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Best Feeling at a Sunset View Point

The best way to end an exhausting day is to come and admire the sunset on the beach. Each dusk is different and beautiful in its way; you will never get tired of watching it. Most people tend to go to calming surroundings to watch the sunset. Beaches are on the top of their bucket list.

As well as locals, foreigners are interested in watching the view of the last hour of daylight spending their time on the beach in the evenings. They admire the colors the sky makes and the changes of the clouds when the sun is about to disappear into the ocean spreading its last powerful rays all over the sky.

Sunset View Point

The blend of sunlight with the blue sky makes the sea waves into a dull mixture of yellowish-orange color, sparking color gives a view of diamonds in the sunlight. The pleasant breeze of the sea, the fragrance of the salty water mixed in the sand, and the sound of waves striking against each other complete the scene of a perfect sunset evening.

Some praise the less harmful rays of the sun in the evening and tend to stretch on the sandy beach, while others focus on the beauty of the moment keep looking at the ongoing process praising the beauty of the environment.


Couples spend their romantic evening cuddling, with the mesmerizing view of sunset in a quiet spot under palm trees where they can have a good scene with some sandwiches and wine. Some enjoy taking a walk around the beach while dipping the feet in the sea to feel the warmth of the sea in the evening while some take sunbath adoring the warm sea waves. Among them, most people lean back on a sunbed or a cozy seat or go into a pub on the platform and choose between a cocktail and a beer served with a few tasty snacks.

A few best places to watch the sunset around the world

  1. Galle Face Hotel, Srilanka
  2. Hikkaduwa beach, Srilanka
  3. Big Island, Hawaii
  4. Kingsbury Hotel, Srilanka
  5. Key West, Florida
  6. Malibu, California
  7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  8. Shi Shi Beach, Washington
  9. Arugam Bay beach, Srilanka
  10. Mirissa beach, Srilanka

Brazil , Rio de Janeiro

The above listed are the most romantic getaways to visit for a gorgeous sunset. Viewers should not forget to set up a camp on the beach facing the sea to watch this stunning view. Witness the sun slowly starts to descend into the distant horizon while sipping the tropical drinks.



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