Places To Eat In Colombo | Must-try Restaurants For Unlimited Food Experience


Global cuisine and a wide variety of dining options are now available in Colombo, a thriving port city and resulting Asian metropolis. In recent years, the city’s core business center has seen a change, with hip restaurants and charming cafes growing on every corner and enhancing the vibrant mood of the area. Here we are going to unveil the best places to eat in Colombo.

Best Places To Eat In Colombo

There are many good places to eat in Colombo.

Here are the top picks where you can enjoy a variety of meals while enjoying the atmosphere.  

Butter Boutique

The delectable cakes and lovely delights of Butter Boutique in Colombo are well-known. It started as a home-based bakery and grew into two cherished stores. Their Tres Leches dessert, covered in three different types of milk and topped with rich whipped cream, is particularly noteworthy. In addition to a delicious array of cakes, customers savor brownies, sweet rolls, and the highest-quality Australian Niccolo coffee. Butter Boutique is a beloved location for lovers of coffee and confections.

Location of Butter Boutique

Mayura Hotel

Not your average hotel, the Mayura Hotel is a little eatery known for its delicious crab curry, and it is in Pettah, the city’s busy market district. This small restaurant offers an authentic Tamil dining experience, specializing in the Jaffna-style cooking of small crabs served on a banana leaf with a delicious spread of rice, curry, and veggies. The tasty food and friendly service of Mayura Hotel make up for its modest atmosphere. It is open for takeout starting at 11 a.m. and for dining in from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., offering a delectable taste of Sri Lankan cuisine. This is one of the cheap places to eat in Colombo.

Location of Mayura Hotel

Shang Palace

For lovers of authentic Chinese cuisine, Shang Palace is a shining example. It is inside the elite Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo. Diners are treated to fantastic feelings and incredible vistas, which enhance their gastronomic experience, all against the stunning backdrop of the Galle Face seashore. Shang Palace, famous for its creative fusions of Chinese and Western culinary traditions and its mastery of classic dishes like Peking Duck, takes dining to new heights. Patrons further elevate the restaurant’s reputation as a champion of Colombo cuisine by savoring the renowned dim sum in its opulent surroundings.

Location of Shang Palace, Colombo

Royal Thai – Cinnamon Lakeside

The Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel’s amazing surroundings house Royal Thai, a culinary haven honoring the spirit of Thai culture and food. The restaurant, which is highly praised for its flawless food offerings, creates a musical arrangement of flavors rooted in traditional recipes under the direction of a team of talented Thai chefs.

It is best to make appointments to guarantee a desired table at this busy restaurant, known for its calm atmosphere in the middle of Colombo’s dynamic bustle. Royal Thai, an improved restaurant that invites guests on a sensory trip through Thailand’s rich culinary heritage, offers an oasis of relaxation enhanced by calming Thai music and golden lighting. This is one of the good places to eat in Colombo.

You can find it in the One Galle Face in Colombo, and there are many of the best places to eat in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Location of Royal Thai – Cinnamon Lakeside

Navratna Restaurant

Navratna Restaurant, named for its rich North Indian background, is a longstanding landmark of Colombo’s culinary scene. This culinary paradise is located within the luxurious Taj Samudra Hotel. Navratna never ceases to impress even the pickiest diners with its delicious menu items, which include a recently updated selection of fish and meat specialties like the delightful lamb mince Kebabs. The restaurant provides a classy dining experience that combines depth and authenticity, set among magnificent surroundings adorned with traditional Indian artwork. Navratna, situated on Galle Face Center Road, encourages visitors to pursue a luxurious and sophisticated culinary adventure through Indian cuisine.

Location of Navratna Restaurant

Palmyrah Restaurant

Located on Galle Road, inside the bustling Renuka Hotel, Palmyrah Restaurant is well-known for its genuine Jaffna food that enchants guests with northern Sri Lankan tastes. The menu showcases an exquisite array of traditional foods, each carefully cooked to preserve its rich heritage, including pitch, toss, mutton curry, and whole crab curry. Culinary lovers are attracted to this rare gem of a restaurant in Colombo because it serves uncommon milk hoppers. In addition to serving delicious meals, Palmyrah Restaurant is famous for its excellent service and elegant setting, offering a classy dining experience that embodies Sri Lankan hospitality.

