Best Travel Magazines Can Bring You Around The World, Right From Your Living Room!

Best Travel Magazines

As traveling is getting along the way as one of the best hobbies and leisure activities, many around the world now dig into more details about the travel related information. Though the internet has become the most powerful tool for gathering information, travel magazine is a more potent source as it shares much detailed information. Here is some excellent information on the best travel magazines.

The best travel magazines for an excellent holiday at a glance!

Like any other publication, travel magazines have several categories and works in their specific field to give the reader the best information. Such magazines usually operate on the preferred niche to do a more effective job for the information seeker. Usually, these travel-related magazines share a lot of pictured descriptions so that the readers get a good understanding of what they want. Also, the videos they share are fantastic if it is an online magazine. 

The best travel magazines

Below are different types of magazines that share excellent news on the world’s best holiday locations. 

  • Destination Magazines
  • Accommodation-related magazines
  • Food and cuisine
  • Luxury travel
  • National parks
  • Beaches & tropical holidays
  • Adventure and hiking 
  • Regional tours

These are some of the categories that travel magazines work on. So it is easy to pick the type you need to get information. Referring to them further will help you to collect as much information as possible. Also, most of these magazines share tips on travel packages, weather conditions, seasonal information, clothing, and packing-related tips. Most of these magazines specially address the points related to family travel with kids. Knowing about the destinations could be done better through these travel magazines as they share information about specific segments. 

Let us dig up more about these different types of magazines in detail. 

Traveling is a Luxury!  – Best luxury travel magazines

Luxury travel is one of the main categories of travel and tourism. It caters to high-end customers who consider spending a vacation based on comfort. There are specific magazines that share the details related to this field. These travel magazines’ critical areas cover destination information, travel packages, hotel and resort details, food, activities, and adventures with seasonal importance, clothing, and weather-related information. 

As comfort is the unique selling point of this category, many of these luxury travel magazines are loaded with lovely pictures. Most of them are very colorful and full of beauty. The pleasing arrangement of information is a critical fact that most of these magazines sell fast. 

Among the top magazines that share luxury travel information, below are the top rated.

Luxe Recess Magazine

The best magazine for travel

Apart from the luxury travel segment, many other travel magazines help people to discover their dream destinations. These do an excellent job delivering the essential details about travel trends, destinations, food, airline offers, travel packages, offers, and even the special events that will take place in the coming months. It is an excellent benefit for those who wish to plan their tours, especially to enjoy the seasonal events and different cultures. 

Another important thing is that these travel magazines have special editions for families and those who travel on holiday with their children. If you have plans to travel with family, you can easily refer to these magazines and plan the tour successfully. 

You will find many options if you carefully look at the best travel magazines.

Below are the best ones you can check out for the most updated information. 

Travel + Leisure

This is one of the best magazines to take you worldwide with colorful images and descriptive details about the best hotels, destinations, beaches and landscapes, food, and different cultures. You can also witness the experiences of other people through this magazine.

Conde Nast Traveler

It is the best reference to tour the world without leaving your couch. This magazine has a lot of information about travelers’ life experiences, which is very interesting. Most of the contributors are ordinary travelers. It helps you look at traveling in many different ways. And some might suit your economic and social status. 

American Road

If you want to travel through America by wheel, this is the best for you. The magazine offers a very descriptive detail about touring in America. You can discover all the fascinating small towns, their food, accommodation options, and even the cultural differences and traditions through this magazine. 

Afar magazine

For the best travel experiences, refer to Afar. It offers all the best options in accommodation, destinations, food, and events. You can discover beautiful destinations through the editor’s pick which would be the best and the most popular.

Global Traveler

It is best if you are a frequent business traveler looking for more luxury in your travel experience. Refer the Global traveler for a more wholesome experience in finding the most sophisticated details on accommodation, flights, tour options, and activities to engage in between business meetings. 

RV Magazine

This magazine is exceptional for those who wish to explore recreational vehicles. You can get all the updates and details about traveling in all the supercars. Camping tips, home-schooling children on the road trip, hiking expeditions, and even planning your tour are all shared in the magazine. Besides that, you can get plenty of information on the cultures and traditions of different parts of the world. 

Blue Ridge Country

It is all about blue ridge mountain, Georgia. The magazine is specifically for those who wish to seek information on this specific area of the world. It has very descriptive and particular details about mountains and historical traditions, food, accommodation, and adventurous information, all shared in the magazine. 

