Can you bring candles on a plane? – Let us find out in detail!


Can you bring candles on a plane? What are airline rules about traveling with candles?Candles are perfect for helping you relax and relieve your stress. You may want to carry them around wherever we go. Maybe you want to take them with you on your next trip too. However, what would airline policy say about that? Will they allow candles on board? This article will let you know all about that. You will get to see if you can make candles in your carry-on or checked luggage. Other than that, we will let you know which airlines allow candles on board. Also, you will get to know how to pack flying bags with candles. So keep reading to find out.


Can you bring a candle on a plane? 

We have to have a look at what the Transport Security Administration says about that.

According to TSA, you can bring candles as long as they are solid. You can carry them without any limits. Note that Gel-Type Candles get permission only in checked baggage.

Keep in mind that the TSA agent gets the final say. The agent has the authority to decide if an item is okay to travel onboard or not.

Do not worry, though. Usually, the TSA agent applies what they state on their website, So if your item does not threaten the security of the aeroplane or the other passengers, you will be fine.

Can candles go through airport security?

According to the TSA (Transport Security Administration), you get to take solid candles through the security checkpoint at the airport and in your carry-on.

Other than that, you can also bring solid candles in your checked baggage. You can carry any amount of candles. There are no rules against that. However, Gel-type candles are allowed only in checked baggage.

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Do candles count as a liquid in hand luggage?

Airport security does not consider Solid Wax candles liquids in carry-on baggage.

Can you bring candles in your carry-on?

There are no restrictions against carrying solid candles in carry-on baggage, as we explained earlier. You can place them either in your item or carry-on bag.

Can you bring soy candles on a plane?

Yes, you can!

The TSA confirmed that Solid candles are okay to travel in carry-on bags. However, they advise you to pack your candles in a solid box.

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Can you take glass candles on a plane? 

Yes, you can. Then can you bring a glass candle in your carry on?

Yes, glass candles are allowed on carry-on bags.

It is always better to carry your glass candles in your suitcase than a checked bag. That is because the glass is at risk of breaking during travel.

Can you bring birthday candles on a plane?

Again, yes, You can carry birthday candles as well. Also, the best way to fly with glass candles is in your carry-on bag.

Ask the airport security politely to handle your glass candle with care to be extra careful.

Can you bring candles in checked baggage?

Luckily, you get to bring your solid candles on checked baggage without any limits. However, we do not recommend placing them inside your checked-in bag. That is because they are likely to break mainly during long flights.

Suppose you are bringing candles as a gift. If so, make sure to place it inside your carry-on baggage to be on the safe side.

Can we carry wax in-flight?

Suppose you wish to take matchbooks and wax candles in checked baggage. Let us see if you get permission for that. According to the TSA regulations, they do not have an issue with wax candles. However, here is the catch They allow matches in carry-on baggage Plus, you have to limit it to one book or pocket matches.

How to pack candles in a suitcase?

You know that there are a variety of candles out there. You can pack them differently to secure them. For instance, you can place your candles with your clothes. That is the best and safest way unless you put them inside a solid box.

Another way is to roll your candles in bubble wrap. Then keep it between your clothes on your carry-on baggage and tuck it in the middle. This method will also help you keep the candle safe and prevent damage. 

If you plan to travel with your glass jar, it will, of course, need extra care. We recommend using a solid box to keep it safe.

How many candles can you bring on a plane?

The good news is there are no limits to the number of candles you can bring on planes. Then, what size candle can you take on a plane? Well, it depends. You will need to consider your airline baggage rules and regulations.

Suppose you are traveling internationally. In this case, the customs will likely ask why you are traveling with this large quantity of candles. They will also want to know if it is for commercial use. Here, if you do not have any permission, they can seize your candle.

How many candles can you bring on a plane

What are airline rules about traveling with Candles?

United Airlines

United airlines allow passengers to bring candles. 

American Airlines

American Airlines also let solid candles on board. 

Delta Airlines

You should know how to pack candles in a suitcase. Delta asks you to load the candles carefully for the flight.  

Jetblue Airlines

Jetblue also lets candles on board. They ask you to pack solid candles in your carry-on bag.

Can you bring candles on southwest airlines?

Southwest allows Candles on board. They request you to pack the candles in carry-on baggage.

Can you take candles on a plane to UK?

It will depend on the airline you take. Some airlines may have restrictions, and of course, the policies may differ according to different airlines. You can contact your airline and ask for their policy regarding candles. 

Can you take candles on a plane Easyjet?

Easyjet allows candles on board too.



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