Hotels In Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka | The Whispers Of Surf And Luxury Stays


A world of luxurious comfort awaiting visitors situated in the beautiful beaches of Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka. These luxurious holidays provide a wonderful stay in this tropical paradise, complete with luxurious facilities and amazing views. You can join us to discover the height of beauty and comfort at the 5 star hotels in Arugam Bay Sri Lanka.

5-Star Hotels In Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Jetwing Surf Hotel

Jetwing Surf is Sri Lanka’s newest eco-luxury surf resort, proudly located along the beautiful sands of Pottuvil Point. The sanctuary is situated in a perfect location to witness the breathtaking waves that hit the shore. The property has twenty beach cabanas, all of which have been deliberately created with comfort in mind, and is only a short distance from Arugam Bay, a popular spot for surfers. The constructions, which are shaped by a distinct architectural style, have wood, reed, and woven coconut palm leaf features. With its horn-shell-inspired design, which enhances the seaside experience, guests are encouraged to freely explore and completely submerge themselves in the tropical surroundings.

Aprota Villas Arugambay

Chalets and villas greet you at Aprota Villas Arugam Bay, a sanctuary of beachfront luxury nestled among the natural beauty of Sri Lanka’s eastern coastline. Experience coastal beauty in style at this boutique property, which is easily accessible near popular surfing spots like Arugam Bay and Whiskey Point. Enjoy an easy walk to get there.

Kottukal Beach House by Jetwing

In the southeast of Sri Lanka, in the village of Pottuvil, covered by coconut palms, find the peaceful welcome of Jetwing’s Kottukal Beach House. Arugam Bay, a renowned surfer’s paradise, is just 4 kilometers away from this quiet paradise.

The spacious 2-acre Kottukal Beach House by Jetwing is a perfect a vacation, located in the quiet village of Pottuvil. Nestled on the southern tip of the island, this retreat is perfectly situated to offer an ideal a vacation, 313 miles from Colombo and 348 km from Colombo International Airport. Greetings from a seaside sanctuary where the warmth of welcome blends with the splendor of the natural world.

Blue Waters Arugambay

A long and happy life is wished for you by the traditional Sri Lankan greeting,Ayubowan,as you enter the warmly greeted Blue Waters Arugam Bay. This haven is along the less-traveled eastern coast of Sri Lanka, with a view of the Indian Ocean. Consider in all of our island’s natural beauty, from its gorgeous beaches to its beautiful the mountains.

Experience Whisky Point, Pottuvil Point, and renowned Arugam Bay in the center of the surfing spots. Blue Waters, one of the finest hotels in Arugam Bay, maintains the eco-tourism idea with equal luxury. You minimize the ecological impact by creating opulent rooms and outdoor spaces, providing you with the best opportunity to take in Sri Lankan beauty.

The woven palm leaves, dried illuk grass, and wooden structures provide an original Sri Lankan environment in our architecture, which is complemented by the beautiful seashells that line the beach at Arugam Bay.

Have questions concerning the nameBlue Water”?

It is an easy gift to the sea, which is both a loyal buddy and a shared passion.

You can experience the cozy atmosphere of these log cabins, the welcoming nature of our appreciation, and the advice of the blue waters for an incredibly unforgettable vacation. Spend an unforgettable stay in Blue Waters Arugam Bay, where the natural beauty of Sri Lanka is highlighted every moment.

Best hotels in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay is home to multiple hotels that redefine comfort and hospitality in addition to the aforementioned hotels. These excellent lodgings guarantee an unmatched level of comfort and care in addition to a pleasant stay. Some details of best hotels in Arugam Bay Sri Lanka are given below. 

The Danish Villa Resort

The Danish Villa Resort is in the center of Arugam Bay and offers a unique combination of luxury and ecology. It is just 200 meters from the beautiful Arugam Bay Beach; this environmentally friendly guest house offers an outdoor bath and wonderful garden views.