Location of Palmyrah Restaurant

Dolce Italia

Dolce Italia is a charming cafe tucked away in Colombo that expertly combines Italian elegance with the warmth of Sri Lanka to produce an unforgettable culinary experience. Chef Manuela Brugnoli, from Siena, Italy, founded the cafe with a lovely blend of local and Italian culture in its decor and atmosphere. The staff serves guests a wide selection of freshly made food and drinks daily, including delicious pizzas, creamy cappuccinos, fragrant espresso, and on-site baked pastries. This nice cafe welcomes guests to enjoy the finest of both worlds in an elegant mixture of customs and cuisines.

Location of Dolce Italia

Botanik Rooftop Bistro & Bar

Among the bustling Colombo Fort, Botanik Rooftop Bistro & Bar is trendy on the eighth floor of the Fairway Colombo Hotel. It offers stunning city views and has indoor and outdoor lounge areas to chill after a long day. This rooftop bar features both ingenuity and charm, and it is famous for having unique handcrafted cocktails and high-quality meals while serving a relaxed atmosphere. This is the perfect spot for vibrant nights and laid-back get-togethers where DJs create tailored mix tapes. Enrich the rooftop experience of the city with Botanik Rooftop Bistro & Bar. This is one of the new places to eat in Colombo

Location of Botanik Rooftop Bistro & Bar,

t-lounge by Dilmah – Chatham Street ️

This is one of the best places in Colombo to eat with lovers. In Colombo, Sri Lanka, t-Lounge by Dilmah in Chatham Street becomes a haven for tea lovers. Highly regarded as the best place to find an unmatched selection of unblended teas, it offers many options to satisfy picky palates. The menu includes treasures like Ceylon Green tea, organic blends, energizing infusions, and the highly sought-after Elixir of Ceylon tea, ranging from the beautiful Exceptionals to the rich Gourmet tea selection. This sanctuary welcomes tea lovers on a sensory journey. To experience tea culture in its highest quality type this is the best place that you should not miss.

Location of t-lounge by Dilmah – Chatham Street ️

10 best places to eat in Colombo

Below are some famous and best places to eat in Colombo apart from those mentioned above.

Carnival Ice Cream

Carnival Ice Cream, a well-known ice cream shop and one of the favorite eating places has plenty of reasonably priced flavors. It is trendy among the residents of Colombo. This colonial property features a welcoming atmosphere loved by families and couples who want a nice romantic getaway. After a while of closure, the shop returned with a redesigned menu that blends in the old classic favorites with the innovative new flavors. This restaurant is now a popular place for Colombo residents and visitors. 

Location of Carnival Ice Cream

Momo’s by Ruvi

In the lively Bambalapitiya area of Colombo, Momo’s by Ruvi is a popular restaurant. This unusual cafe welcomes vegan and non-vegan preferences and has a unique atmosphere, decor, and eye-catching photographs. With a focus on momos, the famous dumplings, Momo’s has a small yet delicious menu with many delicious choices. Every bite of these variations—spicy to shallow-fried—promises a taste explosion. Momo’s by Ruvi welcomes customers to experience a unique gastronomic journey. 

Location of Momo’s by Ruvi

London House Of Coffee

In Colombo, London House of Coffee is a charming cafe. This cafe is nice and cozy, with excellent coffee and service. Their brownies are delicious! In addition, parking is plentiful, making it the ideal place to relax with a book. 

Location of London House Of Coffee

Milk & Honey Café

Colombo’s Milk & Honey Cafe is a modest spot with a reputation for delicious vegetarian fare that includes some meat selections. They serve excellent drinks, breakfast all day, wholemeal sandwiches, salads, and unusual mains such as miso veggies with tofu and sticky rice. Its nutritious selection of cakes, brownies, smoothies, sandwiches, and wraps has helped it gain popularity. 

Location of Milk & Honey Café

Dao Krua Thai

Dao Krua Thai, formerly Daos Thai Kitchen, is a small eatery in Colombo-4 that specializes in serving real Thai food. Founded initially as a street food stand by Ms. Dao from Thailand, it has since been equipped with indoor seats to provide a cozier eating experience. The food is rich and full of taste, much beyond expectations, even in this essential environment. Their meal is rich and savory because they use locally grown herbs.

