comfort, and if the bag is spacious enough for you. How about we dive in and learn about things to consider when purchasing your backpack?

The backpack material

The material’s quality plays an essential role in the pack’s longevity. A high-quality fabric ensures that the backpack will not damage quickly. Also, it will be water-resistant. That is why you have to look for the fabric type when getting a bag. Check if the material is nylon and polyester as these materials are the best. 


Note that the capacity and numerous pockets are not the same. Bags can have a considerable space but may not have a lot of pockets. So consider your needs when considering the capacity of the pack. If you have tons of belongings to carry with you, make sure to buy a bag with considerable space.

Design and comfort

How do backpacks offer comfort? You may know that some bags feel heavy on the shoulder and overall makes you tired to carry them. Usually, comfortable packs include padded and long and comfortable straps. Also, they feature a USB port and water bottle sleeves too. Remember to look for these features when shopping for your backpack with lots of pockets. Comparability is the main thing, so when you buy a bag, look at the features that ease and keep you comfortable.

backpacks with lots of pockets

What Are Your Needs

Considering your needs for a backpack is essential as well. We all have different necessities as to why we need a bag with lots of pockets. Maybe you are a student. In that case, you may have a lot of notes and stationary to carry. For that, you may want a backpack that can carry all those items and keep them organized. The last thing you as a student would want is to misplace your notes. 

Or maybe you are a travel photographer.

In that case, you have a lot of moving around to do. Also, it is essential to carry your equipment wherever you go. You would want a safe and secure bag to keep your lenses and cameras. Moreover, you could use a backpack with lots of pockets to keep the items safely. You cannot risk damaging these supplies because they are expensive.

You could even be a busy worker.

As a person with many workloads, you need to keep things organized. It would help if you had a good backpack to store your documents, files, your laptop, phone, cash, and keys in place. As a busy person, you cannot afford to waste time. A backpack with lots of pockets will save you lots of time and energy. 

No matter your needs, a pack with pockets will save your time, help you stay organized, and keep your belongings safe. Now, let us get to know the types of compartments in backpacks. You may want to know about every kind of pocket before choosing a bag for you.

Next up, let us look at several backpacks with many pockets. Not only do they have plenty of compartments, but also all the essential factors we mentioned above. That is what makes them the best. 

Jansport backpacks with lots of pockets

Why should you choose a Jansport backpack with lots of pockets?

As you know, when you have lots of pockets, you can store everything organized. You get to bring everything with you wherever you go. Lots of manufacturers create bags with more pockets.

One brand that stands out is Jansport.

The brand Jansport has been around for a while. The brand is American. However, you can find it in many other countries. They are suitable backpacks with lots of pockets and compartments UK offers too. Jansport creates the best backpacks with lots of pockets. Jansport knows that there is no such as too many when it comes to the number of compartments.

Other than that, the quality and design of the pouches are top-notch. They are also comfortable and will last many years.

backpacks with lots of pockets

So how about we get to know about the bags they offer. Here is a list of some of Jansport’s best backpacks with plenty of pockets:

Here we have one of the best backpack options. JanSport Driver 8 Backpack comes in two different color options. This one features two spacious main compartments. It contains a laptop sleeve that can carry a 15-inch laptop, a utility pocket at the front, an organizer, and a water bottle pocket.

Note that all these pockets are pretty spacious. So you can keep many of your belongings in this bag. Let us talk about the material. It contains 80% polyester and 20% nylon. The best part about that is that you get a durable bag.

However, that is not all!

There is another good feature.

Can you guess what it is?

Well, we will tell you.

This backpack comes with roller wheels. It is pretty neat because roller wheels can handle pretty much any surface. There is a retractable two-stage handle that lets you move it effortlessly. You can, of course, wear it like a backpack if you wish to do so. Either way, this bag would be an excellent choice for you. We are sure that the stylish design, durable fabric, straps, and zippers will make your life easy. 

