What are the best hiking shoes for wide feet for the best hiking experience?


There is nothing more exciting than hiking to explore nature and your strengths. Having the right clothes and gear is crucial to experience a comfortable hike. It is best to prepare ahead, to face the surprises and hardships in the journey. Your boots are foremost important among your hiking equipment and apparel. Selecting your hiking shoes depends on various factors such as the environment, terrain, and distance. But what can you do with your wide feet? What are the best hiking shoes for wide feet? 

Not so surprisingly, this question seems to be one of the frequent questions for the majority of hiking enthusiasts. Every cloud has a silver lining. So, there is good news. Today, most of the top manufacturers produce hiking shoes for wide feet. We are trying to give you an idea about how you can select the best hiking shoes for wide feet. So, buckle up.

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Hiking boots for wide feet

Sometimes it is hard to live in the moment of attractive mountains or to enjoy a million-dollar view. Instead of doing that, you may be worried about the coming blisters. You regret not buying a wider pair of boots. People with wider feet know the pain. 

So, what exactly are the hiking boots for wide feet?

Having wider feet and wearing ill-fitting boots can cause lots of problems. The wider feet don’t mean you have abnormally big feet. It’s just that you have slightly wider or flat feet than the average size. Simultaneously, the hiking shoes for wide feet don’t mean that they are specifically wide-width boots. Considering the flip side, they are just medium-width boots that run wide. So, they’ll fit into your feet perfectly and will make you comfortable and safer.

Why do you need wide hiking boots? – Before discussing the best hiking shoes for wide feet…

Having wider feet in a typical pair of boots can squeeze your feet through the trail. It restricts your movements, toes and folds them into an unnatural position. It’s a pile of discomfort. Uncomfortable boots compromise your performance and increase the potential injuries.

If you have to constantly worry about your painful feet and legs, what is the fun of hiking?  

In the past, wide feet put you in a difficult situation while restricting your shopping options. However, now you have the chance to break the circles with lots of new fashions trends and comfortability.

What are the best hiking shoes for wide feet?

The size of the feet is different when it comes to males and females. Simultaneously, all individuals have unique feet. 

What you should look for in the best hiking boots

  • Capacity to waterproof
  • The quality rubber sole
  • Rustproof hardware
  • Better ventilation
  • The degree of support throughout the heel and midsole
  • Suitable weight and durable
  • Rubber toe guard for protection

Best hiking shoes for wide feet means

Do not worry; we got you covered. 

Check out this list of best men’s hiking shoes for wide feet for 2021.

hiking shoes

MERRELL MOAB 2 MID -best hiking shoes for wide feet

Technical Specs

  • Best use for Hiking
  • Height- Over-the-ankle
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Type of waterproofing- Waterproof breathable membrane
  • Outsole- Vibram TC5+ rubber
  • Weight (Pair)-2lbs. 4 oz

The model is best suitable as a household among the designs. The leather and mesh uppers have rubber caps to protect your toes. The dry membrane helps to keep yourself dry. The membrane seals out water and removes moisture. The tongue comes in handy to keep moisture and debris out. This boot supports you with an incredible grip of 5mm outsole lugs made of Vibram rubber. 

The specialty is, it does not add extra weight and make it super comfortable for you. The leather takes a long time to break in. Even after that, air-cushioned heels and contoured footbeds make it comfortable for you. The air cushion also absorbs shock and adds stability. EVA midsoles and the nylon arch shanks together give the perfect blend of steadiness. 

Are Merrell hiking boots good for wide feet?

Yes, they are available for wide feet, and this model is specifically available in different sizes and colors.


Technical Specs

  • Height- Over-the-ankle
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Outsole- Rubber
  • Weight (Pair)- 3 pounds

This model is one of the most sustainable hiking shoe models. It provides you with utmost coziness but keeps your feet dry. This model follows strict environmental standards. The full-grain leather comes from a silver-rated tannery and has intense durability and waterproofing. The anti-fatigue comfort technology is used to give support and all relief throughout the day. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) makes the shanks with arch support. The model is one of the best hiking shoes for wide feet and high arches.

