Hunting Magazines: Aim Your Vacation To The Correct Target!

Hunting magazines

Outdoor leisure activities are one of the most famous among travelers. Many travelers look for the best hunting destinations to have a great Holiday. And they plan it throughout the year as it gives so much pleasure to those who know well about it. There is so much to understand for those who do not know about hunting. This article will discuss the Hunting Magazines to help travelers plan a wonderful vacation.

Top Hunting magazines! 

Hunting magazines

What is the best? 

Looking at all the travel and tourism magazines, you find hunting magazines one of the most popular niche markets. Though it is a small category, many exciting options exist among them.

What do you find in a hunt magazine?  

For those new to this subject, learning what is in a hunting magazine is interesting. Below are a few uses you can expect by referring to a hunting magazine to plan your outdoor activity trip. Hunting is an exciting activity for many. The enthusiasm and excitement are at their peach when you get actively involved in hunting. 

Few uses…

  • These magazines share more about hunting as an adventurous outdoor sport or an activity. They describe more of the satisfaction a person gains through targeting, planning, and getting ready for the prey. It is an exciting and unique experience each time when you hunt. 
  • Also, these magazines have much to discuss with conservation and protecting nature. In most countries, many states have regulated hunting. So, these magazines share information so the hunters can be more proactive about state regulations. 
  • The magazines show interviews with the experts. So, they share a lot of valuable points and information on better hunting, the species that are allowed for hunting, how to catch your prey more methodically, and other related information about their experiences and where they went wrong. 
  • Hunting methods are one of the critical topics that many magazines talk about. Along with the new gear and equipment, the hunting methods changed. They are clearly explained and highlighted in the magazines. 
  • If you need to know hunting destinations, you can refer to magazines for the most famous and trending places. 
  • If you like fishing, you can get plenty of information from these magazines. Fishing tips, rules, regulations, and fishing places are all shared. 
  • The magazines have a special section for equipment and hunting. The items that are well recognized and the details on handling them are all shared in them. 

These are a few of the points that are covered in the magazines. So, any new hunter can get plenty of information before they start their outdoor adventure.

Best outdoor hunting magazines

When you look at hunting magazines, there are plenty. But the list has some that are always on the top and famous continuously for a longer time. We share the details of some of these favorite magazines. 

Bear hunting magazine

The bear hunting magazine is one of the critical magazines that share information about bear hunting, a unique sport and an outdoor activity loved by many. The magazine shares only high-quality news, product descriptions about the most updated equipment, product reviews, expert interviews, and the best bear hunting pictures. It is beneficial for a bear hunter to refer to a bear hunter magazine to get an idea of more successful hunting methods. There are many bear-hunting magazines you can refer to online as well. 

Bear hunting magazine

Bow hunting magazines

Bow hunting is another favorite activity among most travelers. If you are searching for more information, you have plenty of resources. We have listed some standard magazines shared across the world among many of those who are interested in hunting bows.  

  • Bowhunter MagazineTraditional Bowhunter Magazine
  • Petersen’s Bow-hunting
  • Outdoor Life » Bow Hunting
  • North American Bow Hunter
  • Bowhunting.Net
  • Bow-hunting
  • Colorado Bowhunters Association

These are the best bow-hunting magazines that share the details about the hunting techniques, equipment, and locations where you could hunt bows. Also, you can learn the regulations and rules of different states if you visit any of them. 

Turkey hunting magazine

Turkey hunting is also an outdoor viral activity that draws many travelers to destinations with the facility to hunt them. Below Turkey and Turkey, Hunting magazine is one of the most popular resources that share information on all turkey hunting prospects. 

Beaver hunt magazine

If you are looking for adequate hunting bevers, you can quickly gather all the information through the Beaver Hunt magazine. 

Musky Hunter magazine

For those who love fishing, musky hunting is one of the best. Some notable magazines share information on all the aspects of Musky Hunting. Among them, Musky hunting is one of the best. You can get a sound knowledge of all the elements of musky hunting through the magazine. 

