Exclusive Services At Kitesurfing Lanka – Kalpitiya


Kitesurfers can now relax, knowing that Kitesurfing Lanka has got your back! Located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, Kitesurfing Lanka is one of the primary kite schools that train surfers. Kalpitiya is a beautiful paradise and apt for kitesurfing. The company’s owners and staff members are dedicated to providing all kitesurfing services to its visitors.


Services and activities offered at Kitesurfing Lanka – Kalpitiya 

Kitesurfing Lanka has luxurious accommodation facilities for its guests. Starting from villas and bungalows, they are rated as #1 on most travel blogs and websites because of their prominence. They also have excursions and training sessions for each category.

Kitesurfing – coaching and training 

Kitesurfing Lanka has a team of highly qualified trainers to train you from beginner’s courses to advanced coaching. They have a kite shop and kite repairing place with the opportunity to rent out kites as well. Courses are of different time durations based on the level of surfing you are in. Trainers then assist the learners to surf when the winds are just right. They also have an IKO instructor training program along with kitesurfing gear and storage rental facilities.  

Kitesurfing – coaching and training

Activities and other excursions are offered at Kalpitiya Kitesurfing Lanka. 

There are free activities and family tours that are child friendly. Kitesurfing Lanka is a place you can visit with your entire family. The warm and welcoming staff ensure to make you feel at home. Other activities and services here include dolphin and whale watching, diving, snorkelling, Shiatsu massage, Kayak tours, yoga sessions, beach gym sessions, excursions for the family, and motorbike rentals.

Kalpitiya Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing Lanka – Your dreamland for kitesurfing! 

Kitesurfing Lanka is the most prominent training and coaching centre for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya is the biggest and the primary location for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, and Kitesurfing Lanka is one of the major players in the industry. With various activities and services, they have become one of the most versatile holiday spots on the entire island.


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