Here Is The Best Time to Travel to Thailand!


Thailand, famous as the jewel of Southeast Asia, is also known as the Land of Smiles. You will see its people greeting you warmly like you are a long-lost friend returning home. The country is developed and wealthy enough to offer you a luxurious holiday. Some parts of the country are developed with ultra-modern cities, like Bangkok and Chaing Mai. And the country also has enough of its natural beauty to offer you holidays that go off the usual track to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is no other bliss than spending your vacation in a tropical country. Among the countries with tropical climates, Thailand is one of the best. There are several reasons why people look forward to visiting this beautiful land. We wish to discuss the importance and the interesting facts on the best time to travel to Thailand.

Before all that, it is interesting to know why Thailand is very popular as a tourist destination.

best time to travel to Thailand

Why should you visit Thailand?

One of the most important facts is, as mentioned, the tropical climate and the never-ending sunshine. People from the colder countries love the Sun and do not have the luxury of enjoying the same throughout the year. Some get it for a minimal time of the year. So, most people from these countries love to visit Thailand to enjoy this free dose of sunshine. 

The following reason is the very reasonable prices. The food and lodging prices are worth spending. Also, it is the same with other activities like the elephant rides and air balloon rides which are life experiences that can be enjoyed for a very reasonable cost; one of the critical reasons tourists love visiting the country.

Also, the location of the country is in a very convenient place. Due to this reason, many tourists can easily access the country through their local airlines. So, the government is never without the travelers. The other point is that it is straightforward to travel within the country as most places are easily accessible with public transport. 

The history of Thailand is one of the other major tourist attractions. People who love studying the history and culture of different countries would always love to visit Thailand mainly to know and experience the beautiful heritage of the country. 

There are more reasons to visit Thailand at least once in your lifetime!

The very extravagant cuisine of food is another tourist attraction in Thailand. They are so yummy and affordable that tourists cannot keep away from experiencing them. Even the street effort tastes divine. We should not forget to mention that this unique food culture is always entangled with the beautiful hospitality and the friendly smiles of the Thai people. It is one fundamental fact that makes the food of Thailand taste more unique. 

Its natural beauty with beautiful land capes and sandy beaches makes Thailand a top destination. You will never get tired of the sunny beaches, the greenery, fauna, and flora. The water sports and the other adventures related to the country’s beautiful landscape are fantastic. 

Also, the city life and the night activities draw travelers and tourists to the country. The festivals of the country, which are ever colorful, add actual color to the country’s culture. Because of these reasons, tourists and travelers from all over the world make sure to spend their holidays at least once in their lifetime in Thailand.

Due to these reasons, Thailand cannot be avoided or taken away from the travel bucket lists.

best time to travel to Thailand

What is the best time of year to visit Thailand?

As Thailand is on the top of the list of countries many people wish to travel to, we thought it essential to check the best time to visit the country. Thailand is a country you can visit year-round. Although there might be slight climatic changes at indifferent times of the year, we can guarantee that it will not be drastically different. That means the climate will have the wet and dry seasons but not the stormy, snowy, or windy seasons like other countries that experience the four seasons. 

If you are still thinking of the best time to fly to Thailand, consider yourself lucky, as we have all the details to share with you. We have done a very detailed study to share what we found with all of the passionate travelers like you. 

So let us see what the best months to visit Thailand are

Winter or the cold season in Thailand- November to February

From November to February, the country’s temperature will decrease from 32 degrees Celsius to 18 Degrees Celsius. So most probably, this will be a slightly colder time duration in the country.  

Above period or the winter is the best time to visit Thailand. The monsoon has finished, and the temperature is moderate and mild. The air is pretty much hot and dry, and the days are long and sunny, perfect for sightseeing. Or you can even laze at the beach. However, unlike any tourist destination with improving weather, Thailand gets packed and crowded during the winter season. But it is fantastic. That does not affect the charm of the place, though. This season makes it the merrier in Thailand.

If you love to stick to the coast, the weather is warm and pleasant. However, if you like to experience up to the mountains or further inland, the nights can get more relaxed but not unbearable. Remember to carry a light shawl or sweater to keep the chill away and make yourself warm during the climate change in the nighttime.

