World’s Deepest Pool With a ‘Sunken City’ Dubai | One Of Its Kind


Dubai is famous for setting world records. It has set another record with the world’s deepest pool. This is an exceptionally interesting place for divers. This 60-meter-deep pool is not unique only because of its depth. It also has a sunken city that makes it a wonderful experience for divers of all kinds. It is one of its kind in the entire world. And here’s the good news for all divers! You can experience a modern, luxurious diving session here.

World’s Deepest Pool

What makes the pool with the ‘Sunken City’ so special?

Dubai houses the world’s deepest pool. While it is interesting enough to dive into this amazing pool, there is a city underneath! Divers can navigate through the ‘sunken city’ caves that sit 60 meters deep in the pool. This pool holds 14.6 million litres of water, which makes this pool six times bigger than an Olympic pool. The pool is known as ‘Deep Dive Dubai’, making this a fascinating facility for freedivers and SCUBA divers.

Underwater film studio in Deep Dive Dubai 

Deep Dive Dubai is also the region’s biggest underwater film studio. It accommodates all the latest photography technology. It has 56 underwater cameras with a dive-safety station. The pool has speakers down to 15 meters. It has over 150 lights spread across the pool. The lights are controlled as per the mood by closing shutters and adjusting the light’s intensity.

Underwater film studio in Deep Dive Dubai

Diving in a pool with a world record!

Dubai has a long list of world records. This is an addition to its list. It will soon be open for everyone, and a one-hour diving session is supposed to rate between $135 and $410. It would be an experience and memory of a lifetime to swim in the world’s deepest pool!


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