What Is The Tradition Of Esala Perahera?

What is the tradition of Esala Perahera?

An iconic cultural celebration celebrating the Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha in an entire country with a lengthy history is the well-known Kandy Esala Perahera. Lesser-known features of this fascinating procession include its historical roots, the careful selection of the tusker bearing the relic, colorful traditional acts, and the symbolic Diya Kepeema ritual. This perahera is also known as the Esala Perahera. If you are curious about what is the tradition of Esala Perahera, it is an annual festival. This sacred festival spans 10 days every year.

People around the world visit Kandy during the Esala Perahera season. Even locals consider watching the Esala Perahera to be a blessing for the well-being of their lives.

What is the tradition of Esala Perahera? 

The Esala Perahera’s origins go back to the third century BC when paganism ruled Sri Lanka and Buddhism still needed to have a significant impact. As the Sacred Tooth Relic arrived in Sri Lanka, these ceremonies eventually developed into the well-known procession we see today. One of the most culturally significant festivals in the world, the Esala Perahera represents a transformation of traditional customs into a respected cultural celebration.

Timings of the Perahera

The 10-day Esala Perahera is a well-known event featuring torchlight parades, dancers, drummers, officials, and elegantly dressed elephants. Honor to the tooth relic it holds every year. It has developed into one of Asia’s most well-known celebrations over the years. Moreover, some claim it to be the largest Buddhist event globally. People worldwide come to the festival because of its stunning elephants and vibrant cultural activities. It’s an act of reverence for the long spiritual history. The attractiveness of the Esala Perahera spans geographical boundaries, displaying a dynamic society and deep religious dedication that make it an incredible event.

The sight of the Perahera

An elephant pulling a copy of the holy tooth relic leads the procession in the front. A mesmerizing variety of fire dancers, whip-crackers, and dancers contribute to the show that follows closely. At the Kandy Esala Perahera, they combine to produce a fascinating show of artistic expression and cultural diversity. There is nowhere in the world that you can watch such a festival.

Wrapping up

The Esala Perahera beautifully displays Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage and Buddhist customs. Residents and tourists are drawn to it to see its beautiful events, observances of faith, and customary events. The festival serves as a means of maintaining and advancing the nation’s cultural identity and celebrating religious devotion.


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