Earl Of Shaftesbury – The Wrecking Fate Of The Four-Masted Sailing Ship


Sri Lanka was an integral part of the Ocean Silk Route in ancient days. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is an abundance of shipwrecks around the island of Sri Lanka, especially from the Naval War of the Second World War. Historians and culture enthusiasts believe there are a lot of unidentified shipwrecks around the island. One of the most popular wrecks around the island is the Earl of Shaftesbury.  

What happened in May 1893?              

Earl of Shaftesbury – also called the four-masted iron sailing ship. On its way to Diamond Island from Bombay, India, the ship came across its fateful moment in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. The ship weighed 21,000 tons, and in May 1893, it sank to where it rests today. This incident took place with the famous Captain R. Irvine on board. More than a century has passed, and today, the Earl of Shaftesbury is a sanctuary to marine life. 

Sanctuary of aquatic beings around the great Earl of Shaftesbury 

The resting place of EOS has become a beautiful and fun place to drive around. It has become a beautiful home to fish and sea creatures under 12 to 15 meters deep in the ocean. The hull and some of the sides of the cabin are visible to this day. Some of the remnants of the cabin are still intact, and you will be amazed at its surreal beauty. On a clear day, the wreck becomes a lively scene with a magnitude of stingrays, groupers, snappers, porcupinefish, and lionfish. It has been a famous diving spot ever since. You need to be trained to be able to dive in this area. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery around EOS with the assistance of a trainer. You can enjoy the fish, the remnants, and the surrounding for about an hour, and it would still feel like seconds! The beauty and the historical value of the wreck will make you lost track of time.

Wrap up: Earl of Shaftesbury is the epitome of a wrecked beaut! 

The diving experience in Earl of Shaftesbury is one of the must-haves for every diver. EOS is an excellent place to catch some breathtaking shots of the beautiful, wrecked ship for those who enjoy underwater photography.

Twin Bollard - Earl of Shaftesbury


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