A front desk staffed 24/7 welcomes you to the hideaway and attends to it that everyone all your requirements are fulfilled. In addition to providing free private parking, the resort also provides visitors with a convenient chargeable airport shuttle service.

The guest house has furnished each unit with a comfortable desk for either leisure or work. Walk-in showers are provided in the private bathrooms, and free WiFi is available all across the hotel. In order to fully enjoy the surroundings, certain residences even include a nice terrace. 

A wonderful coffee shop and lounge that is ideal for relaxing is one of the unique features of the Danish Villa Resort. You can play in the indoor play area. If you need more company, just challenge your friends to a game of darts. The garden invites people to relax and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

You can explore nearby locations, such the historic Muhudu Maha Viharaya at 3.3 kilometers or Pasarichenai Beach, which is only 1.5 km away. The closest airport for visitors arriving by air is Batticaloa International Airport, which is located 116 miles away. At The Danish Villa Resort, experience a stay that blends modern comfort, ecological responsibility, and an element of Danish style.

Nice Place Beach Hotel

The Nice Place Beach Hotel is in the center of Arugam Bay, just meters from the Arugam Bay Beach. This charming haven is more than just a place to stay; it’s a garden paradise with free private parking nearby, a wonderful terrace, and a restaurant serving delicious meals. Ideally located for your beach’s adventures, it is 1.8 km from Pasarichenai Beach, 3.2 km from Muhudu Maha Viharaya, and 4.9 km from Lagoon SafariPottuvils.

You enter your room to find it furnished with a desk, comfortable bed sheets, and a balcony overlooking a peaceful garden. A private bathroom with a relaxing bath or shower awaits visitors in some lucky rooms, which even provide charming views of the sea. Enjoy in some leisure in the comfortable seating area that will make your stay feel like a home away from home.

There are many chances for exploring. You can rent a bike ride in the region; the Nice Place Beach Hotel has easy access to bike rentals. Elephant Rock is eight kilometers away, and Crocodile Rock is only 5.1 kilometers away for thrill-seekers. The Batticaloa International Airport, which is conveniently situated 116 km from the cozy Nice Place Beach Hotel, is the starting point if you’re arriving by air. With a front desk open all the time, free WiFi, airport transportation, and a friendly tour desk, your beachfront getaway is sure to be easy and memorable.

Way of the Bay

Arugam Bay Beach is perfectly near the Way of the Bay; a beautiful guesthouse is in the center of the bay. Merely does this secret location provide lodging, but it is also a destination, with the picturesque Pasarichenai Beach just 1.4 km away and the historic Muhudu Maha Viharaya 3.4 km away. Enjoy the lovely garden surroundings, or you can enjoy a refreshing dive in the pool while enjoying the beautiful scenery. A haven where charm and simplicity coexist, Way of the Bay is more than a place to stay.

The Amora

The Amora is in the bustling center of Arugam Bay and beckons with its lovely terrace, common lounge, and lovely garden. You can have meals in the restaurant while watching the Arugam Bay Beach which is just 200 meters away. Discover the historical charm of Muhudu Maha Viharaya, only 3 kilometers from this comfortable hideout, or explore the neighboring Pasarichenai Beach, only 1.9 kilometers away.  You can experience Arugam Bay’s natural beauty with the Amora. It’s a lot more than an accommodation where you can stay.

De Perla Resort

This centrally located location provides two separate rooms, each with a private bathroom. This lodging provides not only a place to stay but also a comfortable sanctuary within easy walking distance of the waves, just a short 3-minute walk from Whiskey Point, a well-known surf destination.

ArugamBay PodBay

At Arugambay PodBay, calm down in the sun-filled outdoor pool that is waiting for you. This is in the center of Arugambay; this beachside jewel is just 7.1 kilometers from Whiskey Point and seconds from the well-known Main Point. You can experience the best in serenity by the sea.

