SS Conch – The Most Accessible Shipwreck Diving Experience

SS Conch

SS Conch is one of the dreams for every diver who visits Sri Lanka. The story behind the shipwreck of SS Conch is an interesting one. You can rest assured of experiencing one of the best diving memories of a lifetime here. The tale of Conch goes like this: 

An ancient shipping company called Stockton built the Conch for Shell what weighed almost 3555 tons. The shipwreck took place in 1903 when the ship was on the way to Madras. It originated from Novorossick, and on its way, the ship came across the Akurala Reef. Akurala Reef is situated on the outskirts of the coasts of Hikkaduwa. When the ship hit the rock, it started leaking oil and sank into its resting destination, where it lays today.

SS Conch

Diving experience in the SS Conch

When it comes to diving in this area, it is fun and requires special training. It can be dangerous to dive in the open water in this area if you are not appropriately trained. The fun part of this diving experience is you can see the cabin from one side and appear from the other side. But it would help if you only did this with assistance from a diving master. Some exits and entrances are too small. Hence, please take note to be careful. On the upside, there is practically no slit inside the cabin. 

Inside the Cabin - SS Conch

What can you see inside the SS Conch?

Inside the cabin, you find remains of the shipwreck, most of them still intact. You will be able to see the things such as barrels, transmission equipment, etc. 

Today, the SS Conch is home to numerous aquatic life such as Triggerfish, Giant Morays, Snappers, and many more! You can enjoy these fantastic sea creatures while exploring the inside of the cabin for hours. 

Wrap up: You have not completed your diving experience without seeing the SS Conch! 

The SS Conch is the most accessible shipwreck diving experience. If you are a diver, you cannot return without paying a visit to this shipwreck. A variety of sea flora and fauna have made it their home.


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