What Are The Ideal Things To Do In Sigiriya?


Sigiriya is one of the places that comes to your mind when you hear the name, Sri Lanka. This place has a huge tourist attraction. It is because this is known as the eighth wonder of the world. So, let’s have an idea on what are the ideal things to do in Sigiriya?

How many days do we want to travel to Sigiriya?

What do you think if I tell you that I am going to Sigiriya for two days?

For sure, all of you will tell me why are you wasting two days climbing Sigiriya?

You can climb it within half of a day.

Yes, of course, half of a day is enough if you climb only Sigiriya. Now I am looking for new things that are near to Sigiriya. So, find out more on what are the ideal things to do in Sigiriya?

sigiriya rock

Have you ever been to a place where you can see all the beauty of Sigiriya rock?

Pidurangala is a rock. It is located directly on the opposite side of the Lion Rock, known as Sigiriya. On the top of the Pidurangala Rock, you can see an amazing view of the Lion Rock. Here, you can see the attractiveness of the lion rock through a hawk’s eye. This is what we have to do on the morning of the first day.

View Point Pidurangala

Are there any places to have breakfast at Sigiriya?

There are a lot of restaurants and hotels in Sigiriya. After climbing Pidurangala, you can come to Sigiriya town for breakfast.

Do you like to have a boat tour in “village tour”?

Hiriwadunna is a lake, and the boat ride on Hiriwadunna Lake is called “village tour”. This boat ride is more popular among tourists than Sri Lankans. Oxcart rides and boat rides are included here. This boat ride approximately takes an hour and costs about Rs. 500 for a person.

What can you do after the boat ride?

Now, it is time to have lunch. There is a place located about twenty minutes from the lake. This is a restaurant called “Hela Bojun Hal”.  They are offering a very delicious chain of food at incredibly low prices.

Shall we visit the golden temple of Dambulla?

Dambulla temple is a cave temple. This temple was named as a UNESCO world heritage in 1991. Five major temples are situated under a vast overhanging rock in this largest cave complex 157 statues of Buddha and mural painting can be seen here.  You can stay in the Heritance Kandalama, if you can afford the cost. If not, don’t worry, you can have a delicious coffee there.

Dambulla Temple

What about the second day?

This is the ideal day to visit Sigiriya. After having a good breakfast, you can climb the Lion Rock. This is one of the ancient rock-fortress in Sri Lanka. This place has a huge tourist attraction. After climbing Sigiriya, you can have lunch at any place which is near to the Lion rock. 

What do you think, a jeep safari?

You can have a jeep safari at Minneriya or Kaudulla national park to see elephants. May to October is the best period to eye catch this.


Here I want to share my two-day experience describing what are the ideal things to do in Sigiriya? Even though there are a lot, I have mentioned a bunch of popular and easy-to-travel places for all of you. So, let us have a visit there to catch those ultimate beauties.


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