Kumana National Park | Where Wildlife Whispers And Nature Unveils Its Glory


Kumana National Park is one of nature’s masterpieces. Every sound of rustling trees and the call of exotic birds narrates tales of the wild as this biodiversity paradise unfolds like a story. Discover Kumana, a masterpiece waiting to be discovered, from the vivid hues of the migratory and resident birds to the natural surroundings that nestle hidden species.

Kumana National Park Location

The fascinating Kumana National Park, also known as Yala East National Park, is 391 kilometers from Colombo in the Ampara region in southeast Sri Lanka. Its entryway is located in the beautiful region of Panama, and birdwatchers and nature lovers hail from it. It was created in 1938 and covers 35,665 hectares of tropical dry zone forest. 

Discover the park’s entrance in Panama, which is reachable by the Kudumbigala Sanctuary or by routes that lead from Tanamalvilla through Uduwalawe, Koslanda, or Beragala. For birdwatchers, Kumana is essential, home to 255 of Sri Lanka’s 400 species. It is a verdant area with many tanks and lagoons, as well as the 200-hectare “Kumana Villu” mangrove swamp. Every year, from April to July, these regions serve as bustling migratory bird breeding grounds.

Kumana is prominent for its migrating water birds and ducks. Birds like Black-necked storks, Lesser adjuncts, Great thick knees, and Eurasian spoonbills have nesting groups there. Siberian Pintail snipes are among the waders that stop by. The landscape is made more vivid by colorful birds like Glossy ibises and Asian open-bills. Uncommon species such as the Red-faced malkoha, Sirkeer malkoha, Greater racket-tailed drongo, and Malabar trogon are occasionally visible.

Apart from avian populations, Kumana serves as a sanctuary for animal species such as European Otters, wild boars, golden jackals, fishing cats, and Sri Lankan elephants. Common reptiles, including Indian black turtles, Indian flap-shelled turtles, and mugger crocodiles, can be seen in the park. The immense biodiversity of Kumana National Park is best explored passively. It is a true sanctuary for nature lovers.

Kumana National Park Safari

In the fascinating Kumana National Park, a lesser-known beauty of Sri Lanka set off on an unmatched wildlife adventure. Located in the southeast, this 18,149-hectare park is an attractive spot for ecotourism and a bird sanctuary that enhances Yala National Park’s eastern portion.

The serene waters of the wetland have also been visited by the elusive, black-necked stork, a rare gem. Beyond the amazing bird show, Kumana National Park is home to some of Yala’s most well-known species, such as the regal elephant and the quiet leopard. A complicated tapestry is created by the park’s varied vegetation, which includes delicate karan ferns, robust kumbuk trees, and lush mangrove plants. The beautiful beauty is made even better by sections of open wetland.

Kumana National Park is a must-visit destination for experienced bird watchers traveling through Sri Lanka. Take in the colorful symphony of nature, where every scene is a living example of the park’s remarkable and alluring biodiversity.

The Jeep Safari is available at Kumana National Park for $100.00. A full day of safari at Kumana National Park costs $170.00. The shared safari at Kumana National Park starts at $29.00. Kumana National Park: Animal Safari (Starting at $54.00). This may vary from time to time. 

Kumana National Park Season

The park’s ecosystem is primarily made up of wetlands, mangroves, and tropical dry zone forests with kumbuk trees. The greatest time to visit the park is during Kumana’s dry season, which typically lasts from February to September. There are many other bird species to admire even when the May to July migratory season is over.

Read more about the best seasons to visit Kumana National Park here.

Arugam Bay to Kumana National Park Distance

You have to travel 35 kilometers from Arugam Bay to Kumana National Park. Several factors, including the mode of transportation and the state of the roads, might affect the precise journey time. Driving a car or other motorized vehicle takes around one to one and a half hours.

For those who want to maximize the picturesque journey between these two fascinating places, there are guided excursions and local transit choices available. It is a good idea to make sure you get the most recent travel information and road conditions before you go.

Kumana National Park Bungalows

There is a clear benefit for visitors staying in circuit bungalows because they are far less expensive than hotel rooms. These affordable and cozy accommodation facilities are attractive if you are on a budget and looking for an unforgettable stay and cost savings.