JanSport Envoy School Backpack

Jansport’s envoy school backpack is also a great choice if you want a bag with lots of pockets. It is one of the cool backpacks with lots of pockets. This bag features a 15-inch laptop sleeve and a soft-lined tablet pocket. 

You can find a dual water bottle pocket on the side. All these pockets make it pretty easy for you to carry a lot of belongings. Other than that, the construction is top-notch as well. It guarantees a fantastic quality, durable bag. The bag comes in a stellar blue color, giving it a unique and cool look. Of course, the stunning color makes the bag stand out. Plus, the bag has comfortable straps, making carrying the bag a lot easier. 

JanSport Envoy School Backpack

With sure bags, you may have noticed the zippers break pretty easily. Sometimes they get stuck and stop working. If you have experienced this, you know how annoying it can be. However, that will not happen with Jansport backpacks. This backpack includes high-quality zippers. That means you get to use it for years and years with no issues. The Jansport Envoy school backpack will be an ideal choice for you, and it will not disappoint. 

JanSport Helios 30 Backpack

Next up, we have the Helios 30 backpack. This one also contains nylon and polyester material, making the bag last for many years. Let us discuss the compartments of this bag. It features two zippered pockets and three slip pockets on the outer side. The outer side consists of compression straps. They will make it easy for you to maintain the form factor.

You will find the main pocket and two slip pockets on the inside. You can store your laptop in the laptop sleeve. Suppose you do not carry a computer. In that case, you can keep something else in the same pocket.

For example, you can store a hydration sleeve. It would be essential for your travel. The bag offers lots of pockets and will be helpful to you during outdoor adventures. The material contains nylon and polyester, which will ensure durability.

JanSport Helios 30 Backpack

Also, the bag does not weigh that much, so it is comfortable to carry around. It has a shoulder drop of 15 inches, making it easy to hold. Also, the shoulder straps and waistband are padded. That means you can carry it around for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. You can find this fantastic bag in four different colors.

Jansport recruit backpack

Here is another fantastic backpack with plenty of pockets. This one is for anyone looking to buy cute backpacks with lots of pockets. Let us see what it has to offer. You will get a 15-inch laptop sleeve, a cord pocket, and a tablet pocket as well. This tablet pocket can hold a 10-inch tablet. Apart from that, you will find a water bottle pocket too. You will notice that the laptop pocket contains padding too. 

The bag’s construction mixes nylon polyester materials that will ensure durability. The quality of the straps is pretty sturdy. You can use the pack daily without having to worry about any problems. Overall, the bag looks cool and stylish too. It is a reliable choice for anyone looking for a cool bag with lots of pockets.

Jansport recruit backpack

JanSport Unisex Equinox 40

Our next pick is for all the hikers and travelers out there. If you are looking for a travel backpack with lots of compartments, this is the one.

JanSport Unisex Equinox 40 features many pockets that will come in handy for you. Also, it is spacious enough to store hiking equipment in it. If you are a photographer who carries multiple lenses and specialty equipment, you can keep your items at your convenience for quick access.

The bag has one large main compartment. Apart from that, you will find another pocket with an organizational panel.

Other than that, the front of the bag has a duffel pocket and a zipper. One issue many hikers face is how to carry water during the journey. Some backpacks with fewer pockets make it difficult. Sometimes due to lack of compartments, you have no other option than to store the bottle in the same pouch with other equipment.

If water gets spilled accidentally, it can damage everything else in the bag, including your phone or camera too.

JanSport Unisex Equinox 40

That is why you have to look for bags with designs that can avoid such accidents. Lucky for you, JanSport Unisex Equinox 40 is one of them. It includes a separate pocket for a hydration sleeve.

That way, you can carry water with you without worrying. The unique design ensures durability as well. The back panel contains foam padding to carry the bag around comfortably. We suggest you bring this fabulous bag for your next hiking adventure.

JanSport Big Student Backpack

Here is another option for a superb backpack with a lot of pockets. If you are looking for big backpacks with lots of pockets, this one is the one. JanSport’s Big Student Backpack features two spacious main compartments.

