What Is The Most Famous Tea In Sri Lanka?

What is the most famous tea in Sri Lanka

Ceylon tea, a longtime favorite, is the global top choice for tea makers. Sri Lankans believe their water works like magic, not only for growing excellent tea plants but also for creating a fantastic brew. The unique qualities of Ceylon tea, known since the 19th century, make it a popular and cherished option in tea production. Are you curious about what is the most famous tea in Sri Lanka? Even though Sri Lanka offers many teas to the international market, black tea, white tea, and green tea are the most famous teas in Sri Lanka.

The central highlands of Sri Lanka are best for cultivating high-quality tea. 1824, China sent the first tea plant as a decorative garden plant. More tea plants arrived from Assam, Calcutta, and Kenya after that. The tea plants grew due to the ideal climate in the highlands, which is how Ceylon Tea started. In Sri Lanka, especially in the afternoon, people enjoy sipping strong black tea with milk and sugar.

The Specialty of Ceylon Tea

The location of tea plants affects its taste. Sri Lankan tea is particularly remarkable because of this. Many tea producers worldwide prefer Ceylon tea, which has been popular since the 19th century. Sri Lankans believe their water is magical, not just for producing unique tea plants but also for creating a delicious brew. 

What is the most famous tea in Sri Lanka

The taste of tea is influenced by the weather and soil conditions, even though it comes from a single plant. There are five distinct locations in Sri Lanka where tea is grown, each with a different height. Each region has a slightly distinct tea flavor. Large Sri Lankan tea producers like Dilmah and Halpe sell their tea in pyramid bags or loose-leaf varieties.

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Black Tea

Ceylon black tea, free of dangerous herbicides and other ingredients, is regarded as the cleanest tea in the world and is consumed by most people. Skilled female tea puckers handpick two leaves and a bud to make black tea. The leaves are then rolled, fermented, dried, and pressed.

What is the most famous tea in Sri Lanka

The sifting leaves are divided into grades, each with a distinct color and strength. These Ceylon black teas create classic blends like English Breakfast, English Afternoon, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong, Spiced Masala, Rose and French Vanilla, and Black tea with berries.

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White Tea

In Sri Lanka, white tea holds great significance. Because of how they choose it, it’s also the most expensive. They remove the buds and do it cautiously in the morning. White tea buds are rolled by hand, one by one, without fermentation. It is the only tea that is brewed entirely by hand. White tea is far healthier than green or black tea since it is lighter in color, has more antioxidants, and has less caffeine. Also, it is known as “Silver Tips,” Sri Lankan tea shops sell it in pyramid bags or loose-leaf form. 

What is the most famous tea in Sri Lanka

Dilmah Teas offers a variety of white teas to sample, including Jade Butterfly handmade white, Ceylon Silver Tips, White Litchee hand-rolled tea, and Real White tea.

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Green Tea

Despite coming from the same plant, green and black tea differ. The leaves maintain their potent antioxidant content since they are not fermented.


To brew green tea, they gather the leaves, allow them to wither, heat them, roll them, and then let them dry and sift. Like black tea, green tea from Ceylon is pure. Sri Lanka offers a variety of green tea varieties to sample, including Mint, Lemongrass, Jasmine, and Real Leaf.


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