The lightweight cushioning and shock absorption are other stunning features. Compression-molded EVA midsoles result in this. Green Rubber outsoles made of 42% recycled rubber account for the sustainability attributes. This model of timberland is most suitable if you look for wide feet and do not break the bank. The best news is it is below the average price. 


Technical Specs

  • Height- Over-the-ankle
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Outsole-Vibram Rubber
  • Weight (Pair)- 2 lbs. 7 oz.

The model is a combination of features of waterproofing and breathability that are beneficial in shallow streams. The model is a pioneer for the best wide waterproof boots in the market. Water-repellent nubuck leather, ankle bands, and polyester linings wick moisture to ensure further dryness. The shock-absorbing shanks, added and gusseted tongues, lightweight, and the lateral stability reassure your safety and comfort. The Slovakian brand is the official boot sponsor of the American Hiking Guides Association (AHGA). LOWA RENEGADE may not be the lightest price tag you would find, but it’s worth it. The model is rewarding for long-distance hikes giving you superb gripping. The premium design makes the impossible possible. There is no mountain it can’t handle.

KEEN GYPSUM II – One of the most popular and the best hiking shoes for wide feet

Technical specs

  • Height- Above-ankle
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Outsole- Non-marking Rubber
  • Weight (Pair)- 2 lb. 6.4 oz

Did you tend to waste lots of time searching “Which hiking shoes have the widest toe box?” KEEN GYPSUM II can be the best solution for you. ESS shank offers credible stability in the midfoot. Lightweight and heavily cushioned shoes are perfect for rough footwork. It protects your feet all day long. The model achieved waterproofing through Nubuck leather, and KEEN. This dry waterproof, breathable membrane keeps your feet dry in wet terrains. 

The multi-direction lugs provide grip on almost all the surfaces and, the non-marking rubber outsole leaves no imprints while indoors. The most significant character of this model is its wide toe box. The design is naturally one of the best hiking boots with wide toe box. It guards your toes with a rubber toe guard and makes this model worthy of its reputation. The padded tongue and the heel support structure give you extra comfort and long-lasting foot support.



Technical Specs

  • Height- Over-the-ankle
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Outsole- Contagrip rubber 
  • Weight (Pair)- 1 lb. 15.6 oz 

The SALOMON X ULTRA 3 is the brand-new version of the X Ultra line of hiking boots. The model is most suitable for long-distance travel. The intense breathability and waterproof; quite the opposite features are the results of Gore-Tex wrapping. The foam cushioning and Sculpted comfort and prevent injuries by keeping your feet in the position. The shoes include several features to enhance the healing support. 

Mid-cut profile, contoured EVA heel play crucial roles in this aspect. The manufacturers gave extra attention to the toe cap with mud gourd and integrated rubber. They are brilliant for roots and rocks of trail. The outsole also has unique patterns to increase grip. More importantly, the design comes in sizes to be extra wide hiking boots. With all these benefits, the model comes with a pleasantly surprising price tag.

Best hiking shoes for wide feet womens

It is no secret that lots of fun-loving and adventurous women get into hiking at an exponential rate. Having the best hiking shoes with you can be soul-saving through a rough hike. But if you are looking for the best women’s hiking shoes for wide feet, we got your back. 

Check out this list of best hiking boots for wide feet womens.


Technical Specs

  • Height- Over-the-ankle
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Outsole- Contagrip rubber 
  • Weight (Size 9, Pair)- 1 lb. 9.9 oz.

The SALOMON X ULTRA 4 GTX can be your option for the best waterproof women’s hiking boots for wide feet. The breathable GORE-TEX provides fully capacitated waterproofing. The design is equipped with delicate features focusing on women’s sense of fashion. Softer materials around the collars and heels and lower-density chassis highlight the design.


