A Complete Guide to Find the Ideal Snowboard Bag for Air Travel


Are you preparing for your snowboarding trip? In that case, you probably got your valuable equipment ready to go with you. You have to pack your boots, goggles, gloves, and clothing layers. Most importantly, you need your snowboard with you too. You cannot forget that if you plan for some action on the hills. Now, that is quite a lot of stuff you have to carry. It is not like you can leave anything behind. So how are you going to travel with all these things? No need to overthink. What you are going to need is a snowboard bag for air travel

The catch here is to find a good bag. As you can imagine, things can go wrong on your way to your snowboarding adventure. People can handle snowboarding aggressively at the airport. It can cause dropping, scratching, and damaging the snowboard. So you have to make sure the snowboard has a safe flight as much as you do. That is why you have to pick a bag that can keep your board safe and secure during air travel. 

Snowboard Bag for Air Travel

Why do you need a snowboard bag for air travel?

That is because it can keep your board safe. A good bag can also be the ideal place to store other helpful gear from any damage. 

What are the types of snowboard bags? – Snowboard Bag for Air Travel Basics

There are many types of snowboard bags. Each type has its purpose. However, this article will focus only on the best backpacks for air travel. 

Snowboard Bag With Wheels

As the name suggests, snowboard bags with wheels feature wheels under the load. That means you get to drag it behind you swiftly. It comes in handy, especially at airports. Can you guess why? Well, you do not want to carry a snowboard and go through check-in counters or sprint to catch the flight. That sounds like a nightmare. 

Choose the wheel option, especially if you plan on carrying several snowboards. That way, you will not get tired from holding them for a long time. Also, make sure to get wheels mainly designed for heavy tracks. That way, you can work tricky grounds smoothly as well.

Also, note that snowboard bags with wheeled features can add extra weight. 

Snowboard Bag With Wheels

Snowboard Travel Bags For Air Travel

Here is the ideal one of all for air travel. Snowboard travel bags for air travel have hard shells that open up in half. You will notice right away that the material is sturdy. That is perfect for keeping the snowboard safe from airport handlers. With this bag, aggressive handlers cannot harm your snowboard. 

What Is The Perfect Snowboard Air Travel Bag?

The best snowboard bag for air travel has several features. These are the traits you have to look for when buying a backpack. It should be durable, spacious, offers protection, and provides compartments to keep your gear organized. It has to keep the belongings safe and organized throughout your journey.

What To Look For In a Snowboard Bag?

Size & Weight – Must-Check Detail Before Purchasing a Snowboard Bag for Air Travel

You have to start with the size and weight of the bag. Try and find a bag size that perfectly fits your snowboard. If it does not work well, there is no point in buying the bag. Next up, you have to consider the weight. 

Knowing your bag’s base weight when traveling through airports is essential. That way you can be sure how much you are carrying. So you can be sure that you are not breaking any weight-related rules. Maybe you are just moving your bag around. However, make sure to pay attention to how the size and weight of your bag relate to one another.

Note that the bigger the bag, the heavier it will be. Suppose the bag you picked is 200cm and it is fully loaded. It would undoubtedly weigh more than a corresponding 100 cm one. That is why you have to remember the more you pack, the more you bear. 

Snowboard Bag

Also, keep in mind that some bags work differently. You may need to fill it for it to function well. Suppose you picked a large bulky bag. That would be extremely tricky to handle if you leave a lot of space unused.

Why does that happen?

Well, that is because the bag will flop over. Or else, the gear inside will move around.


You cannot ignore the material when purchasing your snowboard bag. You have to carefully check the fabric because it can make or break your journey. The material has to last for a long time without getting damaged.

So, what sort of fabric do you want for the bag?

Well, you need a sturdy yet light material. In that case, polyester and nylon are the best. These textiles are sturdy, easy to maintain, and relatively cheap. Most of the best snowboard bags contain nylon or polyester or sometimes both. 


Suppose you wish to bring multiple packing more snowboards with you. Or else, you plan on getting only one board but will pack a lot of equipment in the bag. If yes, it is probably the best idea to have all the contents secured. That is where you will need interior straps. Usually, nylon interior straps work well at containing your equipment.

Most snowboarding bags contain one overall strap to avoid shifting. However, things are different with the most recent models. They offer several interior straps designated for belongings.

Apart from that, if interior straps are not tight enough, you will find compression straps helpful. They are on the outside of the bag to further keep your stuff intact. This feature comes in handy if you are going double snowboarding. Or else, you can carry other belongings in the bag while traveling on a plane.