There are two Kumana National Park circuit bungalows around this wildlife sanctuary as follows: 

Thummulla Bungalow

In front of a lake where you can see a variety of animal activities all day long, the Thummulla bungalow is in a prime location. They provide authentic Sri Lankan food inside an environmentally friendly setting. There is a delightful staff that will look out for your safety and wants.

Up to 10 people and two children under six can stay at Thunmulla Bungalow. The property comprises two bathrooms, one room, and a dorm with eight single beds. You usually have two caretakers to help with cooking. But you are responsible for bringing your food for meals and tea. They supply pillowcases and bed linens. But it is best to bring your own if you have strict hygiene standards. Packing warm clothing is a brilliant idea because nights can be cool, especially in November, December, January, and February. Recall your hygiene products; every bed has a mosquito net to keep insects away.

Kirigal Abay Wildlife Circuit Bungalow

Kumana’s second-best bungalow is a spotlessly tidy, clean space. You are situated in front of the beach, encircled by the forest. The entrance is close by, so it’s not precisely in the midst of the jungle. Hitting the middle will take around an hour. It holds up to six adults. You can bring food and leave it for the bungalow keeper to prepare. It has cell network connections, but the signal strength is relatively weak. It is getting your water to drink, which is better since it is saline. You may charge the batteries in your cameras and mobile phones using the solar and generator electricity available. There are large bathrooms. However, they require more upkeep: delicious food and affordable prices. 

Hotels near Kumana National Park

The area around Kumana National Park has fewer hotels. To locate outstanding hotel options, travelers might visit Arugam Bay. You can take a look at and be impressed by these charming hotels / Villas details that are provided below.

Oruwa Boutique Villas

The charming Oruwa Boutique Villas is located away in Arugam Bay, only 1.3 kilometers from the sands of Arugam Bay Beach. They feature an outdoor pool, free private parking, and lush gardens. This sanctuary offers free WiFi all around and a 24-hour front desk, airport shuttles, and room service.

At Oruwa Boutique Villas, every luxuriously furnished room has a private bathroom, air conditioning, and a balcony with a view of the peaceful lake. The comfortable rooms, with a flat-screen TV, soft towels, and comfy bed linens, are perfect places for guests to unwind. At the on-site restaurant, treat your taste buds to a delicious blend of Italian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine. In the middle of a cyclist’s paradise, discover the charms of this 3-star hotel, which is well-known for renting out bikes. Enjoy riding journeys in the nearby area, which includes the famous Crocodile Rock at 5.4 km, Pasarichenai Beach at 1.5 miles, and Muhudu Maha Viharaya at 5 km. 

Hakuna Matata Arugambay

Hakuna Matata Arugambay beckons as a natural paradise in the middle of Arugam Bay, giving more than a place to stay. You can experience the free WiFi, an outdoor spa, and green scenery that urges calm. Take inspiration from the views of the garden or stroll down to the surrounding beach for a peaceful moment.

This guest house converts into your retreat with a restaurant, an inviting outdoor fireplace, and a front desk that is always open. You can make reservations for yoga or fitness courses to improve your well-being and fill your stay with freshness.

This place offers endless entertainment options, including billiards, bike rentals, and auto rentals. Outdoor play equipment is provided for families, fostering moments of joy shared together.

Popoyo Surf Resort

Situated just 50 meters from the beach, Popoyo Surf Resort is an affordable shelter hidden away in the center of Arugam Bay. It has air-conditioned rooms, including showers and fast Wi-Fi; the on-site restaurant serves both local and foreign food, making it the ideal getaway for dining. While dining and drinking, you may take in the seashore. 

Sunrise Cabanas

Sunrise Cabanas are nestled in Arugam Bay, just 100 meters from the calm Arugam Bay Beach. They offer a lovely terrace, free private parking, and a garden. Within walking distance of the scenic Pasarichenai Beach, this quaint shelter provides food choices and a bar. All the amenities you might want are at your fingertips, including free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, shuttle service, and room service. A few fortunate visitors may even enjoy a peaceful moment on their private balcony. Visit nearby landmarks, including the famous Crocodile Rock (4.2 km) and Muhudu Maha Viharaya (4 km). 