Other than that, it includes a 15-inch laptop sleeve where you can hold your laptop safely. In the front of the bag has a utility pocket. This pocket contains an organizer too.

Plus, you will find a pocket to hold your water bottle on the side.

Yes, it is a lot of pockets and compartments for one bag. Given the vast number of pockets, you would assume the bag is heavy. However, it is not. The bag is comfortable to carry around and does not feel extra heavy at all. This bag consists of 100% polyester material.

Also, this fabulous bag comes in various color options. There is a floral design of this backpack, which is fantastic. Choose that one if you are looking for a women’s backpack with lots of pockets. 

The durable fabric, straps, and zippers blend with the backpack’s color. It creates a cute-looking bag. Also, with materials like polyester, there is no doubt about durability.

JanSport Big Student Backpack

JanSport Big Campus 15 Inch Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for laptop backpacks with lots of pockets, this is the one. This Jansport bag features two spacious main compartments. Other than that, it includes a 15-inch laptop sleeve. You will find a front mesh on offer too. That is not all. You can also find a utility pocket at the front of the bag. Plus, you get a pouch to carry your water bottle on the side as well. Maybe you are concerned about durability. Do not worry, though. The bag will last you for many years without any damage. Thanks to the ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps, the backpack is also comfortable to carry around. The built-in organizers will help you keep all your belongings neatly. 

JanSport Austin Laptop Backpack

Here we have another excellent choice for a laptop backpack. This one comes in nine different colors. This backpack includes a main compartment and three zippered pockets.

Apart from that, you get a 15-inch laptop sleeve in the main compartment. This bag also guarantees to last for many years due to the faux leather bottom. The back panel contains padding, which is great because it helps you carry it around comfortably. You will get a top handle to move it around as well. Of course, you do not have to think twice to get a bag as fantastic as this. 

JanSport Hatchet Backpack

The USP of this Jansport backpack consists of the main compartment with a 15-inch laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve contains padding, which is excellent. Besides that, you will find an internal organizer panel which will be helpful to keep your things organized. You will get a tablet pocket as well. If you are on the go, staying hydrated is essential.

That is why you have to look for a bag that offers a pocket for water bottles. This backpack contains two water bottle pockets on the sides. Other than that, you get a front zippered pocket as well.

Let us learn a bit about the material of the backpack too.

This bag contains 600 D polyester material. How does that make a difference? Well, it will ensure the bag stays with you for years to come without any damage. Jansport’s Hatchet is one of the best backpacks with a lot of zippers. That is what makes it so appealing too. You cannot go wrong with this one. Due to the rugged construction, you can bring it for outdoor adventures too.

JanSport Hatchet Backpack

The backpack comes with sternum straps, making it comfortable to carry for long hours. Other than that, you get side compression straps too.

The padding of the shoulder straps back panel offers comfort when carrying it around. You will find a zippered stash pocket on one side as well.

The comfortable straps and multiple pockets make the bag the perfect choice for anyone.

Trans by Jansport Supermax

When looking for Jansport backpacks with many pockets, you cannot forget this fantastic creation. This one has two main compartments. You get an internal 15-inch laptop sleeve. Also, you will find the mesh pocket for the water bottle on one side.

The backpack features a large front pocket along with a zippered hand. You can also find another small compartment at the front with zipper closure. You could say this is one of the best backpacks with lots of pockets and space.

The adjustable shoulder straps make it pretty much easy to carry the bag around. There is also a hook. Due to that, you can hang it around without any issue. 

The unique color combination is another reason why you should go with it. It is hands down such a stylish backpack.


Anyone can benefit from backpacks with lots of compartments. Students can use it for their classes. Packs are also suitable for the office. Other than that, If you travel often, you will find these packs highly useful. Of course, they are more comfortable than other luggage.

Most importantly, a backpack with lots of pockets will bring you peace of mind. You get to organize your belongings, it offers safety and is also travel friendly.

What else do you require from a pack?

So now it is time to get your backpack with pockets. See how it will make your life better!


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