Winter in Thailand is a relatively quiet time. Perfect for those who like to spend some quiet quality time purely with the expectation of relaxing. 

Yes, the people of Thailand celebrate Christmas and New Year, but there are not that many when it comes to the nation’s festivals. 

But they celebrate the King’s birthday in a very festive manner. December 5th is the birthday of the great King of Thailand, and it is a country-wide affair that is celebrated in style. The main celebrations are in Bangkok. The streets become energetic with pageantry, a candlelight vigil for the King’s long life. If his health is good, and appearance of the King himself is one of the particular incidents. If you need to avoid this, you can stay back until January or February for the Chinese New Year. Remember that the date changes every year based on a lunisolar calendar. 

Are you thinking, Is it worth the wait? 

Absolutely yes!

With parades, lion dances, stage shows, and lots of fireworks, it is a one-of-its-kind lifetime experience. It s one of the most colorful periods of the year. So better not miss it!

best time to travel to Thailand

Unlike other countries, Thailand offers you the best of its climate during the cold or the winter season. The Sun, the surf, the dry weather, and the low humidity combine to make it the most exciting time and best season to visit Thailand. So if you are wondering about Thailand’s best time to visit, this is the best time!

Winter, or the duration between November to February, is the peak tourist season in Thailand. Better Book your tickets and accommodation in advance to avoid getting disheartened.

Winter in Thailand is warm and dry, but it gets cold as you go into the country. Also, make sure to apply sunblock every time you step out.

The wet season in Thailand [July till October]

The average temperature varies from 29 degrees high to 23 degrees low in the wet season. When it rains in Thailand, it is heavy, and it pours. It’s like the skies open up and release all the water they have. And it lasts for four months, almost without a stop. If you are a person who prefers rain and the monsoon, it will be the ideal time for you. 

But if you love staying dry and comfortable, this is not the best time of the year to visit Thailand. Most travelers think it’s the worst time to visit Thailand

But if you like to travel with fewer tourists and are on a tight budget, you can try this season out. There won’t be too many people during the monsoon. So in case you would like to spend less and enjoy a different kind of holiday, Yes, Thailand is there all for you! Also, during this time, the tickets and accommodation rates are much lower now than during peak tourist times.

The country celebrates two critical birthdays during this wet season. one is the King Maha Vajiralongkorn, which is on July 28th. The other significant birthday is that of Queen Sirikit, on August 12th. It also marks Thailand’s Mother’s Day. These days make the country alive with cultural shows, a candlelight ceremony, and sometimes even fireworks to celebrate the occasion.

The rainy weather of Thailand in the wet season is the best if you are traveling on a limited expense plan and are looking for great deals. 

Many seek information on what is the cheapest month to travel to Thailand? 

We think this season is the most affordable due to what the weather offers.

Remember to keep an umbrella and a raincoat with you every time you step out. Rainy shoes or easy slippers are welcome too. Be ready with some recreational activities if you cannot head out and get bored in your room. 

The wet season in Thailand

The sea and sand are out! 

You cannot visit the beach during this season. The water is too irregular, but it is nice to sit by the beach and watch the rain lash a distended sea. So, if any of you travelers doubt, What month should you avoid Thailand? 

Remember, it is the rainy season that falls from July till October. It allows many more reasonable offers and packages for the travels during this time. 

March to July becomes the best time to travel to Thailand in Summer 

The average temperature is 34 degrees high to 30 degrees low during the hot season. Usually, Summer might be considered a down season in Thailand. But several students and backpackers visit the country during these months. The days are dehydrated and hot, and the nights are humid. The evenings are also pleasant with a little breeze thrown. But that keeps many tourists away; the weather in the dry season of Thailand is perfect for exploring the country. It is an excellent time to get great deals on accommodation and tour packages.

There are more reasons to visit Thailand in summer.

This season is when most of the festivals and public celebrations take place. If you are a personality who likes to know about the country’s cultural heritage, you should visit Thailand during this time. The Songkran Festival in April is one of the very interactive festivals with people splashing each other with water, much like Holi in India. Remember to get your water gun! Once you are done with the water splashing games, you can relax and enjoy the many cultural programs and beautiful processions that perform through the streets.

