Why Should Every Camper Have A Pendleton Camp Blanket?

Pendleton Camp Blanket

Blankets and camping have a very close relationship with each other. It becomes your most intimate companion, especially on chilly nights. Many types of camping blankets have won the trust of campers. But what is so special about the Pendleton camp blanket?

Here we are going to unveil everything about them.

Specialties of the Pendleton blanket?

Among the camping Blankets, the brand Pendleton is one of the most renowned. 

Do you know why? 

It is purely because of the brand’s authenticity and luxurious craftsmanship. Also, it is the epitome of the American style. Top quality is one of the critical reasons for the brand to grow from its family-owned business to the large-scale, most exquisite blanket manufacturer.

Another main reason for the Pendleton blankets to be the best in the world is the supremacy of their raw materials. The finest wool they use has given the brand the highest reputation to be the highest quality camping blankets. 

They sell not only high-quality blankets but also a luxury range of fabric for different purposes. So, it is not a surprise that the 150-year-old traditional wool brand has come this far due to the highest standards it maintains as a brand. 

Moreover, the Pendleton blankets are made from heavy wool or cotton and are pretty warm. They also carry a deeper meaning than just being a blanket. Most Americans gift these blankets to symbolize respect, friendship, and gratitude. It is one of the standard practices in American life.

A Pendleton Camp Blanket

What do you know about the Pendleton picnic blanket?

Among the highest-demanded products, the picnic blanket of the Pendleton brand is one of the most famous. It is a lightweight blanket crafted so that you can easily fold and pack it whenever you need it. 

The key feature of this is that it is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. The water-resistant quality of the blanket is one of the most significant advantages that attracts most users to the brand. It protects the surface from spills and the surface moisture of the ground. You can free up your mind from these concerns, which is a great relief when you plan your picnic on a sunny day! 

Also, you can pack up your things in haste as you only have to give a good quick shake and fold it instantly. The carry handle or the adjustable strap is a great way to carry your blanket any distance till you find the perfect picnic spot!

Care to know about the unique features of this blanket? 

The picnic blanket range has unique designs or printed patterns, and the shell is water-resistant. The blanket is easy to roll into a tote with a zipper to close. The carrying strap can be adjusted according to your dimensions. Also, it has deep front and back storage pockets. 

What more do you need to be the perfect picnic blanket?

Pendleton picnic blanket

Pendleton roll-up blanket-  Why is it Unique?

Pendleton is the best place to find the ideal option if you are looking for roll-up blankets. They have an excellent range of roll-up blankets with unique patterns and print designs. Most of these blankets are virgin wool with a water-resistant nylon backing. This banket comes with a carrying strap making it easy to carry it any distance to your camping destination. Also, the nylon backing is dirt-proof as well. But remember that this blanket is made for dry cleaning only due to the fine wool. So, you should take excellent care of the item for longer life. 

Why is the Pendleton Yakima camp blanket special?

If you are searching for the best option for your camping or picnic, do not forget to check out the Yakima blanket

It is softer than you expect and the ideal solution for a chilly evening picnic or a breezy camping experience near a river. This type of blanket is loved by many due to the warmth it provides and its softness. 

Usually, wool blankets are known to be scratchy and uncomfortable. But the Pendleton blankets have been able to change that common picture about wool blankets. These blankets are carefully crafted with wool and cotton blend wrap fibers. Also, the added fonts can make it more comfortable and cozier. Though it is not silky smooth as nylon or polyester blended fabrics, it is relatively comfortable when you put it on your skin. 

The Pendleton Yakima camp throw blanket and the other blankets have a unique way of holding the heat inside due to the special pockets created through the weave. But the Pendleton Yakima camp lake wool blanket is not water resistant as the other camping baskets we spoke about. Though it quickly shakes off pet hair or sad, it mostly suits the indoor environment as it is perfect as a couch cover or a bed blanket. 

Also, you must remember that the Pendleton Yakima camp blanket throw or any other type of Yakima blanket needs to be dry cleaned for better product life. 

Though it is not a waterproof blanket or a light weighted blanket that is ideal for camping or outdoor activities, the Pendleton Yakima camp blanket review shows that many people love it. Also, it does not come cheap because of the finest wool used to make the product—still, it is one of the most wanted cozy and comfortable blankets in the market. 

