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Places To Visit In Colombo For Couples

If you are a couple, you can gain beautiful experiences along with lifetime memories in Colombo. Even though Colombo is an urban area, there are plenty of places to visit in Colombo for couples. Experience the extensive past of the city, taste delicious food, and make priceless memories with one another.

When dating, these are some suggested places to visit in Colombo with a girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Places To Visit In Colombo For Couples

Mount Lavinia Beach

Mount Lavinia Beach is a two-kilometer-long haven for couples at the northern tip of the Mount Lavinia promenade. The beach is best visited from November to April, and many eateries are around 500 meters away. You can rent a boat at Mount Lavinia Lake for a quiet row around Koggala Lagoon’s backwaters or take a minibus from Lighthouse junction or a short walk from the bus station. Get a peaceful coastal experience in Sri Lanka by booking accommodations at nearby hotels or guest houses.

Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct

Explore the unexpected shopping attraction in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where a fusion of local and international shops awaits. Explore elegant stores and welcoming cafes at the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, which sell everything from apparel and accessories to beer and antiques—plenty of things in the surrounding area for couples to enjoy, making it a wonderful experience. Enjoy a stroll at your own pace, indulge in retail therapy, relax with stretches at Yoga Zone Studio, or take a unique break from shopping by visiting the Central Bank’s Money Museum. Hospital St., Colombo 00100, Sri Lanka is the address.

Independence Memorial Hall

More than just a building, the Independence Memorial Hall in Colombo recalls Sri Lanka’s independence from the British Empire by holding a memorial and a library. Under the direction of Prime Minister D.S. Senanayake, Sri Lanka’s Parliament House was built in 1947, drawing inspiration from Australia’s Parliament House. It is an acre, two floors high, and has a fifty-foot-tall dome. This well-known site has witnessed essential events in Sri Lanka’s political, social, and economic history, making it a desirable travel destination and exciting activity for couples visiting Colombo together.

Bellanwila Park

Bellanwila Park in Boralesgamuwa, Colombo, is unique among Sri Lanka’s parks. Unlike parks with a natural theme, it offers much more than just a walking and bicycle track. The park, perfect for get-togethers with loved ones on the weekends, encircles Weras Lake and Pillawa Temple. The three-kilometer walking path meanders around these beautiful spots. Although Bellanwila Park may not have the same natural atmosphere as other parks, it still offers a lovely outdoor space, which makes it a popular option for those who want to relax and have fun in Colombo.

Colombo Fort

The Portuguese built Colombo Fort as a strategic enrichment, and it is in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Up until 1947, the British used it as a garrison after that. Restored ramparts, 18th-century mural paintings, and gunpowder storage are just a few of its remarkable features, which make it an official national monument today. Since 1992, the fort has been home to an arts center that presents modern art and colonial history exhibitions. A great romantic activity that gives you insights into the past of the city is to explore this historical location.

More than above mentioned places, these are some interesting places to visit in Colombo.

Colombo Port City Beach

There is no public access to the recently opened artificial beach at Colombo Port City, free for residents and visitors for a 3.5 km stretch. In addition to enjoying the beach’s food court, which offers both local and international food, visitors can use the water sports facilities.

Nawala Urban Wetland Park

Nugegoda’s Urban Wetland Park is a charming haven beside the Kirulapone Canal, a branch of the Diyawanna Oya. It is a quiet haven from the bustle of the city, even though it’s smaller than other wetland parks in Colombo. The government turned what was once a sand and brick market called “Weli Park” into a beautiful wetland. Although lacking in animal diversity, this park, which the Sri Lanka Navy maintains, provides a tranquil haven where guests may relax in the company of nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Diyatha Uyana | One of the budget places to visit in Colombo for couples

Diyatha Uyana in Rajagiriya provides a warm haven amid busy Colombo. It is next to the Waters Edge Hotel and offers quiet surroundings, routes for jogging, and shaded stalls for walks or runs. The well-kept public outdoor area draws visitors from all walks of life. Diyawanna Lake’s glistening waters contribute to its allure while floating restaurants and boat trips make for an unforgettable experience. The aquarium is a fun addition to Colombo, providing a peaceful moment for children, adults, and couples despite its lack of high-tech features.

Places to visit in Colombo at night 

Colombo comes alive at night with various activities for people who want to spend their evenings in the town. Colombo has a unique attraction at night, with a busy nightlife and breathtaking city surroundings. The city has a lot to offer that comes to life at night, whether you are looking for exciting nightlife, delicious cuisine, or stunning cultural events. These are a few locations in Colombo to check out at night.

Bellagio Casino

Bellagio Casino in Colombo is a must-visit whether you are a gambler or just looking to have fun. Its win rate is the greatest in the city and has dominated since 1998. It is mainly for residents, although anybody from anywhere worldwide is welcome. Serious gamers will adore the VIP-only platinum lounge with excellent table limits and lavish decor. You can try your luck there in luxury and have a fantastic night in Colombo.


Tourists and locals alike adore Zaza, which is a great location. The area seems cool and airy, with glass walls that provide vast views. The atmosphere is fantastic because of the modern feel and abstract designs. Zaza offers delicious food, including a MasterChef dish and excellent beverages. One of the nicest things to do in Colombo at night is have dinner at Zaza, which features neon lights and soothing music.

Rhythm and Blues Nightclub

One of the best clubs in Colombo for a fun night out is Rhythm and Blues. Its cool and cozy interior makes it our top pick. Dance to lively music while the lighting is fantastic. The club is open late at night and serves excellent cocktails and finger food. It is a must-go when in Colombo during the party season.

Aluth Kade Street Food | One of the most affordable places to visit in Colombo for couples

Street food stalls offering various options brighten the night for residents and tourists in North Colombo’s Hulftsdorp district. They serve a variety of international and local snacks such as brownies, hot dogs, burgers, and unusual sweets like ice cream kottu and “Kiri toffee” roller ice cream—some specialties like “pani poori” and “bamboo biryani,” including a spicy variation. There are reasonably priced drinks like juice and faluda and inventive creations like the “Marley” drink, which takes its cues from Bob Marley. Holidays, weekends, and Poya days saw a spike in business, with durations well past midnight.

Remember that there are many places to visit in Colombo with family.

How to spend 3 days in Colombo?

If you have three days, the lively city of Colombo in Sri Lanka is what you have to visit. Despite its 2,000-year history, Colombo is a vibrant modern city with a complex blend of ancient and colonial influences in its marketplaces, museums, and architecture. Be sure to notice famous locations such as the lively Galle Face Green, the Colombo National Museum, and Viharamahadevi Park. Experience the modern ambiance of the city while learning about its past through archaeological remains. Of course, treat your palate to regional favorites like Burger King – Fort and Ministry of Crab. Make sure you take the most of your quick visit and fully enjoy Colombo’s many attractions.

Wrapping up…

Colombo offers many exciting places to explore at night or as a couple. Take advantage of the opportunity to get entertainment and experience. 


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