Best Time To Visit Kumana National Park | Make Sure To Miss The Rainy Season!


If you are a bird lover or a bird watcher, think about a destination to watch beautiful birds somewhere. We are sure you are well aware of Sri Lanka as an island famous for birdwatching hotspots. Kumana National Park is one of the most favorite destinations for travelers who love birds and wildlife. Then what is the best time to visit Kumana National Park? Even though the Kumana National Park is open to visitors year-round, visiting during the monsoon season is not recommended.

Are you curious to know the reasons behind this recommendation?

The marshes and the lake may become muddy during the monsoon season. Moreover, there may be fewer opportunities to see wildlife, which could make the jungle safari and birdwatching experience less enjoyable. 

Why is February to July the best time to visit Kumana National Park?

February through July is when the dry season occurs. It is the ideal time of year to visit the national park since one can learn more about the flora, animals, and birds during these months. There is a greater chance of seeing mammals and birds as they emerge to drink from the lakes during these months.

Because of the lower park water levels during this time, seeing species near water sources is simpler. 

Why is May to June the best time to visit Kumana National Park?

May through June is the busiest time of year to see birds, especially migrating ones. When planning travel, it is a good idea to check out the area’s weather and park accessibility. The park offers safari experiences, allowing visitors to explore its natural beauty and encounter its diverse wildlife.

Final Thoughts

December is the busiest month for tourists visiting Kumana National Park in Sri Lanka, with October and August following closely behind. These are the most expensive months to book hotels and flights, but you can save money if you book well in advance. June is not a likely month for tourists to visit Kumana National Park. It is the most affordable month for those willing to travel during these hours.


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