Pendleton camp blanket sizes

If you wish to purchase a blanket from Pendleton, you must have a good idea about the sizes. There is a range of measures that you need to be familiar with so that you can buy the most suitable. According to the brand, one of the most popular sizes is the Pendleton camp blanket twin blanket. The size of this is 66″ x84″. Most of these blankets come in virgin wool or cotton with the best finishes. Again, you can get a range of beautiful print designs that look perfect for your camping tour. Most of these fabrics are from American mills with the highest quality standards. Make sure to dry clean the blanket as it is one essential thing for the life span of the blanket.

Pendleton camp blanket – queenis the next size.

What do you know about Pendleton camp blanket queen? 

The queen-size Pendleton blanket is the ideal solution if you are looking for a giant blanket. It has more room and warmth. These are made of virgin wool, wool, or cotton bends to give the maximum support to keep the user warm. These blankets can be used outdoors and indoors, and the Nylon backing provides excellent support to keep the blanket away from dirt and water. You can pick your favorite design from the number of print options you get at Pendleton. Pendleton Yakima camp blanket queen is one of the most excellent choices you could make when you look for the perfect queen-size blanket. 

Best wool blankets for camping

Apart from Pendleton, there are many more renowned brands for the most comfortable blankets in the market. Customers look for different aspects before deciding the best option for them. 

Best wool blankets for camping

What are the factors that determine the best quality blanket? 

Warmth & comfort

Warmth, comfort, or both are some critical points that a person would look into when they try to purchase a blanket. When you spend a few nights in the woods, being warm is one of the critical points that you need to consider. Same as food, water, and shelter, this is one of the essential things in camping. So, spending time on getting the perfect blanket will not go to waste. Being warm is very important, but at the same time, you should be comfortable as well. So most of us look for wool camping blankets as the usual norm is that they are the best to retain warmth. 

Easy-to pack

Easy storage and packability are two critical things. The woolen blankets that are popular as the best blankets to keep warm are not easy to pack and store. Usually, they are bulky and heavier than nylon blankets. If you are a car camper, ensure you have enough space for your blanket, as the woolen baskets need more space than a regular blanket. So, eventually, this is also an important thing that most of us think of when looking for the ideal camping blanket.

Easy-to pack


Washability or the ability to clean the blanket is another critical point we all have at the back of our minds. 

After spending several days in the wood, camping in a tent with a fire lit up, we would need the banket washed when we returned. Not all wool blankets are easily washable. Most of them are directed for dry cleaning. But a few woolen blankets are recommended for a gentle cold water hand wash. Some need to be cold-washed and tumble-dry without heat. It would help if you could be extra careful when cleaning the woolen blanket with water, as they may tend to shed the wool a bit after a wash. 

But the advantage is that the blanket gets softer and cozier than what you bought from the store. 


You will find all the points fulfilled with specific brands. But then comes the Affordability! Usually, natural wool blankets are more costly than nylon or fake wool blankets. But some brands offer the best quality and cozy blankets for an affordable price. Sometimes the brand name does not guarantee the comfort you need, as each of us expects a different level. So you need to check the product’s hand feel and quality before paying the premium. Remember that online shopping would not always work for concerns like this! 

What are the best wool blankets?

When you look at the current market, several brands have earned the love and respect of customers due to various reasons. 

Below are some of them listed as the top brands for the eth year 2023.

Ibex Wool blanket 

Ibex Wool blanket is known as the best overall blanket. It is one of the current market’s warmest and most comfortable blankets. Also, this blanket is large enough to share by two people comfortably. The feel of the blanket is so good on your skin. It can be used as an outdoor wool blanket on the ground in the right conditions without any issues. But remember that you must dry if you need to clean the blanket. One of the negative points is that this blanket is a thick wool blanket and is quite expensive. 

EKTOS premium blanket

If you are digging up for the warmest blanket, the EKTOS premium blanket is the best. This blanket is constructed from pure wool and is a 100% wool blanket. It provides the best level of warmth. But the small of the natural sheep wool prevails. 

Suppose you do not like the small; maybe this is not your ideal product. 

One of the good points is that you can wash it in the machine. Among the disadvantages or the drawbacks, the banket having the sheep skin smell and being a heavy wool blanket are the key things. Also, this blanket may be too warm for you if you are a warm sleeper. 

