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Places To Visit In Colombo With Family

Even though Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka, considering the human population, it is full of nice places worth exploring. If you are traveling as a family, there are plenty of places to visit in Colombo with your family. 

Top places to visit in Colombo with family

Seema Malakaya Temple | One of the calming places to visit in Colombo with family

Located in Colombo, Seema Malakaya is a serene shrine on Beira Lake. It is adorable when the sun rises and casts vivid hues across the lake. The blue and golden tones of the temple draw the attention of tourists and residents. Gliding over the lake, pelicans bring a touch of nature. The beautiful bases and sparkling skies make the location even more serene. Seema Malakaya provides comfort and amazing views, making it the ideal retreat from the busy city.

Independence Memorial Hall

In Colombo 7, Arcade-Independence Square is a lovely location that enhances the city’s attractions. Now an excellent dining, shopping, and leisure spot, it was once the Auditor General’s Office. The area around the store is more than just a place to shop because of the cool lion sculpture, walkways, and plants that decorate it. There are well-known shops. For a cup of tea or coffee, there are lovely locations.

There are other dining options. There are several options for a fast dinner at the food court. Entertainment options at the location include the Empire Cineplex at the Ceylon Theatre. The idea of several buildings and staircases may be complex to some, but the beautifully lighted and decorated corners make for a unique dining and shopping experience. It is a terrific place for individuals, friends, or families with high security, especially in the magical evenings.

Good Market

Good Market Global is a company network that benefits the environment and people. They allow communication with people in the new economy. They host an organic food store and a weekly market in Sri Lanka. With more than 120 recognized sellers, the non-profit shop offers merchandise from them. Colombo Racecourse hosts the Saturday Good Market, which features 70–80 exhibitors offering organic fruits, refreshments, clothing, toys, and other items. Live music, kid-friendly events, and more make this a vibrant occasion. The core principle of Good Market is endorsing companies that take social and environmental responsibility carefully.

Colombo Lighthouse

Situated south of the Colombo Port near Galbokkka Point, the Colombo Lighthouse is a notable watchtower in Sri Lanka. At 41 meters high, it is one of the most recognizable structures in Colombo and provides a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean from 50 meters above ground. Built in 1952, the lighthouse took the place of the previous one, which was rendered obsolete by the neighboring structures. The Ports Authority of Sri Lanka operates the Colombo Lighthouse, which includes naval gun batteries for performing customary salutes. A bus or taxi may take you to the location less than three kilometers from Colombo. It is only a 12-minute walk to the original watchtower, now a clock tower.

Leisure places to visit in Colombo

There are many nice places to enjoy and relax. Most of them are free of charge.

Wellawatta Beach

Wellawatta Beach is famous among locals in the evening and morning. Most locals spend the time relaxing on the beach, and you will find some small food stalls there, too. This is right next to the southern coast railway, and there is a large railway station, too. 

Viharamahadevi Park

A public park near the National Museum in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is called Viharamahadevi Park, formerly Victoria Park. The oldest and biggest park in the Port of Columbo is next to the Town Hall from the colonial era. Charles Henry de Soysa gave the property for the park, which bears the name of Queen Viharamahadevi, mother of King Dutugamunu, during the British imperial era. Originally called “Victoria Park” in honor of Queen Victoria, it was the home base of the Australian 17th Brigade of the British Army during World War II. It underwent restoration after the war, and in 1951, it was made public. It remains a lovely, historically significant green area open to the public today.

Colombo City Centre | One of the best places to visit in Colombo with family

The Mall at Colombo City Center is a premier leisure destination that meets international standards. The mall is 200,000 square feet of excellent retail space with over 50 upscale local and international businesses, great restaurants, and entertainment. It is a center for various delicious eating experiences, including fast food, Indian, Italian, and Sri Lankan cuisine.

Other than that, Colombo City Centre is a family entertainment complex with a bowling alley, a Scope Theater showing the best films, and other things to do while spending time with the family. It is the first in Sri Lanka, featuring three levels of dedicated parking and a cutting-edge intelligent parking system. As a significant contributor to Sri Lanka’s development, the Colombo City Centre does offer a world-class lifestyle.