Indulge in delicious fruit preparations at the Fruit Day in Chanthaburi held during May and June. You can also relax and enjoy the gentle sounds of music at the Hua Hin Jazz Festival in June. This event features local as well as international artists.

As the Tourist footfall is low, the hotels are willing to offer you discounts at this time. You can degenerately find better deals than during the peak season.

We say this is an excellent time to visit the country because You will have a lot of Thailand to yourself. If you are a travelholic who is travelling from a colder country, you will have a lot of fun time with the sun rays in Thailand. Stay hydrated and wear loose clothes as it gets boiling and humid in summer. Sunblock is essential to get yourself protected from the harsh Sun.

All this information will be helpful for those who seek details on Thailand’s season’s best times to travel.

Best time to visit Thailand beaches

As we discussed earlier, the best weather is from November to February. The weather is excellent, and the sunshine is bearable. So it allows the visitors to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities and a variety of water sports in places like Phuket. 

We have listed below a few of the lovely beach towns so that you try visiting them next time when you plan your trip to Thailand. 

  •  Patong Beach, Phuket
  •  Railay Beach, Krabi
  •  Sairee Beach, Koh Tao
  •  Long Beach, Koh Lanta
  •  Lamai Beach, Koh Samui
  •  White Sand Beach, Koh Chang
  •  Sunrise Beach, Koh Phangan
  •  Loh Dalum Beach, Koh Phi Phi Don

So if you are thinking of What is the best month to go to Phuket, Thailand, remember to plan out from November to February as the weather is nice and cool. 

Patong Beach, Phuket

What are the best places to visit in Thailand?

Dear travelers, now this is the best part. 

We have exciting information on the sites you should add to your list. It would help if you never missed these places when you visit Thailand. 

These places will make you create lifetime memories! 

Here are some facts about the best places that you should not miss. 


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a buzzing city. It is very famous for its cosmopolitan feel and vibrant street life. If you wish to see the best temples in the country, this is the place! It is also the home of many shopping centers. And the floating market is one of the most fantastic tourist attractions in Thailand. It is one of the unique experiences that many tourists wish to have. You can also see the Grand Palace of Thailand. If you are interested in architecture, this is one of the ideal places to get a feel of the Architecture of Thailand. The emerald temple in this complex is one of the must-visit places. The green Oasis in the middle of the city is an oasis of greenery. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand’s misty mountains, give you a different experience of the lance. Everyone knows about Bangkok which has been blessed with tropical rainforests and hill trekking paths. It is an ideal way to experience Thailand’s wildlife. Doi Inthanon National Park, part of the Himalayan Mountain range and home to remote villages, has stunning views to experience and observe nature. This area also is the home of many Buddhist temples. Also, you will meet several hill tribes who sell their unique handcrafted items to the tourists as memories. The area is famous for its fantastic silk products as well. 



This place is located about 80 kilometers away from the city of Bangkok. The ruins of the ancient kingdom lie here. It is an ideal place for those who love archaeology. Many tourists worldwide do not miss visiting this place due to its historical value and the unique features that show the pride of Thailand’s history.

Koh Samui

It would help if you visited this place to experience the best beaches and sunbathing. The site also offers you some incredible luxury resorts in the country. It is also known as one of the most popular holiday spots, with mountains, beaches, and rainforests. Also, it is a premier scuba diving destination in Thailand. 


When it comes to Thailand, the name Phuket is automatically linked to it. It is famous as one of the most visited beaches in the country and one of the most popular vacation destinations. Shady palm trees on golden sandy beaches with diving and several other water activities make this place a paradise. 

Phuket Town is worth exploring and walking to see the fantastic Sino-Portuguese buildings lining up Thailand Road and the old shophouses that have changed into flourishing businesses and markets. Remember the best time to travel to Phuket, Thailand, is the duration between November to February as it has the best weather.



This area is famous for its lovely beaches and also famous as a national park. The vertically steep limestone cliff is one of the most renowned tourist attractions, and it is well known among hill climbers. You cannot miss the stunning Railay beach as it attracts climbers from all over the world. And do not forget its famous caves. The coral-fringed waters make it one of the incredible experiences to explore the beaches. The Thung Teao Forest natural park is renowned for its primarily virgin rainforest with natural warm water pools and great rainwater. 


