Pink Sand Clearwater Beach Florida & An Array of Gorgeous Pink Sandy Beaches At a Glance!


Do you love the beach? Do you like to travel? You better know about the pink sand clearwater beach Florida if you do.

You cannot miss out on this!

 It offers something rare. You could say it is every beach lover’s dream. The beautiful sand alone is worth it. You may wonder what is so special? Well, the sand on this beach is pink. Yes, you read that right, pink. 

This place is where every photographer’s dream comes true. Let us learn more about this paradise. Maybe this could be the spot for your next vacation. 

We will also tell you about where are pink sand beaches are worldwide. 

Pink Sand Clearwater Beach Florida

Pink sand clearwater beach Florida

This beach is beyond beautiful. Of course, there is so much to do with the rosy hue of the sand. The gorgeous ocean that laps the shore of this beach is a sight to see. The waves are gentle as a result of the nearby reef. The water is shallow, which makes it safe for young children. 

Harbour Island is the home to this world-famous Pink Sand Beach. 

The vibe of the island is welcoming, friendly, and warm. It could be the ultimate beach vacay for you. 

If you are planning on going, here is an idea of what you can do. 

You can start your day relaxing on the coral beaches. 

Sounds great, huh!

You can join in on the sports activities. Or you can take photos and take long walks. Spend the day at the beach. Then you can finish off by dining at one of the bayside restaurants. Make sure to go as early as possible so you can catch the sunset there. 

Does Clearwater Beach have pink sand?

First, let us clear this up. Yes, Clearwater pink sand clearwater beach Florida has the dreamiest bubblegum-colored sand. That is what attracts travelers from worldwide. You could say that this is the best pink sand beach, Florida keys.

Reason for clearwater beach pink sand

How come the sand is pink? That is the question of every stunned visitor to this place. You must be curious to know as well. Pink sand beach Florida got its unique color from a creature called Foraminifera. It is a tiny animal with a reddish-pink shell. It has a dark pink or sometimes red shell full of holes. This animal extends pseudopodia through those holes; a foothold used to attach itself and feed. That is how the sand in this area turns shades of pink.

Foraminifera is one of the most common single-celled animals in the water. These guys play an essential part in the ecosystem.

You can find Foraminifera on the sea bottom, beneath rocks, and in caves too. Ocean waves or fish that eat them carry them to the coast. The remains get mixed up with the sand and pieces of coral as they die. Then the pink comes out when the sand is damp along the shore. That is why the moist sand near the water’s edge is a rich shade of pink. The coast looks mesmerizing, and you can stare at the scenery all day. It is the best beach pink sand Florida keys have.

Because the sand in this corner of the world is so consistently chilly, visitors can go about their business barefoot.

Pink sand clearwater beach

Where is the Pink Sand Beach in Florida?

Now you must be eager to see this beauty for yourself. You must be already planning a pink sand beach vacation. So where is this beach? This beautiful paradise is just a few ferry rides away from South Florida. The view is just as beautiful all year round, just as the weather. Still, we would recommend visiting there around December through May. These winter months are the most fantastic time to enjoy the beach to the fullest. During that time, the temperature is between 70 and 75 degrees F. That is the ideal temperature to enjoy your vacay. Tropical storms may form during the rest of the year when it is warmer and more humid.

By the way, the pink hue of the shoreline is not the only reason to visit. 

The fun water sports and activities on Harbour Island are another reason to vacay there. One such popular beach activity for visitors is horseback riding. You will get to trot through pink sands and even into the blue waves. We guarantee you that you will not get bored even for a second during this visit. 

Be sure to take advantage of the smooth, cold sand and walk barefoot.

The pink sand clearwater beach Florida directions

There are direct flights from Miami International airport to Nassau Airport. You can take a taxi from the airport to the ferry pier. Then catch a boat to Harbour Island.

The island is relatively small. Thus you can complete most of the island’s activities on foot. Or else you can go on bicycles or golf carts. You can ask your hotel, and they will arrange it for you. 

Clearwater beach pink sand Florida is truly a wonder. However, this is not the only beach with rosy shores. Yes, there is more. You would love to know about these other beautiful beaches as well. So let us get to know the pink sand beaches around the world. 

beach Florida

What beach has pink sand? 