Dehiwala Zoo

The Dehiwala Zoo in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is a well-liked location where you can view various animals in an exquisite environment. Mammals, birds, reptiles, and marine life are on its 11 hectares, established in 1936. One of the first zoos in Asia, it invented the idea of an open zoo. Known officially as the National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka, this beautiful location is home to over 2,500 incredible animals from many nations, including birds, butterflies, and more.

In addition to learning about animal lifecycles and enjoying well-liked activities like the elephant dance and night safari, you can get up close and personal with friendly birds and mammals. Visitors find the zoo especially memorable because of its lush vegetation, wooded areas, and butterfly garden. Remember to look up the zoo map to see it all.

Panadura Beach

A quiet, little-known location about 27 kilometers from Colombo, Panadura Beach is a family-friendly hidden treasure. It provides an oasis of peace from the busy tourist crowd with its long expanse of golden sand. Families and couples can enjoy quiet time playing in the sand, strolling down the shore, and taking in the waves. The seafood dishes, which include fresh fish, shrimp, and lobsters cooked with savory seasonings, are excellent and may be enjoyed at the nearshore restaurants. Panadura Beach is a stunning and serene location ideal for anyone looking to escape from Colombo’s more prominent tourist attractions.

Old Parliament Building

The Presidential Secretariat of Sri Lanka is in a remarkable structure in the Fort community of Colombo. It is built in the neo-baroque style and is a significant historic site to explore with the family. There are bronze statues of esteemed managers of Sri Lanka and lush landscaping. The ongoing military patrol restricts public access to the interior of this high-security area. The building’s imposing design and historical significance are apparent from a distance, making it an exciting stop for families who love Colombo’s heritage.

Anjaneyar Temple

Sri Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple is in Dehiwala, about 9 km from Colombo. “Panchamuga” means “five-faced,” and this unique temple in Sri Lanka depicts Hanuman with five faces. It’s globally exclusive in having a chariot for Anjaneyar and features an idol of the Jain God, Lord Parshwanath. Visitors need to wear gently, covering their knees and shoulders. There are many family-friendly activities and meditations at this renowned temple, which is one of the most popular family-friendly attractions in Colombo.

Leisure World – One of the top places to visit in Colombo with family

The vast and distinctive Leisure World theme park in Sri Lanka combines water sports, entertainment, and the natural beauty of a national park. The 52-acre park offers a range of rides suitable for all age groups, as well as trained employees to ensure both safety and fun. It is an important tourist attraction in Colombo that meets the need for thrills for visitors of all ages.

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center in Colombo is a popular tourist attraction that rises to 152 meters and has 39 floors. It protects well-known international companies and has won multiple accolades, among them for its energy conservation efforts. It is an iconic place in Colombo and is one of Sri Lanka’s environmentally sustainable corporate complexes.

Old Dutch Hospital | One of the top places to visit in Colombo with family

One of the oldest and best-preserved structures in the city is the 17th-century Old Dutch Hospital in Colombo, which served as a medical center for Dutch East India Company employees. Now converted as a retail center, it is home to several stores, most famously Odels, which sells high-quality clothing and trinkets. The location’s several eateries appeal to food as well.

St. Lucia Cathedral

This cathedral serves as the main church for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese and is in Kotahena, northeastern Colombo. The oldest parish church in Sri Lanka was built in 1760 and bears the name St. Lucia. The outside is Catholic in style. Four bells, including the well-known “Anthony Thomas” bell, beautiful woodwork carvings, seven monuments, and beautiful stained glass with stained glass are additional features of the cathedral. The cathedral is a lovely place for welcoming families visiting Colombo because of its attractive appearance and fantastic beauty.

Wrapping up…

The places mentioned above are nearby places to visit in Colombo. Take leisurely walks in Viharamahadevi Park, spend time with animals at Dehiwala Zoo, and enjoy delicious street food and stunning sunsets at Galle Face Green. Experience the Colombo City Centre Mall’s entertainment and shopping possibilities. You can visit Colombo with your family, relax your mind, and make unforgettable memories.


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