National Museum of Kandy | One Of The Best Places To Explore the Kandy Heritage

National Museum of Kandy

Museums act as ways into a nation’s ancient treasures. A visit to the museum is a must while exploring an unknown location to comprehend its historical and cultural heritage completely. These archives exhibit the irreplaceable items that mark a nation’s past while offering visitors an in-depth understanding of the tight network that ties together its identity. Museums are essential for an in-depth history study on any traveler’s schedule. If you are willing to explore Kandy, visiting the National Museum of Kandy will be beneficial in many ways.

National Museum of Kandy | A Complete Overview

Location of The National Museum of Kandy

At the location of the old Kandy Royal Palace, the National Museum of Kandy is located in Kandy, Sri Lanka, next to the Temple of the Tooth. The most extensive exhibition is in the main palace structure. While another is in the Palle Vahala building, formerly the King’s harem’s residence. The maintenance of the museum is under the authority of the Department of National Museums.

History of the museum

The Palle Vahala, also called Meda Vahala, dates back to the Sri Vickrama Rajasingha period and served as the queens of the Kandyan king’s residential quarters. This building, designed in the Kandyan architectural style, served as an archive for antiques made by the Kandy Art Association, founded in 1882, and Matale artisans. In 1942, the museum officially opened to the public.

More than five thousand objects from the Kandyan (17th–19th century) and post–British Colonial eras, including weapons, jewelry, tools, and other items, are exhibited at the museum. A reproduction of the 1815 agreement, which marked the provinces of Kandyan’s transfer to British administration, is one of the displays that stands out. The collection offers a window into the area’s lengthy history.

The museum’s grounds include a statue of Sir Henry Ward, the previous governor of Ceylon (1855–1860), which adds to the historic atmosphere. The statue recalls a significant person from Sri Lanka’s colonial past who originally stood before the Queen’s Hotel.

The National Museum of Kandy provides a fascinating trip through time that lets visitors explore Kandy’s extensive cultural and historical structure and environs. The museum is a memorial to Sri Lanka’s great past, from the intricate design of the Royal Palace to the well-maintained items inside. It invites everyone to discover and enjoy the past that makes this unique area of the entire world.

Opening Hours 

Visitors can lose themselves in the cultural and historical gems housed within the National Museum Kandy. The museum welcomes visitors between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, allowing ample time for exploration and learning.

Entry Fee 

There are several entrance fees for foreign and local visitors to the National Museum Kandy. All rates are in Sri Lankan rupees. The cost is 20 LKR for youngsters and 30 LKR for adults who are local participants. On the other hand, foreign adults have to pay 600 LKR. The entry fee for foreign children is 400 LKR per child.

Keep in mind that these rates might change in response to new facts. It is a good idea to look for these updates while you make your visit plans to make sure the entry prices are correct.

Wrapping up

A trip to Kandy would only be complete with visiting the museum. It will serve as an entrance to the history and culture of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Come and see the complex past of the area, as every exhibit tells a story with significant cultural significance. Everyone seeking in-depth knowledge of Sri Lankan culture should visit this museum, which takes you through time and expertise.


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