This area is famous for its bridge over the River Kwai to connect Burma with Thailand. But it has a dark history as many died during the bridge’s construction. The Kanchanaburi War Cemetery nearby is a must-see place known as the final resting place of the many prisoners of war who passed away here. The two themed museums–the World War II Museum & Art Gallery and the JEATH War Museum–offer more insight into the times, with collections covering everything from paintings to WWII weapons used in the war.

For those with enough + time to explore, Kanchanaburi also offers a lighter side in the form of stunning nature- the Erawan Falls. It is fantastic to see the seven-tier waterfall and emerald green ponds hidden in the thick rainforest.


This small town is very much known for being the home of the Sukhothai Historical Park. It is a UNESCO site that houses the ruins of the 13th-century Sukhothai Kingdom. The park is surrounded by ancient city walls ad contains 193 ruins- a combination of 26 temples, a royal palace, and stupas.

Chiang Rai

This city, right on the border of Myanmar and Laos, is famous for its trekking. Also, you can experience the hilltop tribe villages and lush green rain forests in Chiang Rai. Same as other Thai cities, this town has temples that attract visitors from all over the world. Tiny Wat Phra Kaew is a famous place for its Emerald Buddha statue, and the Doi Tang Mountain is known as one of the best botanical gardens in the country.

best time to travel to Thailand

Kao Sam Roi Yot National Park

This park is known for Thailand’s largest freshwater marsh and mangrove swamps, scenic beaches, limestone caves, and tropical jungle trails.

There are so much of things to see and do here. So it’s not good to set up a quick day trip, so plan on staying for a weekend at least or a few more days if you want to explore several spots off your list. If you wish for an overnight stay, visit the Thung Sam Roi Yot Freshwater Marsh. You will be lucky to see many species of waterbirds. The magnificent background of blueish mountains is breathtaking. 

Khao Daeng Canal also has its great mangrove forests and animals that call it home. You can get a boat hired and visit all the beautiful places connected. 

Digging up about the best time to travel to Thailand?-Having a sound idea about Thailand travel restrictions is pretty important!

The government of Thailand imposes several travel restrictions. But they are not as tuff or strict as the other EU countries.

The main point is that they still expect the visitors to be fully vaccinated for the Covid 19 pandemic. They do not have any objections to visiting the country regarding health checkups. But if you are not a fully vaccinated traveler, you need to request a PCR test on arrival or request for the five-day quarantine period. The pre-departure PCR test is only required for unvaccinated travelers. 

The travelers need to go through the standard Visa procedures to get the required Visa. Only the countries that are int eh exempted list issued by the government of Thailand are allowed to enter the country without Visa. 

The Entry Pass to Thailand is mandatory to enter the country. It will depend on your vaccination status.

Besides the above measures, you can travel to Thailand and follow the normal procure.

What is the best time to visit the Philippines?

It is the same as Thailand; the Philippines is also another beautiful country. If you are planning to visit this country, make sure to stay in time between November to April.

Of course, the ideal time to visit the Philippines is during the dry season. It is between November and April. The country’s beautiful islands and remote villages are fully accessible at times. Again, the shoulder months of May and November are also good. It is with less crowd, but the weather is still lovely. So, you can still access the country’s beauty spots and tourist attractions.


Remember, the temperatures go up throughout the dry season. But December to February is more manageable at 75°F-88°F. But the March and April months have very high heat, and the temperatures are between 79°F and 93°F.

The Philippines’ wet season starts in May till October. During this time, the weather is still hot and sunny, with temperatures of 77°F-91°F. The rain isn’t continuous, but it is unpredictable. So, it is good to be ready if you wish to travel during this time. Make a note that Typhoons may occur between August and January.

The Bottom Line

So dear readers, it is exciting to hear all the interesting facts about this beautiful land. We feel like all of us were in Thailand for a couple of minutes! 

What do you think visiting Thailand will be like! 

Do not wait and regret; plan and book your next trip to Thailand and experience all of its beauty; memories count! 


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