The lightweight model gives you superb balance and stability while gripping any surface. You may feel like you are wearing your trail runner. The durability is at its best, making it befitting for long-distance terrains. These pairs do not require any breaking period and become one with your feet just out of the closest. 

Not so much things to do!

Just keep exploring your favorite hikes with these shoes.

MERRELL MOAB 2 WP LOW- One of the top-selling and the best hiking shoes for wide feet

Technical Specs

  • Height- Ankle
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Outsole- Vibram TC5+ 
  • Weight (Size 9, Pair)- 1 lb. 13.7 oz.

Despite all the advanced features of hiking boots, we sometimes consider the budget. 

What if you could have the women’s wide-width hiking shoes without compromising the quality? 

Then the MERRELL MOAB 2 WP LOWS is a good choice. The model is already popular among hikers for its attractive price and comfortability. The model has both waterproofing and non-water proofing designs. The waterproof breathable membrane is excellent for protecting your feet from moisture and mud. The model is equipped with contoured footbeds, zonal arch, 5mm lug depth, and heel support and grip.  

MERRELL MOAB 2 WP LOW may not be the best choice for a long-distance hike due to its bulky nature. But they are more than qualified for a day hike and weekends. 


Technical Specs 

  • Height- Over-the-ankle
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Outsole- Vibram TC5+ 
  • Weight (Size 9, Pair)- 1 lb. 13.7 oz.

The COLUMBIA WOMEN’S NEWTON HIKING BOOT is a collection of advanced features, go well with outdoor activities. The lightweight, durable midsole is ideal for long-distance travel. The Advanced waterproofing conceals your feet in shallow water and mussy trails. However, the full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction ensures breathability. The shoes specifically feature a lace-up closure for an adjustable, secure fit. The exclusive traction rubber sole makes sure slip-free movement on rough to slippery ground. The lightweight midsole and the cushioning are the keys to high energy return. If you look for high-performance women’s wide-width hiking shoes, this is an excellent choice. If you feel like going for a more feminine look, you have the chance to do so.


Technical Specs

  • Height- Ankle
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Type of waterproofing- Keen dry waterproof breathable membrane
  • Outsole- Rubber
  • Weight (Size 9, Pair) –1 lb. 11.8 oz.

The KEEN TARGHEE II LOW WP is hikers’ favorite because of its support, traction, and reasonable price tag. The design has a mud shield which ensures durability and protection. The removable, dual-density EVA footbed is just underneath your steps giving the right combination of cushioning. This model contains a Cleansport NXT treatment that regulates natural odor. The keen rubber outsole and the multidirectional lugs give all-terrain grip, security, and a locked up. The laces are connected to the heel cup.

Compared to the lightweight shoes, the Targhee requires a prolonged break-in due to their leather finishing. The model is day and weekend hikers’ favorite as one of the best women’s wide width hiking boots.

TIMBERLAND WOMEN’S WHITE LEDGE MID ANKLE BOOT- One of the best hiking shoes for wide feet

Technical Specs

  • Height- Over the Ankle
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Type of waterproofing- Keen dry waterproof breathable membrane
  • Outsole- Rubber lug
  • Weight:  15.4 oz

Women’s white ledge Mid ankle is one of the best-selling items of Timberland. Despite the full-grain leather, these shoes remain lightweight. Durable and breathable waterproofing acts as a barrier against moisture and water. This model features shock-absorbing cushioning and a rubber lug outsole for surface gripping. This model is incredibly friendly for women who search for extra wide hiking shoes. They have a wider toe boss that gives enough room for your feet. The padded collar and the gusted tongue prevent the entering of debris. The EVA outsole is a great companion for cushion, support, and balance for long trails. The top-notch lug makes sure that you can hit snowy and slippery hikes. Make sure to be a bit careful about the break-in time of this design which requires at least two days. 

