Why Should I Visit Kandy? | There Are Many Reasons Behind.

why should I visit Kandy

Kandy was formerly Sri Lanka’s last royal capital. It is where over two millennia of Sinhalese dominance ended in 1815 when the British Empire seized control of the island. Are you wondering why I should visit Kandy while in Sri Lanka? Of course, there are many reasons to visit this city.  The Temple of the Tooth is in Kandy, where they believe they have a tooth that belonged to Lord Buddha. This sacred tooth is carried through the streets on the back of an elephant each year during the Kandy Esala Perahera festival.

Enjoy traditional dances, music, and thrilling fire-breathing performances throughout a week-long celebration. Locals and visitors gather along the roads and streets to see this fantastic Perahera festival. The festival is a lively show of history and culture, differentiating Kandy as a unique and vital location. Kandy holds significant importance for several reasons.

Kandy is a UNESCO Heritage site as well. Read more!

Why should I visit Kandy? |  Kandy Is Filled With Rich Heritage.

Once the final royal capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy experienced a significant shift in 1815 when the British Empire took it, ending over two thousand years of Sinhalese rule. The Temple of the Tooth, containing a sacred relic considered a tooth belonging to Lord Buddha, is located in the center of Kandy. This sacred tooth is the main attraction of the Kandy Esala Perahera festival, which lasts a week and involves parades of elephants through the streets. 

why should I visit Kandy

The enchanting sight of ancient dances, inspiring music, and exciting fire-breathing shows attracts residents and tourists to gather along the streets. Kandy’s rich heritage and lasting significance as the guardian of traditions are showcased during the festival, a brilliant tapestry of culture and history. Kandy is a significant and alluring travel destination in Sri Lanka because the busy streets are alive with the remains of this historical and cultural story.

Do not forget to visit the Kandy View Point during your stay in Kandy. It is the highest point in Kandy.

Vibrant Culture 

The friendly coexistence of various regional traditions, beliefs, and religions defines the vibrant mixed heritage of Kandy. This city has a unique tapestry of noises, from bells and the call to prayer to the calming chants of monks as day gives way to night. The mosques and churches coexist with Buddhist temples. Kandy boasts the best Sri Lankan Street food, drawing visitors with its diverse offerings. Vendors in the city sell a variety of Tamil delicacies, Sinhalese classics, and unique regional specialties, enhancing its overall appeal. The two- to three-hour guided Kandy food tour is a recommended experience for food, presenting the best of authentic Kandyan cuisine.

why should I cisit Kandy

Luxurious hotels

There are several different types of hotels in Kandy and the hills surrounding it, all well-known for their outstanding service. Boutique hotels, tea bungalows built in the colonial era, and incredible spa retreats are among your alternatives.

Why should I visit Kandy

There are many options available to visitors for places to stay in Kandy. You can choose a private residence or a small hotel situated on the border of this beautiful resort. In addition, The Kandy House, an antique traditional manor with remarkable architectural details, is our top choice if you want a unique appearance.

You can even learn about the drums in Sri Lanka throughout your stay in Kandy.

Traditional Arts

Kandy is the center of traditional arts in Sri Lanka, and visitors can see Kandyan dance performances there. This standard dance form features geometric patterns, acrobatics, the sport of gymnastics, and authentic costumes that tell stories from Sri Lankan culture. The performances create a lively cultural experience with the rhythm of traditional drums. You can have discussions with local artists on philosophy and music.

why should I visit Kandy

You can discover historic temple murals, observe the skill of mask-carving, and participate in handloom weaving. With its diverse cultural offerings, Kandy provides visitors with a singular, all-encompassing window into Sri Lanka’s creative past.

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Everyone in Sri Lanka would tell you that Matale, a small village north of Kandy, is the most excellent place to get spices. Many spice plantations in Matale cultivate various crops, including pepper, cinnamon, chili, vanilla, and colorful tropical fruits. Steer clear of the crowded commercial spice estates for an unforgettable experience. Instead, choose a unique spice farm tour. You may discover everything there is to know about the different kinds of crops grown in Sri Lanka and how they are in local cuisine. It is a more genuine and educational spice journey.

why should I visit Kandy

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Journey to upcountry 

An unforgettable part of visiting Sri Lanka is taking the train from Kandy to the hill area. The British initially built the rails of this railway in the 19th century to transport tea. Lonely Planet ranks it as one of the world’s most picturesque train trips. You can experience the breathtaking views of bending tea estates, pine woods, bubbling waterfalls, and lively rural communities as you journey from Kandy into Sri Lanka’s tea estate. It is a unique and unforgettable trip.

Do not forget to visit the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens when you are around Kandy.

Wrapping up

Kandy is a beautiful destination where you can have a memorable experience in your lifetime. If you visit Sri Lanka, you must visit Kandy for a beautiful and unforgettable experience. 


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