Bag Straps


You can always use some extra pockets. Luckily, most snowboard bags feature numerous pockets and compartments. They could be Velcroed, zippered, or even doubled up. Of course, you can use the main pocket to store your snowboard. Other than that, use the rest of the compartments to keep your essential gear. You can pack your goggles, gloves, a screwdriver, heating pads, for example.


Wheels can be optional when it comes to snowboard bags. However, it is better to have a snowboard bag for air travel wheels. Why? Well, a snowboard roller bag with wheels will make things more pleasant and easier to manage. Especially if you plan on carrying several snowboards, you will get tired soon of taking them through the airport. That is when wheels will help you out.


Of course, you want to keep the snowboard secure. That is why zippers are essential. Usually, the quality and location of the zippers play a significant role in keeping the items safe. You have to look for sturdy and high-quality zippers that can last long through traveling conditions. You do not want your zippers to stop working and end up spilling all the contents.

Usually, zippers can go across the middle of the bag or all around the edge. Before buying the bag, make sure the zippers offer tight protection.


People tend to underestimate the importance of padding in a bag. Usually, good padding will help keep your belongings more secure. It will

keep your snowboard and gear safe from breakage or any damage resulting from impacts. So, it is better to choose a bag with sufficient padding. However, the catch is that they can be pretty expensive sometimes. However, if you can afford it, try looking for full-body padding or double-layered padding bags. Also, suppose you have more than one snowboard traveling with you. In that case, try and add some padding between the snowboards. It will prevent the equipment from scratching and damaging.

Hard Case or Soft Bag

Next up, you have to choose whether to go with a hard case or a soft padded bag. Both come with pros and cons. Hard-sided bags offer maximum protection to your belongings. However, these cases are pretty heavy and also challenging to store. On the other hand, soft bags offer less protection.

However, they are much lighter, and you can easily fold them up for storage. Other than that, these bags are more expandable, offering extra storage than a hard case. Now, which one to choose? Well, for air travel, we would recommend getting a hard-sided bag. That is because they can handle travel conditions better. Your belongings will be safe with a hard case, even with the likelihood of throwing, tossing, and aggressive handling at the airport.


One thing you will not get the chance to ignore is the budget. It can be a tricky situation if you are on a budget. Of course, you do not want a cheap snowboard gear bag that falls apart. At the same time, you do not want to go bankrupt either. That is why you have to balance out the cost and features carefully before investing in a bag.

What we would suggest is to get a good quality bag. It is better to go for an expensive yet good bag than get a cheap one that can cause a lot of trouble. Try to look for features that are essential in the bag. Get a bag that comes with padding protection, and keep your gear safe. If you are on a budget, look for arbor snowboard bags. The brand is relatively affordable. 

Snowboard Bag

Can a snowboard be a checked bag?

Yes. Most airlines allow you to carry a snowboard as part of your checked baggage. 

Snowboard and bindings will go in the board bag. Then pack as many clothes inside as possible. However, remember that some airlines may not let anything other than snowboard gear in the bag.

As we mentioned, they will not charge you extra if you take one checked bag, a carry-on suitcase, and a boots bag. However, it is better to be sure. So when you are planning to fly with your skis, check luggage limits and prices. That is because sometimes they might charge extra to check on you. It does not happen a lot of the time.

However, it is still possible. So it is better to do the math before settling on the flight. Figure out which airline will be the best deal once you consider the cost of a snowboard bag.

How Do You Pack a Snowboard For a Flight? – Must-Know Facts Before Purchasing A Snowboard Bag For Air Travel

Packing can be a bit tricky because of the weight restrictions. Always make sure to keep weight and luggage to a minimum. Yes, it is not as easy as it sounds.

However, you have to obey the airline rules and regulations. You do not want to get in trouble. Also, it is essential to store your equipment as carefully as possible. That way, you can protect your board, bindings, and helmet. A great way to do so is to use your clothes as padding around the equipment. You can roll shirts, pants, and socks into each tiny gap around more oversized items. You see, with this method, you are not wasting away any space. Put your socks and sunglasses in your boots and goggles inside your helmet.

Also, you can wrap soft articles like hoodies and T-shirts around other things and poke them into gaps. This trick can help you with packing for sure. 

Also, remember only to pack what is necessary. You do not have to bring your entire wardrobe with you. Try to take only one or two pairs of casual trousers, one pair of shoes, one pair of walking boots, and a few t-shirts. You are not going to need a whole lot of outfits. Keep it to a minimum. Only pack what you need the most and leave the rest behind. 

Snowboarding equipment is costly and can break and possibly harm everything else. That is why it is essential to pack it properly before going to the airport. Unlike more modest athletic gear with snowboards, the only safe option is to use a snowboard bag. 

Here are some of the things you should remember before setting off on your tour: 

Get a fitting bag: Try and get a bag that is the right fit for your equipment. If it does not fit properly, the content inside will move around. Then, the snowboard also will get damaged or scratched. 