Water music Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay’s sandy shores reveal an undiscovered beauty named Watermusic Arugam Bay. You can enter its peaceful embrace. Enjoy the serenity and calm of nature while enjoying stunning panoramas of the sea and the renowned surf area.

Around the haven, cozy cabanas are set up in a way that complements the area’s natural beauty. Let the relaxing crashing of the waves calm you to sleep, and when you wake up, enjoy the soft leaf rustle. Unlike the air conditioning, the cabanas are designed to take full advantage of the sea’s refreshing breeze.

Baywatch Arugambay

In this sanctuary, wildlife thrives. You feel more connected to the natural world around you when charming creatures like inquisitive crabs, playful squirrels, and exquisite butterflies come.

Every cabana has been equipped with a bed so that you may enjoy leisure from every angle. Rock back and forth to the symphony of the natural world and let the day’s sorrows melt away. Here, simplicity and serenity exist in a place of safety.

Hotels in Arugam Bay Pottuvil Sri Lanka

The twin havens of Arugam Bay and Pottuvil in Sri Lanka are in the Indian Ocean and the coastline, inviting visitors to a place where peace, sun, and surf meet.  From the laid-back charm of Pottuvil to the enthusiastic energy of Arugam Bay, each accommodation option offers a full vacation rather than just a place to stay. A few Hotels in Arugam Bay Pottuvil, Sri Lanka, are mentioned below.

Hotel Alaskabay Arugambay

The cozy Hotel Alaskabay Arugambay is in Pottuvil, only 300 meters from the charming Arugam Bay Beach. Make yourself at home. The accommodations include a lovely restaurant, a peaceful garden, free private parking, and a stunning patio. Discover nearby attractions, which include the intriguing Lagoon Safari at Pottuvils, which is only 3.2 km away; Muhudu Maha Viharaya, which is 1.5 km away; and Pottuvil Beach, which is 2.1 km away.

Enjoy comfort in all things at this immensely beautiful resort. Each room comprises a desk, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, and luxurious towels and bed linens. Relax in the comfortable seating area found in each Hotel Alaskabay Arugambay unit.

Their commitment to offer excellent service is evident in the convenience features they offer, such as currency exchange, a round-the-clock front desk, and room service. Visit Elephant Rock (10 km) or discover the delights of Crocodile Rock (6.7 km). Your gateway is the Batticaloa International Airport, which is located about 114 miles away. You can stay at this hotel for a memory of lifetime warmth via experiencing simplicity.

Ganesh Gate

Ganesh Gate is a charming place to explore, about 500 meters from the famous Whisky Point in Pottuvil. There is a lovely restaurant, free private parking, and a peaceful garden when you arrive at this sanctuary. Your point of departure for exploration is Ganesh Gate, which is located 2.5 km from Pottuvil Point Beach, 8.7 km from Lagoon Safari – Pottuvils, and 10 km from Muhudu Maha Viharaya.

With amenities like free WiFi and room service, you are able to reside comfortably the whole time. Pottuvil is full of adventure, with things like windsurfing for visitors to enjoy.

They provide a convenient prepaid airport shuttle service to and from the 107 kilometers away Batticaloa International Airport. 


PomPon, a three-star resort, is in the center of Pottuvil, less than a kilometer from Pasarichenai Beach and just 200 meters from the charming Arugam Bay Beach. With a private bathroom and attractive garden views, air-conditioned rooms come equipped with complimentary WiFi. Take advantage of the 24-hour front desk and relax on this patio.

Every room at PomPon has a thoughtful desk, and towels and bed sheets are provided for your pleasure. Enjoy the delicious fusion of Russian, regional, and Asian food at on-site restaurant. On request, vegan and vegetarian options are available.

Visit nearby sites, such as the fascinating Crocodile Rock and the 4.1-kilometer-distance Muhudu Maha Viharaya. This resort offers a convenient paid airport shuttle service to and from the 117 kilometers away Batticaloa International Airport. Throughout your stay at PomPon, you can experience simplicity along with super delicious food.

