An Exclusive Guide For Wildlife Photography In Sri Lanka

Wildlife Photography In Sri Lanka _ Tour Gossips

If you are a wildlife photographer, Sri Lanka is the ultimate heaven for you due to its variety of rare and endemic species of animals and birds. Some of the highlights of a wild photography tour in Sri Lanka are 

  • A wide variety of birds can be photographed during the Yala National Park Safari 
  • Beautiful gatherings of majestic Asian Elephants at Minneriya  
  • Chances to photograph rare species of animals like Sloth Bear 
  • An excellent chance to take photographs of Leopards who are generally elusive but can be seen up very close here. 

To complete the best wildlife tour, you should visit Minneriya national park, Sinharaja rainforest, Yala National Park, Kumana national park, and Horton Plains National Park. 

Photography In Sri Lanka

Minneriya National Park

The Minneriya National Park centralizes the Minneriya water tank. You can spot as many as three hundred wild Asian elephants together with the leopards, endemic species of monkies, and reptiles. 

Sloth bears can also be spotted. Nearly 170 varieties of birds have been recorded in this national park. 

Minneriya National Park

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja rainforest is named as a UNESCO world heritage. “Located in southwest Sri Lanka, Sinharaja is the country’s last viable area of primary tropical rainforest. More than 60% of the trees found are endemic, and many of them are considered rare. There is much endemic wildlife, especially birds.

Still, the reserve is also the home to more than 50% of Sri Lanka’s endemic species of mammals and butterflies, many kinds of insects, reptiles, and rare amphibians.” says UNESCO (UNESCO, n.d.) Yala National Park. 

They are also known as Ruhuna National Park, which is the home to more than 32 species of mammals, including but not only the Sri Lankan leopard, elephant, water buffalo, golden jackal, and sambar. 

You can also see a lot of colorful storks, peacocks, and crocodiles. It is a must to visit. 

Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Wildlife Photography In Sri Lanka

Kumana national park

Kumana National Park is also considered the eastern Yala National Park, where you can spot hundreds of migratory birds flocking together. It is also the home for rare birds like Black-necked Stork, Eurasian Spoonbill, Great Thick-knee, and Lesser Adjutant. Not only these but every species of mammal spotted at Yala national park can be spotted here. 

Horton plains national park 

Another UNESCO world heritage in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, The most spotted animals in the national park are Sambar Deer. The other mammals that can be spotted are  Strip-necked Mongoose, Wild Boar, Long-tailed Giant Squirrel. Endemic Bear Monkey and Toque Monkey, Fishing cats, and otters can also be spotted in the plains.  

Horton plains

Almost all of the endemic varieties of animals in Sri Lanka can be spotted at Horton plains, not to forget that there are species of animals’ endemic to Horton plains only. Wildlife isn’t the only attraction at this national park; World’s end and Baker’s Falls are also a part of this beautiful national park which is not to be missed by any chance. 

Do not forget to pack all your lenses when getting ready for the next wildlife photography tour in Sri Lanka. 



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