Elafonissi Beach, Greece

Here is a beautiful pink sandy beach that belongs to Greece. It is in the southwest corner of the beautiful Crete Island. The view is breathtaking, as you can imagine. Its sand shows a mix of light pink and white, which gives it a dreamlike effect. Also, the sand is so soft. You may never want to stop walking around on this shore.  

The good news is that it is easy to wade through the water from the mainland to reach here. Elafonissi is a gorgeous beach in the world. You will have the time of your life splashing about in the crystal-clear blue water of the lagoons around the shore. However, you have to be careful as it can get pretty windy out there.

Pink beach- Indonesia

Next up on the list is the pink beach in Indonesia. This beauty will get you wondering how incredible mother nature is at creating. When you get closer to the waves, you notice the sand becomes pinker. This lovely beach belongs to Komodo Island in Indonesia. It is one of the gorgeous beaches Indonesia offers to the world.

The sand gets its pink hue from the creatures, Foraminifera. The blush sand, lush trees, and rugged mountains create quite the scenery. You may feel like visiting this paradise right away. However, here is the catch. It is challenging to get there. It is not an easy journey. Luckily, many resorts and tourist companies offer boat excursions for tourists like you. They will help you to get to this wondrous shore. If you plan on visiting, remember to pack water, a swimsuit, a towel, and snorkel gear — the reefs are incredible.

Crane Beach, Barbados

Who does not want to vacay in Barbados? One of the main attractions here is the beaches. Crane Beach is one of the best Barbados offers. The beautiful pale pink sand, glistening water, and rich coconut grove will surely steal your heart. Crane Beach has already stolen the hearts of travelers worldwide. That is why this is one of the Caribbean pink sand beaches that are very popular. You will not get enough of the pinkish sand beach and gorgeous backdrop. Crane beach gets its name from a giant crane at the top of the cliff overlooking the beach.  

Tangsi Beach, Indonesia

Here is another beautiful shore that belongs to Indonesia. It is not as well known, though. This beautiful, hidden gem is called Tangsi Beach. You can find this in the southeastern tip of Lombok. It is a small island that lies beside Bali.

If you plan on visiting, bring snorkel gear. Snorkeling is incredibly popular over there, thanks to the fascinating reefs. The specialty of Tangsi beach is the color of the sand. Most other beaches have light shades of pink. Unlike those, this shore is bright pink. When we say bright, we mean a rich, eye-popping shade of pink. This beach is way more vibrant in comparison.

The waves are gentle, making it a perfect swim destination for the entire family. As we mentioned, it is not that popular among travelers. So the beach will not be crowded most of the time. Although, it may get filled during big holidays. Nevertheless, it will be an incredible experience for you and your family. Make sure to take pictures in the early morning. That is when the colors are at their brightest. We guarantee you that this place will not disappoint you. 

Beaches of Great Santa Cruz Island 

This gorgeous paradise is just over two miles south of Zamboanga City in the Philippines. The sand takes on a pale pink hue. If you want to vacay at a quiet and peaceful place, this might be the best choice. It offers travelers a relaxing and beautiful experience.

You can reach this island by a 15-minute boat ride from Zamboanga. Be sure to arrange your trip at the local tourist office a day in advance. That is because they let only a few visitors into the island. 

You may want to visit the island for the beautiful pink sandy shores. However, there is more to look forward to during the trip. Many travelers join in organized tours of the mangrove lagoon. Here, you get to see some of the area’s most fascinating wildlife up close. It will be an incredible experience you can take part in during the visit.

Remember that swimming is not a good idea due to the rough waters, especially in the evening.

Pink beach California

California’s pink beach called Pfeiffer is a beautiful destination. The shore takes pink and purple hues creating a dreamlike effect. You could say that it is one of the fascinating strands in California. This beach is beside Pfeiffer State Park in the Big Sur, surrounded by towering cliffs and enormous boulders. This pink sand beach in USA gets a lot of love from tourists worldwide.