Later are a few mentions who look for specific characteristics of women’s hiking boots for wide feet.

    • For best overall features-Timberland Women’s White Ledge 
    • For runner-Up: Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent 
    • Best hiking- Vasque Women’s Talus Trek UltraDry 
  • Best budget-Nevados Women’s Klondike Waterproof 
  • Premium Choice- Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid 

Main components of hiking shoes


The outsole is the outermost layer of your shoe that contacts the ground. This part holds the utmost importance when it comes to hiking. It provides traction that can never match up with regular shoes. Gore-TEX and the Vibram soles are the main two players in the market now. Something you should know is most manufacturers outsource the outsole. However, few manufacturers use their tractions. However, as a buyer, you should consider the type of rubber, level of quality, and lug depth. This is the secret to ensuring your safety.


The upper is the topmost layer of your shoes that supports the structure. Meanwhile, it protects feet from elements. The material may influence the weight, water resistance, durability, and breathability of the shoes. The most popular material is full-grain, split-grain or nubuck. Polyester and nylon are synthetic materials that are used in designs. They frequently combine with waterproof material. However, each material has both pros and cons. 


The height is the level of the shoe mouth. It can be either up to the ankle or over the ankle. 


The midsole supports the bottom of your feet with cushioning. The material of the midsole may vary, the effect and price. The majority of midsoles are either EVA, PU, or polyurethane. But the result is contrasting. Polyurethane is used in backpacking boots and is cheaper, lighter, and a bit stout. The EVA is a bit cushier yet prone to compressing. 


The shank is a flat, short insert. It is placed within the midsole of the shoes offering arch support.

Internal structure

The internal structure of the shoe is vital for hiking shoes. Firm internal support is essential to secure the feet and ankle. Different manufacturers have different interiors. However, the overall finish should be able to guard you in various terrains.

Tips for the best fitting and widest hiking boots

Know your feet

You may feel like you know your feet inside out. But, let us ask again. Do you? 

best fitting hiking shoes

As easy as it looks, knowing your feet are tricky. Your feet size can vary throughout your lifetime. The size enlarges, as we grow. The feet size also depends on the gain or loss of weight. Did you know that your feet swell at, end of the day more than in the morning? So, it’s better to shop for shoes at the end of the day, especially hiking boots.

How to measure your feet?

One way to measure your feet is to go to your regular shoe store. Then ask them to measure them for you. Or, you can do it yourself.

  • Trace both of your feet on separate blank papers.
  • One foot will be bigger than the other. The larger foot should be selected as your foot size.
  • The length is the distance from the tip of the longest toe to the heel. Your width is the widest part of the foot. 
  • To be accurate, subtract 3/16 of an inch from each measurement. to deduct the width of your pen or pencil marks. 

These two measurements with your hand, find the size of your feet from a chert.

What is the width of your foot?

Manufacturers commonly use these notations to indicate the width

  • A and B -narrow widths
  • C and D -medium widths
  • E, EE, EEE, and so on- wide widths

Some manufactures indicate the size as 

  • N (narrow)
  • M (medium) 

W (wide)

How to tell whether Your Shoe Is the Right Width?

Very first, check whether the shoe feels too tight or too loose. Then lace the boot up as you usually do. Then rock forward onto the ball of the foot. When you do this, the boot should press at the widest part of your foot. If it creases somewhere else, then you need to go for different width. 

How can you select the perfect shoes? – Must know facts to pick the best hiking shoes for wide feet

There are larger shoe sizes with wider measurements. However, if you have wide feet, then, of course, you have to go for particular manufactures. Some brands produce hiking boots that are larger than others.

Hiking Shoes or boots?

If you have a closer look at backpacking boots, you will realize that thicker, deeper lugs are used. When considering about hiking shoes, they comprise thinner, smaller lugs. Mostly, the boots run over the ankle.

