Insider Tips for a Perfect Jungle Beach Unawatuna Getaway

Jungle Beach Unawatuna

Sri Lanka is famous for its beauty. It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the Indian Ocean. Also, it is one of the most preferred Holiday destinations. Being an island, Sri Lanka has the massive advantage of having lovely beaches around the country. The beautiful blue beaches with the golden sand and the crystal blue waters are always critical points for being one of the most beautiful countries in the region. Among the most beautiful beaches on the Island, Jungle Beach Unawatuna is one of the most attractive beaches.

Jungle beach Unawatuna Sri Lanka

The Jungle Beach is a hidden gem!

It has become one of the loveliest beaches on the Island, and many tourists do not know about this beautiful place yet. 

Jungle Beach is located in Unawatuna, on the Island’s southern coast. Unawatuna is one of the country’s famous cities and a busy area filled with local and foreign travelers purely because of the beautiful beaches. It is a buzzing town day and night with different activities to enjoy during the day and exciting nightlife. 

The location of Jungle Beach itself is attractive. It is located in the bay of Galle. The view overlooks the Galle fort. Also, there are several small beaches separated by rocky shores close by. Many mistake the first beach, which is called the Dutch watering point, as the jungle beach. But the real one is the next beach that is next to the Dutch Watering Point. The jungle beach has a lot of exciting activities for the visitors in store. It’s an excellent spot for Snorkeling. A coral reef well protects the bay. Also, you have the privilege of seeing a lot of colorful fish, such as moray, eels, triggerfish, and crabs. 

How to get to Jungle Beach?

The location of the Jungle Beach is hidden. It is nestled in an area of trees, much like a bit of forest. The exact location is towards the west of Unawatuna. You can reach the place just by walking 30 minutes from Unawatuna, by boat, by tuk-tuk, or by car. Follow the jungle beach Unawatuna map if you want to walk. It is much better to get to the place by a vehicle as the taxis or the tuks sometimes charge you a premium. 

If you look at the area, it is on the south coast of the Island. When you get to the Bandaranayake International Airport, it will take about 2 hours along the southern highway; the closest city to the area is Galle, and Unawatuna is the nearest town. Anyone who comes to Colombo can quickly get there by cab or taxi using the Southern Express Highway. 

The jungle beach, by nature, is a quiet and peaceful place with many activities to try. If you love a relaxed holiday and want some time isolated, this is the perfect place. 

What to do in Jungle Beach?

The jungle beach is a load of adventure and fun. Most local and foreign visitors love the place as they can relax in the shallow blue sea and enjoy exciting beach activities. If you are into adventure and fun-loving, this is the perfect place. 

What are the activities you can do?

Well, well, this is a good question!

Here are some of the most popular activities that Jungle Beach is famous for. 

  • The jungle beach is usually calm and shallow, with slow and steady waves. So, it is an ideal place for a lazy dip and a swim. You can relax with the perfect swim you need.
  • Also, many love the place as a good spot for scuba diving. Many tourists are attracted to Jungle Beach mainly because of this. 
  • Many love a safe boat ride in the shallow waters. You could see a load of lovely, colorful fish in the seas. It is an excellent tour on the beach on the glass bottom boat. It is a lifetime experience. So, if you plan to visit Jungle Beach, remember to take a boat ride in the Jungle beach. 
  • The Rumassala Jungle Beach Unawatuna is a place that has captured the hearts of many tourists and local visitors. You can observe many endemic plants and birds in the sanctuary. An interesting legend connected to the Rumassala mountain makes it even more attractive to visit.
  • Whale watching on the jungle and relative beaches is another famous activity many visitors and tourists look forward to. 
  • Jungle Beach Unawatuna snorkeling is interesting, too. You can have a wonderful experience seeing the beautiful marine life of one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island. 
  • Boat trips in the glass bottom boats are another activity most tourists love. It is a good activity for kids as well. 

Besides these, there are many other interesting places near the jungle beach that you can visit and have some beautiful experiences. The glistening peace pagoda is one of such places. 

White Jungle Beach Unawatuna

The nearby white jungle beach is less crowded than the jungle beach, and you can enjoy and experience the beach more freely. 

More about Jungle Beach Unawatuna Sri Lanka

What is mind-blowing about this beach is the beauty of it. It is covered by a small jungle with lush greenery from the landside. This is the main reason why it is called the jungle beach. This is one of many that are covered with a jungle. Thanks to the Island’s unique land capes, you can find such beauty in Bundala National Park, Yala National Park, Kumana, and Willpattu National Park. However, any beaches are as easily accessible as the Jungle Beach Unawatuna. 

The location of the Jungle beach is unique. It is located inside the Rumassala sanctuary. Rumassala Hill is historically significant because of its proximity to Jungle Beach. This place resembles the Hindy historical legend of Ramayanaya. The legend says that Hamumantha, the monkey king, brought a part of the Himalayas hill to Sri Lanka for medicinal purposes to heal the wounded Lakshman. It says that Hanumatha dropped some of it accidentally while passing the Unawatuna area. 