Arcturus military wool blanket

Arcturus military wool blanket is the most comfortable blanket. This blanket is lighter in weight than most other blankets on the market. The composition is 80% wool. The smell is not that bad and bearable. When you look at the plus points, this blanket works excellently as a top layer inside the tent. The cost is more affordable than most of the other blankets. Though hand washing is recommended, you can also machine wash the same. When you look at the disadvantages, it is not made with 100% natural wool is one of the critical points. Also, if you are a cold sleeper, this wool blanket may not be the ideal option. If you are looking for medium warmth and comfort, this is the best option. It works well as a bed topper as well. 

The woolly mammoth rugged camping blanket

The woolly mammoth rugged camping blanket is the best camping wool blanket that we can recommend for camping. It is the lightest blanket out of all four options discussed above. The composition of the blanket is a mix of 80% wool, 10% polyester, and 5% of other fiber types. It is also ideal for general use, and you can reasonably use it as a bed topper. The blanket is a bit larger than the stand sizes offered by the competitors. If you think it is not warm enough, you can fold and double it up, as the size is much larger than the standard blanket. 

The only disadvantages are that it is not pure natural wool. It might not be the perfect option if you want a real wool blanket. And it is not the best option for cold sleepers. It needs dry cleaning, and machine washing is not recommended.

The above brands are the best woolen blankets at the top of the list for 2022. But there are several other products as well. You can check for the ideal options if you need mixed compositions, lightweight, and easy cleaning. 

woolly mammoth rugged camping blanket

Pendleton camp blanket review

It is not a secret that the Pendleton camp blanket is one of the best blankets for camping. We wish to provide you with a short review of the blanket to give you a clear idea about its pros and cons of the blanket. 

Advantages of Pendleton camp blanket

  • Excellent artistry is one of the critical facts.
  • The colors and the variety of patterns are the next most important thing. They are very appealing and unique.
  • The Pendleton camp blankets are usually warm ad durable. The blankets are not too heavy or thick.
  • It is also good on the skin and not scratchy as the usual wool blankets.
  • The Pendleton blankets are easy to clean and wash. 
  • Though dense, it provides the needed warmth when camping in a forest on a chilly evening. 
  • They are usually water-repellant and resist stains. 
  • The Pendleton blankets do not pill.
  • It is one of the most excellent options to use for all seasons. 

The advantages of the Pendleton camp blanket continued…

According to expert reviews, these blankets can last for years if you follow the care instructions to the point. Also, the leather carry straps are a great way to carry the Pendleton camping blanket without hassle. The snap-on wax cotton backing provides excellent durability and weather resistance when placed against the ground. It is one of the critical advantages of this blanket. The blanket also has excellent breathability and promotes excellent moisture absorption. The heavy-duty wool used to construct this blanket makes it workable in various situations during camping or any other outdoor activities. 

This 100% natural wool blanket has a range of sizes from twin full and queen. The only disadvantages we see in this blanket are the price, and some people with sensitive skin might find it rough. The Pendleton camp blanket is one of the most stylish blankets you can ever have. It is one of the best options for great functionality and durability. The softness and the comfort it provides are unbeatable! 

But if you think this is too expensive, you can always look for the Pendleton camp blanket sale.

We hope this discussion helped you get a detailed view of the Pendleton camping blanket and the other similar options in the market. The following are a few of the most common issues of the customers and potential customers. We thought it would be pretty helpful to share answers to a few top questions so that you can clear your doubts about the Pendleton blanket.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Pendleton camp blanket

Is a Pendleton blanket worth it? 

The Pendleton blanket is worth every penny when looking at the designs, aesthetics, durability, and comfort. 

Are Pendleton blankets suitable for camping?

Yes, it is an ideal option for camping. But make sure to pick the best option out of the variety you have in the Pendleton range. 

How much does a Pendleton blanket cost?

It depends on the range you pick from. Each field has a different price according to its composition, design, and weight. So, knowing what you need precisely is essential to check on the correct cost. 

How heavy are Pendleton blankets?

The weight of the blanket mainly depends on the type and size, and composition of the blanket. If it is a blended blanket, the importance can be lesser than a genuine wool blanket. 

The Bottom Line

We see that Pendleton camp blanket, as a brand, has captured the market through the quality products they offer. If you are searching for a high-quality and durable blanket for your next camping trip, why not get the best from Pendleton?


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