A Guide to Pick the Best Travel Electric Toothbrush – Must-have Gadget For Travelholics


Are you looking for a travel electric toothbrush? Let us find out the best portable electric toothbrush for you. As you know, experts say you should regularly brush your teeth at least twice a day. Plus, it would be best to floss at least once a day. A routine like that is essential to maintain healthy teeth. The type of toothbrush you use can also impact your overall oral hygiene. That is why more people have started to invest in high-quality toothbrushes. 

What are electric toothbrushes

What are electric toothbrushes?

You may want to know.

Well, electric toothbrushes vibrate or automate the brushing process to help with your brushing. Sometimes it works better than a manual one, especially when tackling dental issues. However, there are lots of toothbrush models in the market. It makes things challenging to pick the best electric toothbrush. Also, if you travel a lot, the toothbrush you choose should be travel-friendly. 

There is a lot to learn about travel electric toothbrushes. 

Do not worry, though. 

We will help you find out everything you got to know when choosing the best travel electric toothbrush. 

Let us see the answers to the questions like, how you travel with an electric toothbrush? 

The best travel sonic toothbrushes and Can you take an electric toothbrush abroad?

You will also learn about the smallest electric toothbrush that you can take for travelling and all about the best electric toothbrush with travel cases

So without further ado, scroll through to learn.

Why should you purchase a travel electric toothbrush?

Do you travel a lot? If yes, you can consider getting a travel electric toothbrush.

Especially if you are on a long flight, you would want to clean your teeth to freshen up. So bringing your electric toothbrush on a plane in your hand luggage is helpful.  

There are pros and cons to electric toothbrushes. Some believe that using an electric toothbrush instead of a manual toothbrush can make a big difference. Contrary to popular belief, the type of toothbrush is not as crucial as your brushing techniques.

travel electric toothbrush

If you brush correctly, either toothbrush is excellent.

Nevertheless, electric brushes can be good for arthritis or manual dexterity issues. 

An electric brush may help tackle gingivitis, an inflammation caused by plaque on the tooth.

Usually, the plaque buildup can give you bad breath. All electric toothbrushes help get rid of this plaque! So if you have such issues, an electric brush is the ideal choice for you. If you travel a lot, get a travel-friendly version. That way, you can prevent such dental issues from arising at all times. 

The pros of electronic toothbrushes

Electric brushes are pretty different from your regular manual brushes. Electric toothbrushes are better at removing bacteria. That is because they either have a spinning head or utilize sonic vibrations. This movement creates microbubbles. Those microbubbles gently remove bacteria biofilm. Biofilm can cause staining, bad breath, gum disease, and even bleeding gums.

If you have periodontal disease bacterial plaque, opt for an electric toothbrush.

Try to angle the toothbrush into the gum line and slowly move from one tooth to another. It is relatively easier to focus on cleaning the entire mouth using an electric brush.

pros of electronic toothbrushes

Can electric toothbrushes fly?

Now for the big question- Can you take your electric toothbrush on a flight? Luckily, The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) allows you to carry electric toothbrushes. Then, how do you travel with an electric toothbrush? Do they let you bring it in your hand luggage? 

The good news is yes! 

The airline policy allows you to take your travel electric toothbrush in hand luggage or checked bags on a plane.

What is the right Travel electric toothbrush for you?

There are various types of electric toothbrushes out there. For instance, there are electric toothbrushes for kids and travel. If you travel a lot, a travel toothbrush is an ideal choice for you. Suppose you have dental issues. Then look for a travel electric toothbrush that can tackle the problems. Finding a quality electric toothbrush can be tricky because there are tons of different toothbrushes in the market.

Just like manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are not equal in quality. Some are better at handling hard-to-reach places. On the other hand, others work well for specific dental problems. So make sure to pick a brush that works for your dental issues. The one you choose should pertain to your tooth and gum health.

If you deal with oral issues, you can look for a brush with safeguards.

These brushes have built-in safeguards for severe periodontal disease and gum recession. That way, it warns you if you are using too much pressure when brushing that can cause a lot of harm.

ight Travel electric toothbrush

What is the best travel toothbrush?

The Best electric toothbrush for travel is a travel electric toothbrush oral-b. According to travel electric toothbrush Reddit reviews, this is the best travel toothbrush. This brush comes with a convenient travel case plus the body of the toothbrush is not bulky. 

Other than that, more travel toothbrushes work well. 

Let us look at some of the best portable electric toothbrushes.

A few suggessions to choose the best portable electric toothbrush easily

Philips AquaSonic Black Series

Philips AquaSonic Black Series is one of the best travel electric toothbrushes out there. It has a timer that works to help you brush your teeth for long enough. It encourages you to brush for the recommended time.

Other than that, there are multiple cleaning modes. It comes with a button for changing the cleaning modes. That way, you can change them up however you like. 

Another fantastic thing about this toothbrush is the long-lasting battery. This brush allows you to go for several weeks of use on a single charge. This toothbrush is also affordable, which is a plus. 

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000

Oral-B makes some of the best electric toothbrushes out there. This version is no different. Why is it a favorite of many? Well, people love it for multiple reasons. The electric toothbrush comes with a series of different cleaning modes. This fantastic toothbrush allows you to cleanse not only your teeth but your tongue as well. It is excellent for all travelers because it is a rechargeable electric toothbrush. The toothbrush comes with a case that charges the brush. 

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000

Philips One Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush

We know it is tough to find an electric toothbrush that works well for travel. However, the Philips One Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush is a fantastic choice to take with you. This toothbrush can last for up to 30 days on a single USB charge. There are micro-vibrations and tapered bristles which can tackle your dental problems well. Another pro is the compact shape and USB charger. This charger can come in handy when navigating international travel.

Best travel electric toothbrush 2022

Here are some of the newest and best travel electric toothbrushes: 

  • Oclean One Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush
  • Philips Sonicare DiamondClean
  • Voom Sonic Go 1 Series

Best toothbrush travel cases

Oral b electric toothbrush travel case – Clear 

It is an original Oral-B accessory. This primary plastic travel case can hold a brush handle and 2 x brush heads.

It is perfect for the slimmer (D20) brush-handled models. However, the case does not offer USB charging.

Oral b electric toothbrush travel case

 Oral-B Premium Travel Case – White

An original Oral-B accessory, a premium travel container holds a brush handle and up to 2 brush heads. It is a great travel case for oral b electric toothbrushesIf you are looking for a travel electric toothbrush with casesthis is an ideal option for you.

The best travel electric toothbrush with USB charger

Philips Sonicare Essence 1 Series Sonic Toothbrush-(Rechargeable)

The handy toothbrush comes with a soft travel case and a hygienic travel cap. So it is pretty simple to pack for travel. You will also notice an indicator to let you know the remaining battery life. That way, you can be sure to recharge before traveling. Once you fully charge the brush, it will last for up to two weeks at a time. Plus, these toothbrushes come with a two-year warranty!

What is the best mini travel electric toothbrush?

Mini travel electric brushes are perfect for traveling. Philips Sonicare is one of the most fantastic travel electric toothbrushes out there. It weighs only 1.05 pounds and has a tricky chase. It is convenient for travel. Did you know that the battery can last for up to 14 days? So you do not have to run around looking for a charger every time you go on vacation.


There you have it! 

You got to learn about the purpose of electric toothbrushes and different travel electric toothbrushes. You found out that you can bring an electric toothbrush with you on a flight. You also got to know about other electric toothbrush travel case options. You now know the best and most convenient toothbrush products for your travel.



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