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Photography and travel are two things that are linked together forever. Many like to make memories with their loved ones during holidays and vacations. Travel has been the best solution ever. And we always remember to take pictures to treasure those memories forever. Some take pictures to preserve recollections, and some take them as a habit. But there is a set of travelers who travel to take pictures. Especially the outdoor Photographer is one such character. So, we shared some tips on the best resource you could rely on if you wish to travel for Photography- Outdoor Photography magazine. 

Why the Outdoor photography magazines?

We already know that travel and tourism magazines cater to many niche categories. And they share all the tips and details about them in separate sources and mediums. Like all the other categories, outdoor Photography is also essential as it is one of the best recreational categories in travel and tourism. So different magazines share information specific to outdoor photographer travelers. 

What do you have in outdoor photography magazines?

The outdoor photography magazines are comprised of almost everything related to outdoor Photography. They have the details about 

  • Best outdoor photography destinations according to themes like wildlife, sunset, fauna and flora, waterfalls, historic places worldwide, etc.
  • These magazines share information about the best tools and cameras suitable for the job. Also, they share information on updated tools and gadgets. 
  • Also, you can get information on Photography and travel gear made explicitly for outdoor photographers to carry the equipment.
  • The magazines also share the best articles and reviews of the experts and their experiences regarding locations and destinations.
  • Clothing is another area they touch on.
  • Other than these, the magazines also have details on seasonal events, competitions, and other essential workshops you could attend for the experience. 

These are some of the vital information that these magazines share.

The latest and the best! Outdoor photography magazines 

If you are searching for information about outdoor Photography to plan your next vacation, here are some famous magazines that many travelers use. 

Landscape Photography Magazine

This magazine shares stunning images of the best locations suitable for Photography and the experience of professional outdoor photographers who love adventure and share the same taste as the users.

Landscape Photography Magazine

Outdoor Photographer Blog

Outdoor Photographer is one of the best photographer guides sharing information about nature, wildlife, travel, and adventure. It also has details on sports photography, which shows the work of renowned photographers. You can subscribe to this magazine for the latest news. Also, you need to know more about gear, equipment, and technology on the Outdoor Photographer blog. In such a situation, you can refer to the guest posts from pro photographers, and there are spotlight images from the OP community as well.

Journal of Wildlife Photography

The Journal of Wildlife Photography was a product by a professional wildlife photographer who counts the likes of the BBC and National Geographic as clients. The Journal of Wildlife Photography will help you become a better photographer. Only some have the opportunity to be in the field daily, learning the ropes through trial and error. Your time outdoors is valuable, and you want to maximize your shoots.

Nature Photographers Network

NPN is a community of similar photographers that only follow social media a little. But NPN is more than getting popular. NPN is a community that helps out fellow photographers through helpful image reviews and critiques, thoughtful articles, meetings, and much more.

On Landscape

This bi-weekly magazine is entirely for landscape photography. It shares pictures and details from romantic to contemporary. The magazine also shares the images sent by the readers. It is a perfect place for all the readers to share their experiences.

Lens Magazine » Nature

This magazine shares Interviews with the most inspiring nature photographers. They share photos and much more! The International Lens Magazine shares a single concept each month. It makes the writers share their ideas and views mainly related to this theme, creating an excellent and varied selection of photographs and stories. The magazine features the most significant photographers in the world. It also has a space for emerging photographers from around the world.

Outdoor Photography Magazine

This leading magazine exclusively covers Landscape, wildlife, nature, and adventure photography. Outdoor Photography is the UK’s only magazine for passionate photographers exploring the wild, seeing and getting inspired by nature, and who love having great adventures. These activities are very much related to the conservation and protection of the environment.

Landscapes Photography Magazine

Photography Magazine in Sri Lanka is a new chapter of Landscape photography in the country. It speaks well of the beauty of the island and all the beautiful places that outdoor photographers can visit to capture beautiful moments.

Wildlife photography magazine

This magazine is exclusively about wildlife photography. The author is a wildlife photographer and speaks mainly of his experiences about the best locations. 

These are some world-renowned magazines that exclusively speak of the best outdoor Photography. Those interested in the subject already know about these magazines and have been followers for longer. 

Wildlife photography magazine

Outdoor photographer magazine

Outdoor Photography is an American magazine about nature and wildlife photography. This is published eleven times a year with exciting news about outdoor Photography.

More about magazine outdoor Photography…

As you can see, the outdoor photography magazine itself is a hit. Many refer to this magazine as the essential guide for inspiration and knowing more about the field. We want to share more information on this beautiful publication so that those interested can get a clearer picture. 

The outdoor photography magazine shares the news on wildlife landscapes and adventure travel. It has publications dedicated to different regions. Outdoor Photography magazine uk shares information mainly about the United Kingdom, while outdoor photography Canada magazine speaks more about Canada’s Landscape, nature, and wildlife. Likewise, they have a magazine that speaks of the different regions, making it more comfortable for travelers to decide on the locations quickly. 

Outdoor Landscape and nature photography magazine is a complete guide for perfect Photography and how to sort the issues you will face while taking outdoor pictures. Each edition has something special to share. So, if you are interested in taking outdoor photos, this is one of the best magazines to refer to for better product quality. 

You can always check the outdoor photography magazine review before you try out the Outdoor photography magazine. You can clearly understand what type of publication this is, especially about the magazine’s target audience. It will help you to see what you need to look for in the magazine. 

Do you know about the outdoor photography magazine contest? The magazine organizes many competitions in outdoor Photography. In most of these events, amateurs, professional photographers, and ordinary travelers share their work and experiences. It is a good platform for amateurs to showcase their talents and abilities. You can learn more about outdoor photography magazine submissions through the website. 

Outdoor photography magazine subscription

For those interested in travel and outdoor Photography, it is worth getting a subscription to the magazine. All the needed details are shared on the website so that anyone who has the need can apply for that. All the updates will be readily available then, and you can receive all the latest editions without an issue. You will get additional benefits if you get the outdoor photography guide premium membership.

If you want to get the outdoor photography magazine’s latest edition, it will be issued in May 2023. The most updated news on nature and adventure photography will be shared with expert advice and experience stories. Some travelers collect these monthly subscriptions with love; for them, this magazine’s website offers the chance to get the outdoor photography magazine back issues which is a great advantage. The outdoor photography magazine editor does a beautiful job compiling the best work of world-renowned photographers and sharing their experiences and ideas so anyone interested can learn a lot. 

So, this is all about the Outdoor Photography magazine, one of the best in the market to know more about the subject. We know many of you have concerns and clarifications about outdoor Photography. So, we share a few frequent concerns for your benefit. 

Outdoor Photography Magazine

Answers to the frequently asked questions about outdoor photography magazine

Is the outdoor photographer magazine still in print?

Yes, it is, and it is published every month throughout the year.

How often is an outdoor photography magazine published?

It is published eleven times a year.

What magazines should I submit for Photography?

Many magazines allow photo submissions. Below are some of them.

  • Dodho
  • Harper’s
  • F-Stop
  • Lucy’s
  • Noice
  • Dwell
  • Local Wolves
  • Shots
How do I cancel my outdoor photography magazine subscription?

You can e-mail them and mention the reason for the cancellation. Contacting them is the easiest and the most accurate method. 

The Bottom Line

We hope this information helps you get a clear picture of outdoor photography magazines. Travelers who love outdoor adventure and Photography can get a complete insight through these magazines. This formation will help you plan an incredible outdoor adventure next time. 


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