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Enjoying the cool breeze is better than camping under a star-filled sky. Many of us love to have a unique outdoor experience. Travelers worldwide look forward to holidays to have amazing experiences of hiking, tracking, camping, or climbing the mountains—many love to explore the unknown territories of foreign lands. So, to enjoy the best, you should go through the outdoor magazine that shares the most exciting news about all the best outdoor activities.

Outdoor living magazine

The best outdoor magazines at a glance!

When you think of magazines that have information about outdoor recreational activities, there are plenty that would give you a good direction. We thought to share the best ones with you! Below are the magazines that are referred to by many travelers around the world. 

Outside Magazine

This is one of the best outdoor magazines sharing information about outdoor activities and their destinations. The magazine aims to inspire travelers to participate in worldwide outdoor activities. It also shares an award-winning coverage of sports, information about people, places, activities of adventures, discoveries, issues related to the environment, health and fitness, gear, equipment and apparel, fashion and style, and culture that determines the active lifestyle.

Wilderness Magazine | New Zealand’s Magazine of the Outdoors

Wilderness, New Zealand’s magazine of the outdoors, usually comes out 12 times a year. Each issue shares information about NZ’s excellent front and backcountry areas. You can learn more about walking, camping, hiking, climbing, sea kayaking, and mountain biking. This magazine covers it all for you.  

The Great Outdoors Magazine

The Great Outdoors magazine is one of the favorite magazines of the hill walers of the United Kingdom. It provides information on high-quality routes, adventurous activities, inspiration, gear, and equipment suitable for all outdoor activities.  

Wild Magazine

Wild is a well-reputed magazine in Australia. It is the country’s longest-running outdoor adventure magazine. The magazine shares specialist content with information and education for bushwalkers, Nordic try and Nordic skiers, mountaineers, climbers, and paddlers. This magazine aims to inspire travelers to enjoy and value wilderness places conscientiously. And it provides exciting feature stories, regular news updates, and beautiful photography.

Wild Magazine

Outdoors Radar Magazine

This is more for natural action and adventure. It talks about fitness that relates to Outdoor activities. Every publication of this magazine is complete with all the expert information and inspiration you need for perfect fitness. The magazine shares tips on doubling your running strength to profiles of the world’s most challenging races. Get ready for a fitter, faster, stronger, and leaner self of you through the expert advice of the magazine. 

Outdoor Guide Magazine

This is a special Magazine with a regional publication that shares the articles and writeups of local writers and photographers. The information is more on hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and outdoor travel. If you love these activities, this is the best information source.

Outdoor Photographer Magazine

This magazine is the ultimate guide to wildlife, nature, travel, and adventure sports photography. It features the work of famous photographers. The magazine shares the most updated photography news, tips, technology, gear, and equipment. Also, the guest posts from pro photographers inspire travelers well, making it a leading outdoor photography magazine.

Sporting Classics Daily

Sporting Classics is the magazine that is ideal for knowing more about the best facts in hunting and fishing worldwide. Every page is carefully planned with information and pictures. It gives you a unique experience, taking you on a memorable journey into the great outdoors.

Outdoor News

This magazine has a long history since 1968. It has published news and facts on hunting and fishing for outdoor enthusiasts for over 50 years. Originating from Minnesota to New York, Outdoor News explores the local hunting and fishing like no other magazine. This is your best option if you are interested in fishing and hunting. 

Texas Outdoors Journal

Texas Outdoors Journal website is the best online resource to know about outdoor activities related to Texas. The magazine shares news on Texas hunting and fishing regulations, licensing and legal requirements, and links or contact information to some of the best fishing and hunting guides in the area and the country. Texas Outdoors Journal is distributed state-wide. It also provides year-round coverage of both fishing and hunting activities.

Texas Outdoors Journal

ScienceDirect » Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism or the Science Direct magazine is a reliable source for research on social sciences and natural resources. The journal usually researches all aspects of outdoor recreation planning and management well. It also covers the entire range of settings, from wild to urban outdoor recreation chances. ScienceDirect combines legal, authoritative, technical, full-text scientific, and health publications. The information they share is intelligent, intuitive functionality so that users are well informed in their interests and can work more effectively and efficiently towards achieving their outdoor activity goals. 