Different Types of Hiking shoes –

This division is based on firmness and shoe height.

Hiking shoes

Shoes run below the ankle. Generally, they feature a flexible and lighter build. The shoes go well with a day hike of well-tracked terrain. If you are a beginner, you may prefer to have something above the ankle. However, experienced hikers with backpacks like to wear hiking shoes over boots.

Backpacking Boots

Backpacking boots are always rugged and above the ankle. They are the safest choice for multiple-day hiking with a load of the backpack. With the best boots, you can hit rough terrains without a doubt. It’s a good choice for cold-weather hiking as well because they are warmer and more stable.


Hybrids are the middle ground for hiking shoes and backpacking boots. They are just above the ankle but do not support the ankle as a backpacking boot would do. They do not have the durability and stability as boots. Instead, they will break in soon and be flexible. The interior structure is different from a boot. As they are more breathable, they fit well with the warmer environment.

Features to consider when buying the best hiking shoes for wide feet?

Finding the best hiking shoes that become one with your feet is already a lot of work. It is more exhausting when you find hiking shoes for wide feet than the average measurements. It is no surprise that you used to think this way, maybe a decade ago. Now you have a better chance and no need to burden yourself with thinking back and forth. We would happily give you a hand in this matter. So, we tried to pull a few things together. Here are some features that you need to consider buying your best hiking boots.

Fit- Must have feature in the best hiking shoes for wide feet

Not all hiking boots are the same. They can be quite different in their fits. Some of them can be smaller than the chosen size. Or, some of them might be larger. The fit of the boot is crucial if you have wide feet. Some pairs can go smaller than the selected size making your feet extra uncomfortable.

hiking shoes for wide feet


The weight of the hiking boots is critical based on the distance of your journey. The weight of the boot influences the energy return. The three categories are lightweight, midweight, and Heavyweight. A lightweight pair is golden for a long-distance hike. But, too many light-weighted boots are also not good. In most cases, the average weight for hiking boots lies between 2 ¾ pounds and 3 ¼ pounds. The mid-weight hiking shoes support you with a heavy backpack without suffocating you. This is the fanciest category of the majority of hikers. Most of the well demanding and popular hiking boots and models fall in this category. The light, mid and heavyweight range is crucial to balance your movements. Therefore, the optimal weight depends on the distance and the terrain.


Tread directly connects with the ground. The outsole of the shoe and the lugs directly affect your performance. Deeper lugs help in better grip. But, deeper the lugs can add additional weight to the shoes. The outsole is also heavily accountable for the weight of the shoes. The material of the outsole determines the weight and the longevity of the shoes. And also, how rough and free you could be with your soles. The manufactures do an awful lot of research to find the perfect balance. It goes rounds and rounds between the longevity, weight, fashion, comfort, and the finished look of the shoes.


How much can you afford for your best-fit hiking shoes? 

Is it worth it? 

An increase of sophisticated advanced features would cost you some additional money. So, do some research about the terrain and your hike to select suitable boots and avoid spending on unnecessary features. 


Wearing shoes for a long period can result in stinky and sweaty feet that make you uncomfortable. Several new materials overcome these barriers thanks to the advancement of science and technology.


Comfort is a must for hiking shoes because the blisters and squeezes are extremely uncomfortable. You should try your best to avoid them.

The Bottom Line

In the end, having the right gear, right apparel and the right hiking shoes is an enormous part of your journey. With the growing popularity of hiking and the advancement of tourism, there are ample places to go. It is only natural if you have a hard time choosing the right hiking shoes. But with wide feet, then this can be a little headache. But if you dig a little, you can see that selecting the best hiking shoes for wide feet is not as painful as it looks. We covered men’s wide-width hiking shoes and the best women’s hiking boots for wide feet. Novel brands, designs, technologies, and trendy fashions in the market focus on wide feet hiking shoes. Do enough research and select your best option to have an amazing hiking experience. 


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