Have You Tried These Delicious Foods While Traveling In Sri Lanka?


Sri Lanka is a beautiful island located in the Indian ocean, and called “the pearl of the Indian ocean”. There are lots of beautiful places in Sri Lanka to visit. Apart from its beauty, Sri Lanka has an amazing food culture. Here, we will talk about some delicious foods that you must try while traveling in Sri Lanka.

must try foods in Sri Lanka

Have you ever tried Sri Lankan Kottu with a loud metal-on-metal cooking technique? -One of the must try foods in Sri Lanka!

Kottu is one of the famous foods in Sri Lanka. It would be best if you tried it at least once during you are traveling in Sri Lanka. Roti is the main ingredient in making kottu. They cut Rotties into small slides and mix them with spices and vegetables. They use unique loud metal-on-metal cooking techniques to mix and chop them well. You can add eggs, chicken, or cheese as you like. You can enjoy your kottu with a spicy curry. If you prefer, you can enjoy it with any sauce you like.


Sri Lankan Coconut Roti; Have you ever tasted it?

Coconut Roti is another delicious street food you can taste while traveling in Sri Lanka. It is a very popular type of flatbread. Here it is called pol roti. This is made with flour and grated coconut. You can taste coconut roti with spicy chili onion sambal. This is very cheap, and you can take it as breakfast.

Do you like to taste Sri Lankan Hoppers?

Hoppers are made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It looks very similar to a pancake but different in taste and very famous food among foreign travelers. They use a small cooking pan for cooking and taking the bowl shape by rotating the pan. Lots of people like to eat egg hoppers. They made an egg hopper by adding an egg into the middle of the hoppers. You can enjoy your hoppers with a curry sauce or sambal.  

Sri Lankan Hoppers

Is String Hoppers the same as Hoppers? -String Hoppers are one of the unique and must try foods in Sri Lanka!

String hoppers is another delicious food you can taste in Sri Lanka. When you hear that name, you will think string hoppers are similar to hoppers. But not. It is very different from hoppers. These are made from rice, batter, and squeezed and shaped like a pack of thin noodles. You can taste string hoppers with sambol and dhal curry.

Are you a Sri Lankan tea lover?

Sri Lanka is one of the major tea producers in the world. Sri Lankan people drink a cup of tea at least once a day. While traveling in Sri Lanka, do not forget to taste a Sri Lankan cup of tea. You can taste black tea, green tea, and any other tea type you like in Sri Lanka.

Have you ever tried out tender Jack Fruit Curry before? – One of the delicious and must try foods in Sri Lanka

Jack fruit curry is a very delicious curry in Sri Lanka. Normally they eat jackfruit with rice. At the first look, you will see it looks like a chicken. But when you taste it, you will feel the taste is much different than chicken.


If you have a great plan to visit Sri Lanka, you can taste all these local foods, surprising for a small budget. It would help if you worried; you can find all these foods at small restaurants across the country. We hope you will have a great experience with these delicious and incredible Sri Lankan foods. 



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