Why Not Have The Coolest Experience With Discover Diving?

Coolest Experience With Discover Diving

Have you ever thought about how it feels to breathe underwater?

That is when the term scuba diving comes to the front. Scuba diving is another method of underwater diving. SCUBA is referred to as “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus,” and this equipment is totally independent of surface supply. Scuba divers carry compressed air themselves as their breathing gas supplier. That is why scuba divers can move freely than surface-supplied divers and endure longer underwater than breath-hold divers.

Discover Diving

Do you love scuba diving but are not ready to follow a certification course?

Then Discover Scuba Diving is for you, and PADI dive shops are ready to offer this program.

In that case, what is a PADI Dive Center?

PADI stands for the diver training organization, Professional Association of Diving Instructors, founded in 1996.  PADI five star Dive Centers encourage aquatic environmental responsibility while providing a full range of PADI scuba diving education programs. They also help the amateurs with equipment selection and grant dive experience opportunities.  

Do you search for an answer to the question; To whom discover diving is suitable?

The recommended age for scuba diving is over 10. A student must be strong enough to carry the equipment and have the ability to understand complicated instructions. Any other adult or teenager can discover diving if they are healthy enough. Here comes another question.

Is it illegal to scuba dive without certification?

Actually, there are no scuba diving police to check the diving certifications. So rather than illegal, diving without certification is actually dangerous. If you are not sure enough about your diving skills, certified or not, you better stay out.

scuba dive

How deep can you go on a discovery dive? 

The average depth for diving is 6 meters, and the maximum depth for a dive is 12 meters. The depth you can dive in changes in an open water dive.

Does discover scuba count towards open water?

If you complete the PADI Open Water Diver Course, that certification allows you to dive up to 18m in the sea. With this, you are independent of diving in open water anywhere in the world. However, the course might take a long time, but it is very rewarding and highly informative.  

Dive experiences

Underwater diving is the ultimate experience for anyone. A diver has the opportunity to explore the world under the water, and no other activity is matching with that. Here are some fantastic dive experiences any scuba diver can have.

Scuba diving allows you to have the ultimate chance to experience weightlessness, like an astronaut. You know that most of the people only move back and forth and side to side. As a scuba diver, you can move in three dimensions, which is really an unusual experience. Diving is a sport you can enjoy at any age in your life if you are healthy enough. A kid can get PADI certified at age ten and continue to be a scuba diver until 88 and beyond.

 The organizations like The Cody Unser First Step Foundation help disabled and traumatic people witness the underwater world. Although you need a particular season for some activities, you can enjoy scuba diving year-round and anywhere in the world. So do not waste it if you have a chance to become a scuba diver!

Is diving an expensive hobby? 

Every year the number of scuba-certified people is vastly increasing. It is becoming a fast-spreading hobby all around the world. You can call scuba diving an expensive hobby as well. In order to receive the diving certification, an individual will have to spend around 300 dollars. A scuba diving gear may cost from 200-3000 dollars, and for a single dive, it will cost around 75-150 dollars. Many players spend a bit more to purchase wetsuits and personal dive computers. However, if you are interested in diving somewhere, check out the best rates for discover diving in the area.   


Is Sri Lanka good for diving? 

Sri Lanka, also called the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a real paradise for scuba divers. You can explore the almost 1600 kilometers of coastline, teeming with healthy coral reefs. No matter how crowded the country becomes in particular seasons, there are always fantastic dive sites that can impress you. West and southwest coasts are better for a diver who travels in Sri Lanka between October and May. If you are traveling in May and October, the northeast coast will provide the best diving conditions. These dive sites’ beauty is worthy of any diver’s wish list. The following list will answer the question,

where can I dive in Sri Lanka?  

  • Hikkaduwa
  • Unawatuna
  • Swami Rock(Taprobane Reef), Trincomalee
  • Gorgonian Gardens, Colombo
  • Navy Island, Trincomalee
  • Bull Dog Reef, Kalpitiya
  • Barracuda Reef, Colombo
  • Great Basses Reef, Southeast coast
  • The second and Third Reef, Negambo

Diving Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa is a perfect diving spot in Sri Lanka, and it is indeed a dream paradise for scuba divers. It is the country’s most enchanting shoreline. This is a magical destination famous for reefs, vibrant coral gardens, gentle waters, and untarnished beaches. Even first-time divers can dive here without worry as the water of Hikkaduwa is clear and shallow. You can have a wonderful experience if you dive under a trained diving professional. The best time for a diver to visit Sri Lanka is from November to April and December to March. Here are some dive points of Hikkaduwa.  

Diving Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka..

  • Duke of Shaftesbury- 12-14 m
  • The Conch – 20m underneath sea level
  • Kiralagala 39.5m
  • Significant Rock- 22m
  • Tunatta- 13m
  • Off Coral Gardens
  • Sunil Gala
  • Dull Coral Point
  • Goda Gala

Average Hikkaduwa diving prices with equipment are as follows.  

  • Single dive- 40$
  • Two or more dives- 35$
  • 5 dives-165$
  • 10 dives-330$

If you use your own equipment, the cost will be a bit lower.

  • Single dive- 30$
  • 5 dives-140$
  • 10 dives-280$

The extra equipment will cost as follows.

  • Dive computer- 7$
  • Logbook- 7$
  • Snorkeling equipment- 5$
  • Snorkeling guide- 10$

Unawatuna is also another perfect diving site in Sri Lanka.

The followings list of Unawatuna diving prices shows the average price ranges for divers who wish to explore the Unawatuna shoreline.  

  • Single dive- 35$
  • 2 dives- 65$
  • 3 dives- 95$
  • 4 dives-  120$
  • 6 dives- 165$
  • 8 dives- 210$
  • 10 dives- 250$
  • 1 dive with Refresher course- 55$
  • 2 dives with Refresher course- 80$
  • Night dives- 45$
  • For snorkeling equipment – 65$-90$



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