Location of Dao Krua Thai

Sri Suryas Hotel

If you love South Indian cuisine, the Sri Suryas Hotel in Colombo is an excellent choice. They serve a range of foods, including medu vada, idlis, and dosas. They serve Chinese and North Indian food and delicious South Indian food. Both residents and visitors are drawn to the restaurant by its warm atmosphere and simple decor. It is an excellent place for those looking for authentic Indian cuisine at an affordable cost. 

Location of Sri Suryas Hotel


The Grind Coffeehouse serves delicious food and excellent coffee. Delicious items on their menu ideal for breakfast or brunch include avocado on sourdough toast, omelets with quinoa and kale salad, and superfood granola bowls. Their selection of vegan foods is unique and fantastic in a place without many possibilities.

Location of Grind

Curry Pot Restaurant

Best known for its affordable traditional Sri Lankan food, Curry Pot Restaurant is a popular destination in Colombo 3. Their morning spread is well-known for its various tasty curries, including chicken, polos, coconut sambal, and lentil curry. These curries go well with rice, roti, or string hoppers for dining.

Location of Curry Pot

Burger King – Fort

Famous for its grilled burgers, fries, and shakes, Burger King is a fast-food restaurant brand. But compared to other competitors, its recent competition in Colombo could be better, providing a large portion of under-seasoned chicken. 

Location of Burger King – Fort

August by Mama Aida’s

August by Mama Aida’s is a Lebanese/Middle Eastern restaurant in Colombo that serves delectable food that is a welcome departure from Sri Lankan cuisine. It has been serving three generations of family recipes with a contemporary twist since 1946. The atmosphere is elegant and peaceful, with sophisticated oak furnishings, hanging vines, and candlelight candles. Outside dining is also accessible next to Shirohana. 

Location of August by Mama Aida’s

Plus Nine Four

In Colombo, a charming cafe called Plus Nine Four is in a former house office. It offers a calm garden and a welcoming open area for guests to relax. It is well known for its delicious food and quiet atmosphere, making it the ideal location to get away from the bustle of the city. 

Location of Plus Nine Four

Grand Pila – Hotel De Pilawoos (PILAWOOS KOLONNAWA)

Hotel De Pilawoos is a popular restaurant in Sri Lanka known for its variety of kottu meals. After a night of partying, nothing beats the greasy, cheesy, carb-loaded joy of kottu, a renowned Sri Lankan dish. 

Location of Grand Pila Hotel de Pilawoos

The Cakery

Once a small bakery operated out of a house in Colombo, The Cakery has grown into a spacious storefront on Sulaiman Terrace. They serve bread, sandwiches, and drinks in addition to their delectable cakes and pastries. Despite recent criticism over deteriorating service standards, the Cakery continues to be well-liked for its delicious baked goods. They are in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Aramaya Road. 

Location of The English Cake Company -The Cakery


With eleven locations in Colombo, Barista is the largest chain of coffee shops in Sri Lanka. Everything about their coffees is exceptionally reasonably priced; none cost more than 1000 LKR. The welcoming personnel and tranquil surroundings will make you feel at home here. 

They provide various foods to suit multiple palates, including rice dinners, waffles, and bagels. Please take advantage of their special discounts and have a complete meal and drink for less than 1500 LKR. 

One of their best offerings is Lunch Deal A, which costs 1350 LKR and includes delicacies like Thai chicken rice or lemon grass chicken rice and a choice of tea, iced latte, or cappuccino. You can view their menu and locations on their website or social media accounts. 

Location of Barista World Trade Center

Best Places To Eat Biryani In Colombo | Places To Eat In Colombo For Biryani Lovers

Here are some of the best places to eat biriyani.


Popular in Colombo, Kandoori is an inexpensive Indian restaurant serving various foods from all over the country. According to numerous guests, the service is excellent, and the cuisine is delicious. In addition to their exquisite Indian curries and Naan bread, their most well-known dish is biryani.

Location of Kandoori

Maharaja Palace

Maharaja Palace is a classy Indian restaurant in Colombo that serves various dishes. Its menu features North Indian cuisine, from the savory Hyderabadi Chicken biryani to the well-known spicy Delhi curry. The interior is elegant. Do not forget to click a few awesome selfies while you are enjoying the food there.

Location of Maharaja Palace

Chola Authentic Indian Restaurant @ One Galle Face

The delicious menu of Chola Authentic Indian Restaurant in Colombo includes Mughalai, North Indian, South Indian, and Chettinad dishes. The food is excellent, despite being a little costly! The restaurant’s Indian cooks are the reason for each dish’s distinct and genuine flavors. Chola offers a good range of Indian dishes to suit your taste buds, whether you are a vegetarian or not. 