Musky Hunter magazine

Deer and deer hunting magazine

If you are a fan of deer hunting and would love to travel around looking for the best place for a deer hunt, the Deer and Deer Hunting magazine is the best deer hunting magazine for it. You can get more details on the best locations, gear and equipment, hunting techniques, and regulations. Also, suppose you are thinking of deer hunting in Oklahoma. In that case, The Oklahoma deer hunting magazine’s capacity has no restrictions, and you can get to know as much information as possible through it. 

Hounds and Hunting magazine

Hounds and Hunting magazine is a special edition that shares information about the beagle breeds. Each publication has something unique to talk about the beagles. It conveys so many stories and hunting experiences of beagles. It is one of the best magazines to refer to if you are into hunting with beagles.

Hunting dog magazines

Many hunting dog magazines address different aspects connected to hunting with dogs. Below are some of the most famous ones to refer to for more information on the subject.

  • GunDog Magazine
  • The Field Magazine » Gundogs
  • Field & Stream Magazine » Hunting Dogs
  • Outdoor Life Magazine » Hunting Dogs
  • Sporting Classics Daily Magazine » Gundogs
  • Shooting Sportsman Magazine » Dogs
  • Sporting Shooter Magazines » Gundogs
  • Project Upland Magazine » Hunting Dogs
  • DogBone Journal
  • Michigan Out-of-Doors Magazine » Hunting
  • Spaniels in the Field & Flushing Retrievers Magazine
  • Pheasants Forever » Bird Dogs & Training
  • Caccia Passione » Hunting Dogs and Cinofilia
  • American Field
  • over Rise Magazine » The Sporting Life
  • Gundog Journal » Field Trials
  • Gundogs Online
  • Strung Magazine » Dog Training

Hunting dog magazines

More about Hunting Magazines

If you need to know about the facts and details shared on hunting, you can quickly get the hunting magazine subscription through their websites. Also, you can refer to and read hunting magazines online. When you get a membership or subscription to some magazines, you can get the hunting magazines free. It is great to read the best articles and interviews with the experts for free. Most of these popular hunting magazines have subscriptions, and you get all the updated information very fast as they share them with the subscribers first. 

As many readers have many questions and concerns, we would share a few most common ones to clarify their queries. 


  • Do Field and Stream have a magazine?

Yes, it is an online magazine that directs readers to hunt. Though it had published copies earlier, from 2015, it is an online magazine. 

  • What happened to Sports Afield magazine?

FSP purchased these shares in 2009, and now it is one of the minimal magazines with the right to its name. 

  • Is Field and Stream magazine out of business?

It is still in business but as a complete online magazine from 2021.

  • How many rounds are in a hunting magazine?

Usually, it is 4-5 rounds.

Hunting magazines – Conclusion

Now we all know hunting is essential and exciting to many travelers. There are people around the world who travel for pleasure. But some of them specifically look for the best locations for housing. The destinations have unique rules and regulations that travelers need to abide by. So, it is essential to know your limitations before you hunt in any foreign land. Also, the benefits of hunting are immense. It keeps you fit, helps wildlife population management, helps fund wildlife research, and helps stop the spreading of diseases. Also hunting has many health benefits as well. It maintains physical balance; it is physically demanding, so naturally, hunting keeps you fit. Hunting is also excellent exercise. It increases mental discipline and boosts the adrenaline in your body. Though many need to realize that hunting has many benefits to you and the environment if it is done correctly. 

For good hunting, you can always depend on the magazines that we shared the information above. These magazines have all the updated information and details about all hunting-related aspects. So, if you love hunting as a leisure activity, you can always go through these magazines for more information. 

More than anything, hunting is one of the best ways that helps tourism. It helps create funds and boosts tourism in the countries and states that promote hunting. Many worldwide gather at these destinations to enjoy hunting, baring millions to those counties. So, it is a very positive way of generating income as well. So, I hope you plan a very successful hunting expedition next time with the help of these magazines. 


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