Several footpaths have been created to access the beach. All of them lead to the beautiful shores of the famous jungle beach. This beach was once secluded. But not anymore. It now has become less and less hidden. Still, it remains a beautiful beach. The small hills around the beach have created an incredible sight.

The Jungle Beach is an ideal place to have a dip. But it would be best to be extremely careful when bathing in the off-season as the beach is less consistent than the Polhena beach. There are recent deaths recorded here, so you need to be extra careful of your safety if you are going there with family and kids. The waves are rough and high during the off-season. 

Things to do in Unawatuna

There are many exciting things to try in Unawatuna, the closest town to the jungle beach. You can have unique experiences while enjoying the sun, sea, and sand. You can reach any destination in a hired trishaw in this Sunkissed southern town.

Whale Watching

Blue whale watching is one of the most exciting things to engage in. Unawatuna is famous for being the largest blue whale colony in the world. Mirissa is the best place to have the best experience of whale watching. It is a town located about 20 km south of Unawatuna. Sighting of blue whales is 9-% guaranteed. And you can also see dolphins. It is a lifetime experience to see the whales leaping high.


Suppose you are in Unawatuna; spending time snorkeling is necessary for your trip. It is a world-famous beach for the best snorkeling experience. Apart from Snorkeling, you have a lot of other watersports. The sea of Unawatuna is the best place for Snorkeling; you can see the amazing underwater marine life. 


Surfing is also an exciting water activity that you could experience in Unawatuna. Also, it is one of the best sports many tourists try on the Sri Lankan beaches. Out of all the beaches, the Unawatuna beach is the best. Most try this for recreation and pleasure, but it is an excellent physical sport. Some are addicted to surfing and come to Unawatna every year to spend time surfing on the beach. It is the best way to connect with nature in a very spiritual manner. So, Unawatuna is the beach that is most visited for surfing. 


Both the Unawatuna and the Jungle Beach are famous for yoga. Many foreigners, as well as the locals who practice yoga, come to Unawatuna to relax and practice yoga. 


Having a cycling tour along the coastline of the town of Unawatuna early in the morning is also an epic adventure. If you are passionate about photography, the mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets will drive you crazy. It will be a great experience to witness the daily lives of the natives in the area. Nature lovers can happily explore the Island’s natural surroundings. 

Luxury cruise whale watching

Luxury cruise whale watching is another exciting activity if you visit the town of Unawatuna. If you would like to spend some money for recreational purposes, remember to get this chance to enjoy a ride.

Visit Japanese Peace Pagoda.

As mentioned earlier, remember to visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda. There are a few trail paths to the temple. Once you get there, you can enjoy the fantastic view of the jungle beach. 

These are the activities that you can try and enjoy while you stay close to Jungle Beach.

Accommodation near Unawatuna – Hotels near Jungle Beach Unawatuna

There are a lot of places at different rates surrounding the jungle beach. You can book any of these places before your flights or trips to the place. You can search about these places online and check for recommendations and reviews.

Here, we list several suggestions that you could try. 

Jungle Beach Restaurant Unawatuna

The Jungle Beach Restaurant Unawatuna is a must-visit place. Suppose you are up for cold beer under the plam trees. This is the perfect place for you. The Jungle Beach Restaurant is famous for its peaceful environment, which it always preserves. It is a 20-minute tuk ride from the Galle Fort. The restaurant’s snack bar has soda, water, cold beer, and Sri Lankan authentic tea. You can also get some essential snacks. They sell fish and chips and some similar snacks. 

The atmosphere is very relaxing with the palm trees and the surrounding jungle. Also, the morning sun and the sea breeze create a perfect place for relaxing. It is the perfect breakfast place. You can enjoy an excellent breakfast in a serene atmosphere. Though the prices seem slightly higher than the usual spots, it is worth the taste. 

Tamarind Hill by Asia Leisure

The Tamarind Hill by Asia Leisure is one of the best hotels nearby. It is located about 5.5 km s away from the jungle beach. You can pick the rooms of your choice with a beautiful view.

Also, the hotels offer an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, and all the amenities. You can review the reviews and get the best idea about the place.

Jetwing Lighthouse

Jetwing Lighthouse is also a well-renowned hotel that offers the most fantastic views. You can witness the beautiful sunsets, and the sun uses right from your room. When you plan to book the hotel, make sure to check the view. The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool. If you love trying out the activities from the hotel premises, you have snorkeling, diving, and a luxury spa to enjoy and relax.

Also, the massage room and gym facilities are there for your fitness. You can try out the billiard room and the tennis court as well. Suppose you are looking for a relaxed luxury holiday. Make sure to check out the themed suit that has a blunged pool. 

The Fortress Resort and Spa

The Fortress Resort and Spa offers you a range of luxury services for a perfect holiday. There are facilities for Snorkeling and diving. The sauna and the spa give you a luxurious, relaxing experience. If you are concerned about your physical fitness, you have the massage room and the fitness center. There is a selection of rooms to pick from. Ocean room, Ocean loft room, and Beach splash room are the key categories. They offer different facilities depending on the price range. The view of the pool and the beach is fantastic. You will relax and enjoy the beautiful sight of the rising and the setting sun. So make sure to pick the rooms accordingly. 

Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon

Hikka Tranz is another fantastic hotel with a beautiful view. The location itself complements the beauty of the surroundings. This hotel also offers a range of activities for visitors, both local and foreign. If you prefer the sea view, check in to the corner or middle double suit. All these rooms offer basic facilities like AC rooms, fans, hair dryers, and minibars.

Araliya Beach Resort and Spa

Araliya Beach Resort and Spa also offers the same facilities, and you can pick your rooms according to your preferences. If you love having a sea view, check the room categories that would offer the best. 

Angel Beach

Angel Beach is one of the best if you are looking for a less crowded boutique hotel. It has a fantastic outdoor swimming pool and a beautiful beach. The beach area is exclusively for the hotel, so you can enjoy the beach as much as you need. This is the ideal place for a relaxed and less crowded holiday on this paradise island. 

Hotel Riu Ahungalla

Hotel Riu Ahungalla is the perfect destination for a family vacation. It has all the facilities to entertain the kids. Besides that, it offers the most breathtaking view of the beach. You could enjoy the sunsets and the sunrises. The hotel falls into the super luxury category, with higher prices than most other hotels mentioned above. But this hotel is worth booking if you want the most comfortable and relaxed holiday. 

KAJU GREEN Eco-lodges

KAJU GREEN Eco-lodges is a mind-numbing property near the jungle beach, Unawatuna. It is based on the eco concept and a pure paradise full of greenery. Suppose you are looking for relaxation. It is the best place for those who seek a relaxed and less crowded holiday. It is the ideal spot for those who practice yoga and want to link their spiritual self with a peaceful holiday. 

Elysium Sri Lanka

Elysium is located just 3.8 km s from Unawatuna bus station. It offers all the facilities, including the outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, spa, and wellness center. You can have the most comfortable rooms with air conditioning. And they have a lovely garden too. The private beach area is an added advantage because you can enjoy the sun, sea, and sand as much as you want. 

Green Escape Unawatuna

Green escapes. Unawatuna is another lovely place to escape the busy city. This little hotel has a beautiful swimming pool and a garden. The area is famous for cycling tours. So, if you love exploring the surroundings on a bicycle, check out this lovely boutique hotel. 

Thalpe Walawwa Heritage Villa

Thalpe Walawwa Heritage Villa is one of the most fascinating properties and is ideal for a relaxing holiday. The lovely garden and outdoor pool give you the perfect comfortable setting. The guests can also have a paid airport shuttle service as well. The cuisine here is exceptional, with British, American, and Chinese food. 

Thambapanni Retreat

Thambapanni Retreat focuses more on the colonial setting and gives you a wonderful experience. It is a boutique hotel popular among lady travelers and tourists. The hotel’s unique architecture uses wooden flooring, dark wood furniture, and color combinations. Also, the ayurvedic treatment facilities at the spa have made this one of the most authentic holiday spots. If you stay here, you can enjoy European and Asian cuisine and the lovely beach. 

Apa Villa Illuketia

Apa Villa Illuketia is the spot for those who have an aesthetic flare. This is ideal if you love to stay in an authentic place with lovely architecture close to the jungle beach. The food here is beautiful, and it combines Asian and British cuisine. And the setup is unique to 19th-century architecture.

If you love something more than the beach, this place has a beautiful garden of 7 acres and paddy fields. The outdoor pool and the massage treatment units increase the uniqueness of the place. The color combination of the place gives a more relaxed and relaxing feeling. Critical areas such as the Galle Fort and the harbor are nearby. It is only a few minutes’ drive to any of the locations. 

Taproben Pavelian Waves

Situated In Unawatuna, the Taproben Pavelian Waves is a fantastic place with an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, and a garden. This, too, has a lovely private beach. It is very close to the jungle beach and the Rumassala South beach. The Japanese Peace Pagoda is also close by. The rooms are fully air-conditioned and have all the basic amenities. The food in this place is excellent, with different cuisines from all over the world. 

The Angus Unawatuna

This hotel is also among the most favored tourist locations. The infinity pool is one of the best facilities the guests get at this place. Also, the place is very close to the jungle beach and other vital places around Unawatuna. So this will be an ideal place for those who love exploring the surroundings while having a relaxed holiday. You get all the amenities at the hotel and a lovely cousin of food from several countries worldwide. The guests can also enjoy cycling, surfing, diving, Snorkeling, and hiking. 

Wrapping up

As we have explained, the Unawatuna is one of this paradise island’s most beautiful coastal areas. The jungle beach is slightly different from other beaches mainly because of the location. It is a bit isolated from the other areas and less crowded. The place is ideal for relaxing, yoga, Snorkeling, diving, and other water-related activities. You could also ride on the glass bottom boat or engage in whale watching, a lifetime experience on this paradise island. You can get in touch with the best places to stay through the internet, and make sure to check out the reviews and look at the Jungle Beach Unawatuna photos for a better idea. 


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