How Tourism Industry Impacts On The Environment And Things You Need To Know About Minimizing It


The proper condition of the natural and artificial environment is an essential factor in increasing the tourism industry. However, tourism has adverse effects on nature that impacts negatively on the county. In recent years the environmental impacts of tourism have gained massive attention.

Environmental Pollution

The tourism industry has adversely affected destinations through various kinds of environmental pollution: including Air, Land, and Water. Waste disposal is a grave problem in high concentrated tourist attraction places. Improper waste disposal can negatively affect the scenic beauty of the natural environment. Especially, destinations in the developing country lack proper laws and regulations in sewage disposal; this automatically affects nature and causes long-term damage to the world; as climate change and global warming. Pollution may also degrade the physical appearance of the environment, making it no longer appealing to tourists. It may threaten many endemic animals.

Environmental Pollution

Massive construction activities with deforestation

The destruction caused to the aesthetic value of the landscape; with the construction of hotels. Destroying the forests is also done hugely for the development of tourism. As a result of the growing population, the county faces a shortage of land and tends to cut down trees to find space for their constructions. These negative effects on nature and deforestation result in adverse climate changes, global warming, and land degradation. Deforestation may ultimately result in: the depletion of bio-diversity as deforestation leads to the destruction of l wild habitats.

Environment Pollution

Socio-cultural impacts on locals

Tourism claims to lead to new contradictional trends in the country such as crime, prostitution, and illegal drugs; this leads to a decline in social stability. Locals favor adapting those higher consumption patterns to improve their social status. The adaption may impact the traditional values of the country. Upbringing the modernization of foreigners might also affect the cultural differences and the decline of traditional societies. Differences may arise in the social and moral values among locals and tourists. The clash may happen between groups of locals too.

How to minimize the impacts

Tourism contributes either directly or indirectly to the destruction of landscapes and communities. The country’s government can also make extra attention to minimize the impacts on tourism. Below are a few measures taken to lessen the effects of tourism on the county.

Cleaning the environment

  • Decentralization of the tourism industry; development of tourism zones covering the entire county; to minimize the pollution in high concentrated tourist attractive places.
  • Implementation of new laws and regulations based on tourism can mitigate impacts.
  • The practice of Eco-tourism.
  • Taking steps in developing favorable attitudes in locals towards foreigners.
  • Constructing new facilities without harming the physical environment and paying great attention to preserving the environment through modern technology.




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