Pack some garments around your snowboard if your bag does not have enough padding. That will give your sack extra cushioning. 

Add a tag

Make sure to add a tag with your name or address on your snowboard bag. That way, you can find the pack even if it gets lost. 

Secure the bag

You can secure your bag with a TSA-endorsed baggage lock. That way, you can be sure the equipment is safe. Noone except for the security faculty will be able to open it.

Best snowboard bag

Athletico SnowBoard and Boot Bag Combo

This athletic snowboard bag is a fantastic choice. If you want a good quality bag for an affordable price, this is the one for you.

Not only do you get a snowboard bag but a separate bag for your boots as too. That is what you call a good deal! It has padded yet detachable shoulder straps. They offer comfort while you are carrying them. You can, of course, remove them whenever you want.

The fabric is waterproof 600 denier polyester, and the maximum board fit is 165 cm. The only shortcoming is that if you are taller or carry a large snowboard, this bag will not work for you. Nevertheless, this is one of the best snowboard bags for air travel.

Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag

This Athletico Conquest bag offers everything you look for in a snowboard bag. It could be the perfect snowboard bag for you. If you want to get all gears packed up in one bag, this bag is just right for you. What makes it the best? First, it is the high waterproof quality. That is because of the 600D polyester material construction. The designers have also lined the internal part with a heat-friendly waterproof fabric.

So even if you encounter rain or snowy weather, you can rely on this bag. It will keep your equipment safe against harsh weather conditions. The padding on this bag is also incredible. It contains a thick layer of foam padding to prevent potential damage to your gears. That way, the equipment will be safe and secure even if you travel through slopes. 

Other than that, this bag offers wheels. As you know, a snowboard travel bag with wheels comes in handy for air travel. This sort of snowboard bag’s wheels is heavy-duty. It allows you to drag the bag around the airport without trouble swiftly.

Athletico Conquest Padded Bag

Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag

Here we have a dakine snowboard bag. Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag is an excellent high-quality bag. It offers durability, and it is also versatile. It would be perfect for taking on a long trip. Suppose you plan on carrying several snowboard bags. In that case, the Dakine High Roller Snowboard bag will be the ideal choice. That is because it is a snowboard bag for 2 boards.

Also, you can undoubtedly rely on it during harsh weather conditions. This bag will protect your equipment against rain and snow. 

Many people love this bag as it has all-around padding to protect the board at all times.

Dakine Tram Ski Bag –  Perfect Snowboard Bag For Air Travel

Here we have another Dakine bag. The Tram Ski Bag is also a high-quality snowboard bag. This bag will serve you well in transporting your gear throughout the journey. The bag is incredible because not only does it hold your snowboard, it can keep your boots as well. It is a padded snowboard bag.

So it automatically ensures your gears are safe without having to worry about any damage. Other than that, you will find that it features a side pocket. You can use it to store your valuables like cash.

Remember how we talked about the importance of high-quality zippers?

Well, this bag features fantastic quality zippers to keep your gears secured.

Plus, the main zipper is lockable to ensure maximum security.

Burton Gig Snowboard Bag

This burton snowboard bag is incredible. The one downside to this snowboard travel bag is that it does not come with wheels. However, it is a great bag to carry your snowboard. The design is minimalist and user-friendly. If you prefer simplicity, this bag would be an ideal choice for you. It is also affordable. Also, the material is polyester, which assures durability.

Also, the bag can survive wet conditions because it is waterproof. Since the pack contains sufficient padding, it will protect your snowboard. Also, the brand prioritizes your comfort too. That is why the bag features padded shoulder straps. That way, you can carry the load without feeling tired.

You can easily detach these straps too. There, you will notice that the straps provide a zipper on the central storage and the outer pocket. You can even lock the contoured zipper if you wish. It is a great way to store cash or any valuable belongings securely. This snowboarding bag comes in a variety of colors and four different sizes. It features handles on both sides, which will provide multiple carriage options apart from the shoulder straps.

Is a snowboard bag oversized baggage?

Usually, the fee will depend on the check-in counter staff. Usually, though, airlines count snowboard bags as sports equipment rather than /oversized baggage. However, you have to emphasize that.


Snowboarding can be an expensive sport. So protecting your board is a must. When you invest money into high-end snowboards and boots, you have to spend some extra money to protect your belongings. Remember that you have to get the best snowboard bags for air travel. The best snowboard bags can provide space to store your equipment protected during air travel.

So finding the perfect snowboard bag for air travel can save you from a lot of trouble. We hope you found the article helpful to find the ideal snowboard bag for you.

Happy Snowboarding!


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