Coconut Bungalows

Whisky Point is conveniently close by at Coconut Bungalows, where you can enter a paradise. In addition to accommodation, this beachside hideaway provides a peaceful getaway. Savor the comforts of a restaurant, a bar, and a private beach area while taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. This beachfront home is made even more beautiful with the yard, deck, and free private parking.

Family rooms at Coconut Bungalows offer a warm environment for everyone. Every property is exquisitely designed, featuring a balcony with a dining space overlooking the sea as well as a seating area. Savor the opulence of your own bathroom that comes with soft bed linens and towels.

Discover the beauties of the area, including Muhudu Maha Viharaya (10 km) and Lagoon SafariPottuvils (9.1 km). The starting point is the 108 km distant Batticaloa International Airport. You can relax at Coconut Bungalows while enjoying all the comforts of home combined with the stunning beachfront setting.

Luxury hotels in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

In addition to the above-mentioned hotels, some luxury hotels in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, are given below. Visitors can enjoy and stay on their vacation in a memorable way

Hotel Arugambay Beach Inn Resort

At the Hotel Arugambay Beach Inn Resort, ideally situated in Arugam Bay and just a few meters from the beautiful Arugam Bay Beach, you may embrace the charm of the seashore. Experience a beautiful seaside vacation at this haven, which offers free private parking, a restaurant, and a garden. Explore some of the surrounding sights, such as Crocodile Rock (5.7 km), Lagoon Safari – Pottuvils (4.6 km), and Muhudu Maha Viharaya (2.9 km). Near Pasarichenai Beach, 2.3 kilometers away, the property is easily accessible and non-smoking.

The accommodations are comfortable and come with desks. There is a private bathroom with a refreshing shower in each room of Hotel Arugambay Beach Inn Resort.

Explore the splendor of Elephant Rock, located at 8.5 kilometers, or travel 17 km to reach Magul Maha Viharaya. Your entry point is the 116-kilometer-distance Batticaloa International Airport. Stay at Hotel Arugambay Beach Inn Resort, where comfort and the beach.

Moon Garden Hotel

Moon Garden Hotel is a nice hotel with a charming garden as well as free private parking. This hotel is in the center of Arugam Bay, just 80 meters away from the mesmerizing Arugam Bay Beach. Since there is a shared kitchen available, you can even cook your meals. Moreover, you can enjoy free WiFi and airport shuttles. When considering the front desk, it is open at all times. All these facilities ensure a smooth stay at the Moon Garden Hotel. Do not forget that some of the rooms have balconies. So you can enjoy the mind-numbing views of the garden from your room.

You can enjoy a delicious buffet, Full English/Irish, or Asian breakfast provided on the premises to start your day. You can explore some of the surrounding sights. For example, you can visit Muhudu Maha Viharaya (2.9 miles) and Pasarichenai Beach (2.2 km). The hotel is well situated with Batticaloa International Airport about 116 km away.

Backpackers Villa

Chill in a lively safety situated in an old house, one of Arugam Bay’s best hostels. The hotel ensures an unforgettable stay. It has 24 beds spread across three rooms, each with air conditioning and an amazing sea view. Enjoy in the cozy communal space inside and take advantage of the shared kitchen upon request. Surrounded by a gorgeous garden, the property offers a relaxed outside space that is perfect for relaxing. You may make your stay more comfortable and social by enjoying each other in shared bathrooms. Here in Arugam Bay, history and hospitality collide in a renovated sanctuary that greets you.

Wrapping Up

The collection of hotels is a memorial to the attraction of this seaside paradise, situated in the heart of Arugam Bay, where the sun dances on the waves, and the breeze sings tales of the sea. Every hotel symbolizes a different chapter in the story of an unforgettable visit, from the exciting heartbeat of the waves to the peaceful hug of the sand shoreline. Visitors can collect unforgettable memories of life if they visit Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka. 


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