What Are The Things In The National Museum Of Colombo?

What are the things in the National Museum of Colombo?

A significant location that shows numerous antique and cultural artifacts that record the island’s history is the National Museum of Colombo, also referred to as the Sri Lanka National Museum. Built in 1877, it has an Italian architectural style. Over a thousand antique items, including paintings, sculptures, thrones, and crowns, are housed in the museum’s two levels. The nation’s sole natural history museum is near this one.

Tourist Attractions at Colombo National Museum

About ten thousand exhibits at the Colombo National Museum feature historical, religious, and local antiquities. An antique stone Buddhist statue from the fourth or fifth century welcomes guests to this lovely Italianate Museum, encircled by a well-maintained garden. Artifacts and other exciting items are displayed on the first floor, while historical items are on the ground floor. Among the treasures in the collection are thrones and royal crowns. There is also the nation’s only natural history museum nearby.

Artifacts On Display 

The most prominent feature of the museum is the throne and crown gem of the final King of Kandy, which the British returned to the Sri Lankan people. The 1934 exhibition of these exquisite royal treasures drew an attendance of approximately 750,000 people. The museum also has an extensive collection of puppets and masks.

National Museum of Library

The Government Oriental Library was established in 1870 and has been the National Museum Library’s home since 1877. With 133 years of local publications, it is currently the nation’s most extensive law library. Old manuscripts covering astrology and folklore, written in various languages on palm leaves, are also housed at the library.

Tickets for Museum 

You cannot enter the National Museum of Colombo on public holidays. You can access this museum from 9 AM to 5 PM on other days. It is wiser to purchase a combo ticket for both museums if you intend to visit, as it is far less expensive than buying individual tickets. 


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