Oasis Bay

Oasis Bay is more than simply a one-star hotel. But this is a sustainable sanctuary with a garden, a welcoming terrace, and private parking, all just 100 meters from the attractive Arugam Bay Beach. Despite its low star rating, this hideaway has much to offer. A communal kitchen, a restaurant, and a front desk are open around every hour. There is also seamless WiFi throughout. It comprises amenities like air conditioning, soundproofing, a desk, and a private bathroom with a bidet. Most importantly, each unit is reached through a private entrance. Visitors can enjoy the dining with views of the garden when they step onto your own balcony.

A European or Full English/Irish breakfast spread with mouth-watering pancakes, fresh fruit, and a refreshing drink will get you started. Beyond what is necessary, Oasis Bay has a minimarket, a coffee shop, grocery delivery, and even packed lunches upon request.

With spa services, renewing wellness packages, and yoga courses for a comprehensive experience, well-being is prioritized here. There is equipment for outdoor play to cater to families. A car rental service is provided for those looking for adventure, and You can enjoy a leisurely bicycle ride to fully embrace the charm of the evening as the sun sets. 

Tropicana HomeStay

This eco-friendly homestay in Arugam Bay is in a peaceful location with garden views that will take you to a peaceful heaven. It is situated in close proximity to well-known locations like Pasarichenai Beach and Arugam Bay Beach; you can enjoy free private parking and WiFi, as well as a terrace for guests to relax on.

You are able to enter a comfortable world filled with a shared kitchen, a front desk that is open all the time, and easy currency exchange options. You can enjoy family-friendly meals at Tropicana Home Stay, with a specialty of American cuisine provided for dinner and brunch. Beyond its boundaries, the homestay offers thrilling sightseeing tours that are conveniently located. You might choose to explore the surrounding wonders by hiring a car or enjoying a leisurely bike ride. Muhudu Maha Viharaya is 3.2 km distant, while Pottuvils’s fun Lagoon Safari is just 4.9 km away. The hotel offers an easy-paid airport shuttle service. Whenever your trip comes to an end, Batticaloa International Airport, located just 116 km away, is prepared to take you away. In addition to lodging, your getaway at Tropicana HomeStay promises a complete stay in the center of the stunning natural beauty of Arugam Bay.

You can even try out Sandy Beach Hotel Arugam Bay.

Kumana National Park information

For the purposes of ensuring safety, promoting visitor responsibility, and improving overall experiences, it is essential that tourists obtain information from trustworthy sources. A more satisfying and safe tour of Kumana National Park is facilitated by awareness. Additional information is available from the Ministry of Worldwide and Forest Resources Conservation at www.mwfc.gov.lk.

Answers to the frequently asked questions

How much is the entrance fee to Kumana National Park?

Kumana National Park entrance fees are $24.00 for two adults and $6.00 for a kid. (Kumana National Park | AmazingLanka.com).

Which district is Kumana National Park in?

The Kumana National Park is located in the Ampara district southeast of Sri Lanka.

What animals are in the Kumana National Park?

In addition to birds, Kumana is home to several of the creatures that may be seen on safari in the nearby Yala National Park, including elephants and leopards. The European Otter and Golden Jackal are two other creatures that live in Kumana National Park.

How do I get to Kumana National Park?

It is about 391 kilometers away from Colombo. Another option is to take a taxi from Colombo to Arugam Bay. Travel by car to the Kumana National Park from there. By helicopter: depart from Ratmalana or Bandaranaike Airport, land in Kumana, and then drive to the park. Additionally, you can travel via bus. 

Where is Kumana Bird Sanctuary located?

Sri Lanka’s Kumana National Park is well known for its birds, especially for its large migrating waterfowl and wading bird groups. Situated on Sri Lanka’s southeast coast, the park is 391 kilometers (243 miles) southeast of Colombo.


Traveling from Arugam Bay to Kumana National Park is like traveling into another universe. Breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature while you go. It’s a fascinating tour that overwhelms you with the beauty of the surroundings and leaves you with priceless memories. The wind whispers secrets, and the sounds of nature blend into a marvelous symphony, transforming an ordinary trip into an amazing experience.

Visits to Arugam Bay and Kumana National Park are a must for visitors as they are wonderful gifts from nature. These locations are more than just travel destinations; they’re like gifts from Mother Nature herself. 



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