The West Coast For Kitesurfing In Sri Lanka – The Best In South Asia


The west coast of Sri Lanka is the best kitesurfing coast in South Asia. Sri Lanka is an island with vibrant nature, culture, and hospitality. That makes Sri Lanka the ultimate destination for every kitesurfer. The lush green jungles and turquoise blue waters make the most beautiful eye candy.

The best season for kitesurfing In Sri Lanka

There are two kite seasons based on wind directions. There is one from May to October, which is the summer season, and there is one from December to March. Both winter and summer seasons are dry in this area. However, the direction of the wind changes, making every part of the coast an adventure. According to the direction of the wind, the Indian Ocean is the most suitable for kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing In Sri Lanka.

Tips for beginners and enthusiasts 

The leading kite school and teaching hub are in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. If you are a beginner and are kiting in this area, you must remember that the wind builds up throughout the day. The strength and level of the wind increase from the morning, hence attracting more surfers by afternoon. If you are a new surfer, it is wise to polish your riding skills in the morning when it is less crowded.


Favorite kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka 

Kalpitiya being the most famous and most prominent kitesurfing spot, there are few other coastal areas that are famous for kitesurfing. Kappalady lagoon is another famous spot for kitesurfing, located a few kilometers down Kalpitiya. Mannar is on the northwestern coast, which is one of the most beautiful surfing spots in Sri Lanka. Vella Island is another interesting spot that is equally famous for fishing as well. Arugam Bay is famous for its surfing conditions. It may not be the best place for beginners because of the wave strengths. Arugam Bay creates clear and strong waves, and when the wind is right, it becomes one of the best kitesurfing spots.

kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka

Wrap up: Kitesurfing Sri Lanka – A dream destination for all surfers 

Kitesurfing is one of the most favorite types of surfing, and it creates beautiful scenery from afar! Being a little island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is one of the best places in South Asia for kitesurfing. Kitesurfing Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful experiences any surfer could have.


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