These magazines are the best in town. If you are planning an outdoor trip full of adventure, this is your chance! You can refer to any of these magazines to plan your trip. 

Outdoors Magazine

Suppose you want to know about outdoor activities, their best destinations, the gear and equipment, fitness and wellness tips for a better outdoor experience, food and accommodation details, clothing, and other related information. In that case, this is the best resource center for you. Outdoors has a set of niche publications classified according to different subject areas. 

Outdoor life magazines

This is the sister magazine of Field and Stream. The outdoor life magazine is specialized in camping, hunting, fishing, and survival. 

Blue ridge outdoors magazine

It is one of the best magazines to learn about sports, outdoor activities, and health. This has all the exciting news from well-reputed writers and eye-catching photographs that keep you glued to the magazine. 

Iowa Outdoors magazine

If you are a nature lover and love outdoor activities connected to nature, this is the best place for you. Iowa Outdoors magazine has a load of information with beautiful pictures about nature. Also, the wildlife stories it shares, outdoor travel information, fishing and hunting tips, and all the other tips and information with the guidelines will help you to plan a perfect outdoor experience.

Midwest Outdoors magazine

This magazine is mainly for those who love fishing and hunting. So, if you love these outdoor activities, the Midwest Outdoors magazine will be a great source of information for you.

Outdoor living magazine

This also relevels more information about the outdoor activities many travelers wish to try. 

Outdoor living magazine

Outdoor magazine best places to Live 2021

According to the outdoor magazine reviews, they have named a few towns calling them the best places to live. The critical fact they considered is the health and wellness of the people who live in the cities. Below are the best places to live

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Aurora, Colorado
  • North Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Sacramento, California
  • Austin, Texas 
  • Fayetteville, West Virginia
  • Old Fort, North Carolina
  • Kalispell, Montana
  • Ely, Nevada
  • Rangeley, Maine
  • Desert Hot Springs, California

Outdoor magazines – publications around the world 

The outdoor magazine has publications unique to different countries. Below are some of them. The facts and details they share in these publications mainly relate to those counties and their destinations. 

outdoor magazine Canada

This talks mainly about fishing and hunting related to the Canadian community. 

outdoor magazine Australia

Outdoor Australia speaks of all the outdoor activities related to Australia. 

Colorado Outdoors magazine

This magazine speaks more about the wildlife and the related activities of Colorado.

Montana Outdoors magazine

This magazine explains the area’s fishing and hunting destinations if you reside in Montana. 

Outdoor magazine subscription – It comes with a bonus! 

If you are interested in any Outdoor magazines, here is more information about the subscription and other related details. The websites have all the needed components for a subscription. You can follow them and get the subscription in no time. 

outdoor magazine gift guide

Most of these outdoor magazines have their gift offers seasonally. When you subscribe to the magazine, you are entitled to all the information and the gift policies they share. So, you automatically get updated on all the information once you subscribe to these magazines. 

outdoor magazine podcast

Most outdoor magazines have podcasts you can access; it is one of the ideal ways to stay updated and listen to all the new information. 

outdoor life magazine subscription

The outdoor live website shares all the needed information for the subscription to this magazine. It is only a click away if you need to subscribe to this! 

outdoor life magazine

outdoor magazine jobs

All the outdoor magazines share their job openings on their websites. Your subscriptions will help you to stay updated on them as well. It will be your most suitable job if you love to travel and new adventure. So being alert about the openings will help you grab your opportunity first.

Answers for the Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Magazine

We are sure that you have any concerns about these outdoor magazines. We decided to share a few common problems so that it is easy for our travelers to clarify their issues. 

Does Outside magazine still exist?

Though the magazine is still there, they no longer issue some print versions. 

How many times a year is an outside magazine published?

It is published monthly.

Who is the audience for the Outside magazine?

The audience is mainly the males who love outdoor adventure and partly cater to ladies. 

Is Backpacker magazine still published?

Yes. Outside currently publishes it. 

All this information we shared about the outdoor magazines will help adventure lovers plan a wonderful outdoor experience full of enthusiasm and fun!


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