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Traveling is among the best leisure activities for many, and most of us love traveling for various reasons. Some travel for fun. Some travel to explore. Many of us travel with family on vacation. Also, some people would travel for adventure and the love of nature. Some resources best provide the information needed for those who love traveling. Travel magazines are one of them that does a marvelous job. The Hiking Magazine is extraordinary as it shares all the info that hikers need for a superb adventure. 

Let us dig into more details on hiking magazines. 

The best hiking magazines at a glance!

Like any other travel-related magazine, many magazines share information on hiking and adventure. They have plenty of tips for travelers about the best hiking destinations, camping sites, activities, and special events organized for hikers worldwide. Also, the information on weather changes is one of the most valuable segments of these magazines; the forecasts help a lot in deciding on the best destinations around the world at different times of the year.

So below are some of the best hiking magazines that share exciting news about the best hiking and adventurous destinations in the world. 

Backpacker Magazine – A world-renowned hiking magazine

This is one of the best hiking magazines in the USA that shares helpful information on the best destinations for hiking and backpacking. Also, it shares handy tips on backpacking gear and other related equipment. So, this is a valuable source of information for all the hikers and backpackers looking forward to the most exciting adventures.

Backpacker Magazine

Trail Magazine

This is the best if you are looking for an online magazine that shares the most updated news on hiking. It has all the updated information on the best places to hike. Also, the magazine has the latest news on the events organized worldwide for hiking and backpacking. The tips they share on the backpack and hiking gear are handy. Although it is a UK-based company, it usually covers all the destinations that have special events happening in the year.

Country Walking

This UK-based magazine is another good one with updated information on hiking destinations and backpacking events worldwide. But most of the articles focus on Britain as the magazine is a product of the UK. 

The Great Outdoors (TGO)

With a forty-year history, the Great Outdoor magazine is one of the favorites of many travelers. It is also a UK-based magazine that shares helpful information about hiking tours and destinations worldwide. 

Outside magazine – A popular hiking magazine

This magazine shows more information on outdoor activity gear. The reviews on these items benefit many hikers by getting the best products for adventures and hiking. Also, the fitness stories and other hiking experiences they share in the magazine help all the other readers to get motivated for their next hiking trip. 

Trek and Mountain

If you love great mountains and mountain climbing, this is one of the excellent magazines to refer to. It shares all the exciting information about beautiful destinations, accommodations, and other related information for hiking activities.

Trek and Mountain magazine

Outdoor Photographer

This magazine is mainly for photographers who love spending time with nature and capturing its beauty. The magazine is an excellent source of inspiration with lovely images and details about the best places and destinations for nature photography. 

Another Escape

It is truly an escape to paradise. The magazine has piled up the most wanted details about beautiful destinations worldwide. It is the ideal source of information for those who love hiking, backpacking, and other related activities. 

Roads & Kingdoms

It is one of the best magazines that has caught the attention of many readers.

Wanna know the reasons behind it?

It is purely due to the outstanding journalism and the photographs that the magazine shares. Moreover, it simply draws the readers’ attention to the magazine while educating them about different interesting spots for hiking and backpacking. 

Tiny Atlas Quarterly – A Top Hiking Magazine

This is another carefully crafted magazine with all the exciting details and tips about outdoor activities. The critical point the readers get attracted to is the beautiful images they share. 

American Outdoor Guide

Survival during a hike or a trail is essential for a traveler in an unknown land. This magazine is the best to refer to for all the tips on surviving during a hike. 

If anyone enjoys adventurous outdoor travel, these magazines will give you the best insights for a productive and enjoyable trip. If you are looking for the best hiking magazine, we suggest you refer to any of the above lists, as all are equally good. You can get a hiking magazine subscription through the relevant websites of these magazines very quickly. 

Women’s Hiking magazine

Same as men and women to love to spend time trying out adventurous stuff such as hiking and tracking. So different magazines cater only to eh females regarding adventurous travel. These magazines share unique tips that are special to ladies. The clothing tips, food and accommodation tips, backpack and gear types, and hiking boots are among them. Also, they share information on the best locations that are on top of the lists, and the best events that you could take part in different areas worldwide; below are some of the best hiking magazines with particular segments for ladies.

  • Outside
  • National Geographic Adventure
  • Backpacker
  • National Geographic
  • Outdoor Photographer
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Climbing

Ladies who wish to plan an adventurous holiday can try to put these magazines for the most updated information.

Women’s Hiking magazine

Look out for the best! Backpacker magazine!

The Backpacker magazine is one of the renowned magazines at the moment. So, we shared some precise information with this particular magazine. The backpacker magazine 2022 shares exciting news on the best backpack gear and boots. Apart from them, the magazine also has a considerable amount of information on the destinations and the best locations for hiking. They share many true stories of the other hikers, which are very inspirational. They are exciting to read and enjoy.

Also, the backpacker magazine gear guide 2023 is handy for all users to understand the best to use on different occasions. Winter gear is very much different from the other types. And the ones you use for cliff climbing would differ from the standard equipment for trekking or hiking. So, it is essential to have a good understanding of these when you plan your hiking trip or vacation. 

The best hiking boots – backpacker magazine 2022 has a lot of details about them; you can get a complete idea if you go through the 2022 version of the Backpacker magazine for more information. Usually, all travelers and hikers refer to backpacker magazine -best hiking boots if they need to know more about shoes and gear. 

If you are searching for the best hiking boots, remember the outdoor magazine- best hiking boots.

All about trails! Mt magazine hiking trails

Anyone who wants to know more about hiking trails should refer to the above magazine for more information. Also, the magazine lists out below trails as the best ones for hiking. Try out these if you plan to visit these locations. 

  • Bear Hollow Trail > Mount Magazine State Park.
  • Benefield Loop Trails > Mount Magazine State Park. 
  • Cove Lake Trail > Mount Magazine State Park. 
  • Greenfield Trail > Mount Magazine State Park.
  • Huckleberry Mountain Horse Trail > Mount Magazine State Park. 
  • Mossback Ridge Trail 
  • North Rim Trail 
  • Signal Hill Trail 

Make sure to keep this information in mind if you are planning your next trip to an adventurous location. 

We also shared some information and frequent concerns to clear your doubts about the issues and concerns regarding the hiking magazines.

Answers for the Frequently Asked Questions about Hiking Magazine

These are some of the most frequent concerns and questions our readers have. We decided to clarify them along with all the information about the hiking magazines. 

Is there a hiking Magazine?

Yes, there are several magazines, and we have shared much information about them at the beginning of this article. You can go through them in detail for more information. 

What happened to Backpacker magazine?

The Backpacker magazine was acquired by Outside Magazine in 2021.

Backpacker magazine

Is there still a backpacker magazine?

It is still there but under the ownership of Outside.

Is Backpacker magazine worth it?

Referring to the Backpacker magazine online, the printed copy is the best way to get the latest information for a perfect hiking trip.

Is backpacker magazine still published?

Yes, it is. It is still published under the Our Side magazine authority, 


Dear travelers, we hope you had a wonderful time reviewing all the information we shared about the hiking magazines. As mentioned, hiking magazines effectively communicate all the little details you need to plan an exciting hiking trip. Also, they are well-updated with all the new information and news on the locations, the latest hiking products, flight details, and events around the world. If you are an outside person, these magazines will be perfect for you to get the latest updates. Going through them will save time and make your next hiking trip wonderful. 


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