Keyhole Rock is an eye-catching part of this strand. You will see the worn-out arch due to ages of pounding by waves. The beautiful view it offers will take your breath away. Make sure to capture that view in your camera. It will be unbelievably beautiful, especially during sunset.

Swimming may not be the best idea as the waves tend to be fierce. However, not to worry. We have some suggestions you can try. You can scramble around the gigantic rocks or search for the natural caves peppered around the area. Also, take photos of this beautiful location.

Pink beach California

Playa de ses Illetes in Spain

This beautiful shore can be an illusion at first glance. It may look plain white from afar. At first, you may not see the beautiful rosy hue of the shore until you take a closer look. This beach is in Formentera, one of the most pristine of Spain’s beautiful Balearic Islands.

If you wish to vacay in peace, this is an excellent choice to consider. The beach is a lot less busy compared to many other beaches. 

The beach is within a conservation area, which helps to protect its incredible shore. If you plan on visiting, expect a lot of fun activities during your stay. You can rent water sports equipment and join in on the fun. Also, you will find several award-worthy restaurants around the area that serve delicious food. 

Pink Beach in Bonaire

Bonaire offers a beautiful rosy sandy beach too. It lies on Bonaire, a tiny island in the Caribbean. The gorgeous scenery that this beach creates graces postcards quite often. 

You can expect snorkeling and scuba diving as activities to do at the beach. The gentle water and reefs offer the ideal snorkeling and scuba driving environment. You can also try diving, which will allow you to see sea creatures up close. The best dive spot is the Bonaire National Marine Park, which you cannot miss out on during this tour. 

Pink Beaches of Tikehau in French Polynesia

Here is another excellent destination for your next vacation. You can expect bright water, warm lagoons, lush palms, and soft sandy shores.

Beautiful Tikehau, a relatively round atoll, is one of its best assets, especially if you are looking for a lovely rosy strand. The atoll is just over 200 miles northeast of Tahiti. It features several small beaches which have rosy white shores.

If you love swimming, this place will be great for you. In general, swimming and snorkeling are pretty popular activities. That is because of the lagoon teeming with fish and other underwater creatures. 

Balos Lagoon Beach, Greece

It is no surprise why visitors say Balos Lagoon Beach is one of the best beaches in Crete. The sand takes beautiful white and slightly pink shades. You will also find the sand to be soft. It will feel like a cozy hug against your feet. The ocean is also captivating with a perfect blend of green and blue shades. Balos Lagoon Beach is Crete’s pride. You will find the beautiful scenery it creates on many photo cards. 

The water in this lagoon is warm and shallow, which makes it an ideal swim destination. Also, the area does not have many buildings making it a more natural and peaceful beach experience. 

The visit to Balos Lagoon Beach will take quite a bit of planning. Most of the time, members of the elite arrive by private yacht. You may have to grab a ferry from the port in Kissamos. They allow visitors to drive but will have to walk for 25 minutes before arriving at the shore.

Black sand beach, Florida

The shores can take stunning colors. We talked about pink sand. Now let us get to know about black sand. Some unique beaches have black-colored sand. It may not be pure black but nearly so in some spots. Still, you cannot deny that it is pretty special. 

So how does this happen? 

The reason behind the color is black and dark brown fossil fragments. They get mixed in with the white quartz sand. As a result, it creates a dark gray to almost black sand. The shades are of different colors sometimes. For example, you will find different white and gray sand shades on Venice Beach. 

One of the fossils on Venice beaches is the shark’s tooth. They come in different shapes and are dark brown or black.


Three things come to your mind when you think of the beach. That is, sun, sand, and surf. However, there is more to expect from the Clearwater beach pink sand Florida. Its beautiful sand will steal your heart. See, the pink sand beach in Florida takes around three miles of shoreline. The sea is a bright blue with gentle waves due to the surrounding coral reefs. The entire scenery will capture your heart. Of course, you cannot miss out on this blushing beauty. You have to see for yourself. Remember to take many photos of the rosy shores when you go. You also learned what beach has pink sand apart from the clearwater pink sand clearwater beach Florida. All these places offer everything you want from a vacation spot. 

There is no doubt that these pink sandy shores will brighten up your vacay.


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