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is the best magazine for those looking at the best hotels. Details on iconic hotels, best restaurants, and other buildings with historical and cultural value are all shared in the magazine with descriptive information and images. 

Architectural Digest

Discover Britain

If you are a fan of the beauty of Britain, this is the ideal magazine you should lay your hands on. It provides information on the best hotels, restaurants, landscapes, and other attractions you could enjoy while in Britain.

Scotland Magazine

Are you interested in Scotland and its culture? It is the perfect source of information for you. The history, family ancestry, battles, and revivals reveal the most exciting things about Scotland. Also, you can get to know all the popular upcoming events. 

Traverse, Northern MI’s Magazine

If you want to have the best experience of Northern Michigan, you should refer to this magazine. It reveals all about the cultural aspects, the area’s beauty, accommodation, and all the related information about food and lodging. 

National Geographic

The National Geographic magazine covers more than hotels, food, and accommodation. It gives you much more. This magazine is an excellent information provider about the best of Nature. If you are a wildlife or a nature lover, this is the ideal magazine to gather information on your favorite destinations. 

Wanderlust Travel Magazine

Wanderlust Travel Magazine is the best if you need to dig deep into information about the destinations you wish to travel to. It is a complete guide to planning your dream vacation, so if you need a detailed information guide on the best places worldwide. 

World Travel Magazine

If you are planning a luxury trip, refer to a magazine that offers you all the information and much more. World Travel Magazine is one such read that would help you get the best news for a fantastic trip. It will guide you to get information on the most popular luxury destinations, hotels, villas, activities, adventures, food, and restaurants.  

These are the top best in the travel magazine category. You can always use these to gather insights and inspiration to plan your next trip to the destinations you love!

For Foodies-Food and travel magazine 

Apart from all the magazines that connect directly with travel, you also have many more that focus on other areas of travel as their key point of discussion. Food and travel magazine is one such magazine that will offer you the best destinations for perfect food. They will market the different food cultures of the world in a beautiful way through lovely images and photographs.

Also, traveler testimonials play an excellent art in this. Also, we should always remember their best method of marketing. It is through all the unique food recipes covering the world’s cultures. These recipes are enough to attract all the foodies worldwide to go to these destinations and experience this fantastic food. 

All about US – Best US travel magazines

The United States has a more significant number of beautiful destinations that many tourists love seeing and experiencing. So, most travelers would love to check on the details related to the US. Let us know the primary sources that share excellent information about the beautiful destinations of the United States. Here are twenty-four of them.

  • Travel + Leisure
  • National Geographic
  • Trailer Life
  • Departures
  • Holiday
  • Backpacker
  • AARP: The Magazine
  • New Jersey Monthly
  • Alaska New Mexico Magazine
  • New Mexico Magazine
  • Cowboys & Indians
  • Travel Agent
  • Sunset
  • Adventure Cyclist magazine
  • Condé Nast Traveler
  • Escapism Travel Magazine
  • Outside
  • Saveur
  • Backpacker
  • Robb Report
  • Executive Travel
  • National Geographic Adventure
  • True West Magazine
  • Yachting

These magazines help you see the world’s best destinations better. Also, some of them specifically focus on the beauty of the US. You can refer to these magazines for all the accommodation, food, events, and destinations.

Adventure is on the way! Best travel trailer magazine

RV travel, or the trailer category in the travel industry, is unique. Those who love rough travel, camping, and hiking can get more information on the best destinations through travel trailer magazines. Below are some of the most popular trailer magazines you could use to read out more if you plan an RV trip. 

  • RV Camping Magazine
  • RV Life Magazine
  • RV Magazine
  • Family RVing Magazine
  • Rootless Living and RV Today
  • I Heart RVing
  • RV Business/Woodall’s Campground Magazine
  • RV Lifestyle (Canada)
  • Go to RV Magazine (Australia)

Trailer traveling is suitable for those who wish for a carefree holiday experience. Ideal for a couple or a group of friends. But you can still have the same experience with family as well. Planning is the key for a family to make it a wonderful experience. Following a few of the above magazines will make your life much easier.

The sunset and the sand – Travel magazine’s best beaches

When you think of the holidays, you immediately remember the sunny beaches with Christal blue waters and golden sands. Planning a tropical holiday in summer is a dream for many travelers. So, to get hold of the best beaches and the ideal accommodation locations, refer to the resources below. 

  • Afar
  • Travel Magazine
  • National Geographic
  • Forbes
  • Travel and leisure

Best European travel magazines that unveil more about Europe!

