Picturesque Jami Ul Alfar Mosque | Iconic Cultural Landmark In The Colombo City

Jami Ul Alfar Mosque

The Red Mosque, or Jami Ul Alfar Mosque Colombo Sri Lanka, is unique and historic in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The bright red color is the Samman Kottu Palli or Rathu Palliya. One of the oldest mosques in Colombo, it is an attractive tourist destination located on Second Cross Street in Pettah. The mosque is famous for its distinctive and stunning architecture, attracting tourists from all over. It is an essential attraction in the city because of its history and cultural significance. The Red Mosque is well-liked by locals and visitors due to its colorful exterior and rich historical background that liven up Colombo’s streets.

History of the Jami Ul Alfar Mosque

The history of the Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque in Colombo is fascinating. It was constructed in 1908 and finished in 1909. The mosque was put into use for the Friday Jummah and daily prayers by the Pettah Indian Muslim community. By Habibu Lebbe, both design and construction. South Indian traders who funded the project provided specific details to Saibu Lebbe, the architect without professional training.

The mosque combines local Indo-Islamic and Indian components with Gothic revival and Neo-classical architectural styles. There were about 500 people there for prayers out of the original 1,500 worshipers. Many often compare it to the Jamek Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, because of its unique red and white candy-striped style and the presence of a clock tower.

With the help of the Haji Omar Trust, the mosque, which is seen as a landmark in Colombo by sailors approaching the port, was extended in 1975. Its goal was to expand to 10,000 square feet by acquiring properties nearby. The Red Mosque, also known as Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque, symbolizes Colombo’s architectural and cultural diversity and is a place of worship.

Jami Ul Alfar mosque’s opening hours

The following hours are when the Jami Ul Alfar mosque Colombo is open:

Monday through Sunday: 4:15 p.m. to 6 p.m., 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., and 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Visitors can explore and take in Jami Ul Alfar Mosque Sri Lanka during these designated times throughout the week.

Is Jami Ul-Alfar mosque Muslim? 


The Pettah Indian Muslim community sought the mosque’s construction to accommodate their five daily prayer needs and their special Friday prayers, known as Jummah. They built the mosque to fulfill their wish for a place designated for their religious rituals. You can reach the Red Mosque in Colombo by calling +94 112 451 975.

Wrapping up…

Walking to the Red Mosque from the Colombo Central Railway station is simple. Due to its distinctive design and red and white colors, it stands out while blending in with the buildings surrounding it in a bustling city area. The mosque is stunning and picturesque from the outside, making it a perfect location for pictures, even though admission may not always be allowed. The architecture is eye-catching and exciting and blends nicely with the surroundings. Because of its unique appearance and cultural significance, the Red Mosque is worth seeing if you are near the Colombo Central Railway station.


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