Location of Chola Authentic Indian Restaurant @ One Galle Face

Arabian Knights

When Arabian Knights, a restaurant known for its biryani, moved from its old location on Galle Road, some patrons felt that the new location needed to be more convenient. However, after listening to feedback and making changes, the restaurant maintains its initial standards. Customers value the quality even though it costs Rs 650 per person, almost twice as much as other options in the area. 

Location of Arabian Knights


PappaRich serves various Malay dishes that are reasonably priced and come in large amounts. The chance to eat sawan biryani in Colombo is a highlight. The helpful and kind staff enhances the dining experience.

Location of PappaRich

Al-Mina Indian Family Restaurant (Formally Al-Maas)

Almaas provides excellent food from various cuisines in a clean, air-conditioned setting. They offer a sufficient amount, ideal for single people. Larger groups can stay in family rooms. 

Location of Al-Mina Indian Family Restaurant (Formally Al-Maas)

Dindigul Thalappakatti – One Galle Face Mall

This chain of restaurants was founded in 1957 and is well-known for its mouthwatering home-style biryani meals. Happy customers highly recommend Thalappakatti’s biryani. 

Location of Dindigul Thalappakatti

Best Places To Eat Crab In Colombo | Best Places To Eat In Colombo

These are some of the best restaurants for crab meals. Ministry of Crabs is the best place to eat crab in Colombo.

Ceylon Curry Club 

Ceylon Curry Club serves Asian and Sri Lankan food, including vegetarian and vegan selections. Customers adore delicacies like hoppers, dahl, hog curry, and pittu while praising the excellent service and ambiance. The restaurant also serves fantastic cocktails. It is 1.5 kilometers from the Gangaramaya (Vihara) Buddhist Temple.

Location of Ceylon Curry Club

Long Feng – Cinnamon Lakeside

This Chinese restaurant, located at 115 Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, Colombo 00200, Sri Lanka, is approximately 1.0 miles from the Gangaramaya (Vihara) Buddhist Temple. It serves various Asian dishes and has options for gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Customers especially like dim sum and delicious Chinese food served with excellent service. Pork and celery, crystal prawn dumplings, beef, chicken, celery, and pork belly are famous.

Location of Long Feng – Cinnamon Lakeside

Sea Fish Restaurant

Sea Fish is the oldest seafood restaurant in Colombo. It offers a variety of dishes at reasonable prices, such as Western, Chinese, and traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, as well as fresh seafood, lobster, and crab. From 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., it is open. It has free WiFi, takeout, parking, outside dining, highchairs, a full bar, and accepts credit cards. It is close to Fort Railway Station. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets are available here. You can even grab snacks, dinner, drinks, and lunch.

Location of Sea Fish

Crab Factory

Crab lovers will find heaven at Taj Samudra’s Crab Factory, where they may enjoy various customized crab dishes based on their preferences. This restaurant specializes in continuously tasty and high-quality dishes, and its menu features several mouthwatering crab specialties. Asian, Sri Lankan, and seafood cuisines are the house specialties at Taj Samudra’s Crab Factory, a restaurant open for lunch and dinner.

Location of Crab Factory, Taj Samudra

The Fat Crab

Various seafood, as well as Asian and Sri Lankan cuisines, are served at Pavilion Seafood Bistro. A few of the restaurant’s services include highchairs, takeout, seating, reservations, and street parking. It is at 25 De Saram Rd. Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Colombo 10350 Sri Lanka. They also serve alcohol. The restaurant serves wine and beer, and table service is available. In addition, they serve family-style meals and accept online payments.

Location of The Fat Crab

Chinese Dragon Cafe

Asian, Thai, and Chinese cuisines are available at the restaurant, approximately 2.2 miles from the Gangaramaya (Vihara) Buddhist Temple. It serves lunch, supper, and late-night meals and is vegetarian-friendly. Highchairs, parking, reservations, takeout, delivery, and dining are among the facilities offered by the restaurant. In addition to buffet dining, table service is available. 

Location of Chinese Dragon Cafe Bambalapitiya

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of places to eat in Colombo. Colombo offers different dining options, and places people can select from based on their preferences and tastes. Tourists can have various combinations, such as home food restaurants serving authentic local food and expensive eating places featuring international meals.


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