Europe is another beautiful continent to explore. The history of Europe is so unique, and you are sure to get spellbound by this beautiful region’s great sites and landscapes. If you want to explore it more, some excellent travel magazines discuss the European area. 

  • European Travel Magazine
  • Hidden Europe Magazine
  • The Travel Magazine
  • Travel And Tour World
  • Vacations & Travel
  • Business Travel News Europe
  • Condé Nast Traveler Magazine
  • Travel Life Magazine
  • Twist Travel Magazine
  • Luxury Travel Magazine
  • Go World Travel Magazine 

These magazines share the most exciting information on landscapes and events during different seasons. Also, if you need to know about the best accommodation, here is the best source. 

It is just a click Away! Best online travel magazines

A travel magazine does not necessarily be a printed book. Now it is much easier to subscribe to an online travel magazine. You get a few benefits when referring to an online magazine. You do not need to have it physically. It is just a click away as you can access it through a smartphone, a laptop, or a tab. Also, you get all the needed updates regularly. It is easy to know and share all the information without any difficulty. Below are the most popular online travel magazines that many travelers prefer. 

Best online travel magazines

These magazines can take you worldwide in just a couple of seconds. Also, you can enjoy the tour while sitting on your couch comfortably at home. The beautiful photographs and the videos they share are the best proof to show the beauty of the destinations. Also, they can share the hotel tours of different hotels worldwide. It is so convincing to see those beautiful destinations. So refereeing an online magazine has much more than looking at a printed travel magazine. 

These online travel magazine sites also have blogs and vlogs for you to connect to people who need similar information and share similar interests. So, it is an excellent opportunity to go through an online magazine to get all the updated details on what’s happening in world tourism.

Best independent travel magazines 

Some independent travel magazines share all the information related to different destinations. Here are some if you are interested in referring them. 

Best RV travel magazine

RV travel magazines offer the most exciting news for those who like to travel carefree. If you are adventurous, you will get the best out of RV magazines; they offer the most compelling information on adventurous destinations, hotel accommodations around them, events happening in different periods of the year, and food and restaurants. So if you are planning your RV tour, you can check out the below magazines. 

  • Trailer Life Magazine
  • RV Life
  • Motor Home Magazine
  • RV Lifestyle Magazine | North America’s Premiere RV Magazine
  • GoRV Magazine
  • Family RVing Magazine
  • RV Lifestyle Magazine
  • RV Dealer News
  • RV News
  • RV PRO
  • RV Today Magazine
  • RV Enthusiast Magazine
  • RV Guide
  • RV Business
  • RV Travel
  • I Heart RVing

Look at these magazines for the most adventurous news on the most exciting destinations worldwide. 

Best indie travel magazines

Indie and independent travel magazines also do a great job of sharing information about the world’s best tourist destinations. It is loved by many travelers worldwide due to the information they share about the most exciting and beautiful places worldwide. Below are some of the best magazines you could refer to. 

  • wherever
  • Tiny Atlas Quarterly
  • Boat Magazine
  • The Travel Almanac
  • Weekend Almanac
  • Pineapple
  • The Collective Quarterly
  • Cereal
  • Stay Wild
  • The Ride Journal
  • Kinfolk
  • Suitcase
  • Sidetracked

Going through these magazines would make you feel like traveling worldwide for real!

Travel and leisure magazine best cities

Almost all travel magazines share the most updated news about the best cities worldwide for travel. But some have more focus on the best destinations for travel and leisure. Especially for the luxury holidays, you need to check on the specific magazines that share the related details. Going through the below would make your job easier!

  • The Sunday Times Travel Magazine
  • Wanderlust
  • National Geographic Traveler
  • Lonely Planet
  • Condé Nast Traveler

Why are travel magazines essential?

Through the write-up, we found different types of magazines sharing information about other regions. But did we know the real purpose of these travel magazines? It adds more knowledge to discuss these travel magazines’ importance to travelers interested in researching destinations.

Going through a travel magazine increases our interest and enthusiasm to read more about the destinations with the lovely, colorful pictures. So most travelers try to go beyond the magazine and visit the place for a real-life experience. This is the ultimate goal and target of these travel magazines. Each magazine specific to different tourism sectors tries to do it innovatively. 

Key reasons why the leisure industry needs travel magazines

  • As each magazine focuses on a specific area, their target reach differs. So, they have organized the most detailed information relevant only to that group. It is the most convenient way for those interested in getting the info soon. 
  • These magazines help to discover new places. The latest publications with attractive and colorful pictures would share the most updated information. Those who plan the trips regularly would eagerly wait for the next publication o know more about the best destinations for the year.
  • It is also beneficial to read more about the cultures around the world through these travel magazines. And sometimes, these articles would interest the readers to visit and experience these places.
  • The magazines mostly suggest trending places. So, it is straightforward for you to plan the trip to the best destinations at that time.
  • These magazines also share much information on family travel. It is a fundamental matter when thinking of family holidays. The news and tips travel magazines share are beneficial in instances like this. 
  • The itinerary information and packing tips are other key areas that make travel magazines a most crucial source of information. 
  • Also, if you need to know more about climate change and the clothing that would suit different climates, these magazines do an excellent job. 
  • The magazines also share much information about budget traveling, air lien packages, accommodation packages, and all the relevant information related to airline costs, which is handy. 

More things to know…

So, the best travel magazines in the world do an excellent job helping you plan your holiday most effectively. If you are thinking of having a source of information for regular use, it is always better to have the best travel magazine subscriptions.

Do you know what the world’s first travel magazine is? Holiday- the best travel magazine that ever was. Let us get to know a bit more about it.

Holiday Magazine was the first publication about travel and tourism between 1946-1977. It was considered an excellent source as there was no digital help. All travelers worldwide embraced all the information the magazine shared with great enthusiasm. 

Best travel magazines 2023

Each year different publications get nominated as the best ones. As in any other field, it is the same with the travel and tourism industry. So let us see what the best travel magazines that are nominated as the best travel magazines for this year are; the year 2023. Here are 30 of them. You can use any of these to learn the best places for travel and holidays. And they tell you about the best hotels and resorts as well. 

  • Go World Travel Magazine
  • Getaway Travel Magazine
  • Food & Travel Magazine
  • British Columbia Magazine
  • Northwest Travel Magazine
  • TRAVELIFE Magazine
  • Drift Travel Magazine
  • Pathfinders Travel Magazine
  • Travel Weekly
  • Travolution
  • TravelPulse
  • PhocusWire
  • Travelobiz
  • Wander Magazine
  • Travelodium Travel Magazine
  • Latin Excursions
  • Responsible Traveller Magazine
  • Following My GPS
  • Travel Leisure Magazine
  • AFAR Magazine
  • TrvlTrend Travel Magazine
  • Wanderlust Travel Magazine
  • isango! | A Travel and Lifestyle Magazine
  • Spottico
  • Travel Employees Networking Group
  • Arizona KEY Magazine 
  • European Travel Magazine
  • Hidden Europe Magazine 
  • Family Travel Magazine
  • Family Traveller

Any of these magazines would help you with the most updated information on the travel destinations trending this year!

Answers for the Frequently Asked Questions

Do you concern about the travel and leisure industry and your holiday planning? So, this segment will guide you and ease you out of your many concerns. Here are a few of eh common problems.

What is the best travel magazine to subscribe to?

Below are a few of the best travel magazines you can subscribe to:

  • AFAR
  • Lonely Planet Magazine
  • Wanderlust
  • National Parks
  • Budget Travel
  • Travel + Leisure
  • Conde Nast Traveler
  • National Geographic

Lonely Planet Magazine

Which magazine is most favorite in the traveling field?       

The answer to this question would be the same as above. The magazines that are named above are the ones that have gained fame and have become famous as the best. 

How can I get free travel magazines?

You can check for the newest travel magazines at your local library. Also, many of these magazines are online. So you can get free subscriptions for many of them. 

What do travel magazines do?

Travel magazines act as a source of information on travel and leisure needs. It gives the best information on trending locations, accommodations, and events.

What are the best travel magazines?

All the magazines we have shared details throughout the article are the best and the most trending. You may refer to any of them for the latest information. 

We hope you have a clear idea of the best travel magazine. These magazines share the best information and images that are very colorful and appealing. Most of these magazines do an excellent job taking you around while you sit on your couch at home, comfortably going through the pages. These share the places of best interests and also the most preferred accommodation. If you plan to travel with family, you can get a very descriptive idea of how to plan and get ready for a trip with the kids. Also, those who love hiking and adventure experiences can get to know the best places and the events happening worldwide.

Besides sharing information on the places, these magazines effectively communicate the best hotel deals, packages, and discounts. It is the same with air tickets and packages. So these travel magazines act as resources in delivering the best information for you to plan a wonderful holiday!  


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